The Key To Happiness Is Allowing All Life Situations To Develop

what money can't buyAbove anything else, this regardless of who you are, what you do, what you’ve accomplished, what absolutely everyone from all walks of life wants and aims for is to be being happier. So other than good health, we all want to be happy, to feel good about ourselves.

So many will make a personal journey on this simple quest to capture more happiness in our lives. Yet despite the wealth of information that’s available, what’s constant is that there’s no single recipe for happiness, that you can blend together to produce more joy.

It’s rather more a culmination of our unique lives, the fragments of the shaping of our childhood, the different biological mixture of our IQ and EQ, our support systems and life experiences.

Being happy is also thought to be a habit, so the good news is that it can be harvested, learned, and then implemented.

Sharpen And Train Your Brain
Continue to keep your mind sharp as humans are wired for new and exciting challenges. So continue to do all those stimulating activities which places you in an active state of flow, which brings you closer to realizing your goals, while staving off boredom.

Also train your brain by actively adopt new healthy mental and lifestyle habits which are found integral to life satisfaction. Activities can include practicing mindfulness by force feeding positive thoughts, meditation, all which improves your mood and your well-being.

Happiness Isn’t Always Fame And Fortune
Most think that it’s gaining success, the financial accumulation and the trapping of it, is the formula for happiness. Most will however end up suffocating their health and moral belief systems while doing so. As a result, most CEO’s and millionaires aren’t overly joyous.

It’s found that lottery winners aren’t any happier after their initial money windfall, as it’s known that most will return back to their state of being depressed within a year. But don’t allow that to stop you from creating hope, so play your lottery numbers.

Happiness Doesn’t Have An Users Guide
Some prefer chunky peanut butter while others prefer smooth, which just about settles the argument about the nature of selection of choice, on what makes one tick.

The concept being that everyone has their own nuances when it comes to they experiencing happiness. There’s no step by step blueprint that you follow. No process X, followed by process Y, this to find bliss.

It’s found that the pursuit of happiness isn’t a passive process nor a destination, but rather an ever changing state of mind. Today you might enjoy chunky but who knows, you might switch to smooth next year.

Always Be Smiling
This is when all the childhood memories come flooding back, as mom would always tell you to smile, to turn that frown upside down. This in the attempts to snap you out of whatever funk that possessed you as a child.

What’s known for certain is that smiling dissolves stress and anxiety. While it’s extremely difficult to smile in the face of doom, defeat, or stressful situations, but what studies show is that finding humor in everything fortifies our health.

When recovering from any type of stressful situation, it’s found that those who smiled had lower heart rates than those frowning.

Embracing Gratitude
Common wisdom dictates that it’s the aftereffects of happiness which makes us more grateful, which always isn’t the case. The core of true gratefulness is to count your blessings, not your burdens.

What was studied was the effects of one with a grateful outlook on life, and the results it had on their well-being. The findings revealed that an intentional focus on gratitude did was it improved mood, coping skills, emotional and physical well-being.

Avoid Mean People
Avoid the egoistical, narcissistic, those mean spirited people among us, you know who they are, avoid them like the plague. What studies show however is that pessimism, hate, and violence is on the rise, while empathy appears on the decline.


What the spread of negativity can do is affect you, bring you down like a disease. There are some who lives their lives with the agenda of tearing things down, turning on you for their own interests, much like a virus you need to avoid.

Always Be Honest By Telling The Truth
The truth never lies, everything’s either fact or fiction, and only you know what’s what. Always honor to tell the truth, regardless of how difficult or hurtful it may be. Invariably, you will come out ahead, although there may be lessons to be learned first.

One of the best things you can do for yourself, is make a sacred vow to always tell the truth, be honest regardless of the consequences, starting with being truthful with yourself first. Then teach others to be honest with themselves at all times.

What’s found however, is that most have a difficult time getting through even just a 10-minute conversation without telling a lie at least twice.

Telling lies drains out our energy, as the stress compounds. What discovering your true self does is reduces anxiety while increasing authenticity.

Look Forward To Growing Older
To lay the foundation for your golden years, is like sipping a fine wine where it gets better and refined with age. The good news being that what age gracefully develops is happiness.

The key is planning for retirement when younger, as perceptions grow once one ages. Although there are certain amounts of distress that’s associated with old age that’s inevitable, such as worsening health, aches, pains, and the loss of loved ones and friends.

What’s found is that those who are older, generally have learned to be more refined and content with what they’ve learned in their life.

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