How To Respond To Those Who Don’t Like You Very Much

Liking and being liked can be a two way street. For most, there’s mutual like and respect for one other. There’s chemistry where like minded people can become friends. But what if someone doesn’t like you, such as a relative. Does that concern you, do you even care. It comes down to how you react.

You put your personality out there on a daily basis, reach out to others and display your character, but nothing. Some just don’t want anything to do with you.

They don’t want to be your …

Why We Love The Internet And Its Evil Step Child Social Media

There was an anniversary of sorts that recently past, as Facebook was founded in 2004, which unofficially kicked off the social media era. Before that, the Internet, the World Wide Web, was a cold dark scary place. A database of information in digital format, where “spam” was no longer just a mystery meat.

Social media was when the Internet became user friendly, where it became a warm inviting place, and not just geeks trolling and hacking on message boards.

We continue to advance forward into uncharted territory, in regards to …

How To Control Your Emotions By Not Impulsively Reacting

What we constantly need is to guard and keep our emotions in check, as it’s a core feature of our personality. We need to constantly monitor it, by not sporadically bursting out in laughter when something’s not funny, or begin to suddenly feel sad, frustrated or angry.

What we’re all familiar with are the ups and downs, the sad and the happy we experience, which can significantly dent our well-being.

It becomes important to regulate these hosts of feelings, which impacts how you’re perceived by others.

Do you suddenly break …

Since Tomorrow Never Comes The Time To Act Is Right Now

Most are just too busy running around trying to survive, arrange their lives to be somewhere, usually somewhere else, wanting to be anywhere but here. Learning to become grateful, will grant you the freedom from the hypnosis of a culture that’s constantly looking to make themselves be, feel better.

What we want is to always be somewhere else financially, geographically, to have better relationships.

We often want to be anywhere rather than right here, and that if we’re somewhere else, it’s in the hopes our lives would get better.

This …

How To Deal With The Emotional Turmoil Of Getting Rejected

There’s nothing as emotionally painful as getting rejected, regardless of what form it happens to take. Not being liked, not being good enough to hang with the cool kids, not getting that job interview or promotion, not getting invited to a friend’s party, all stings.

Every no you get, every door you get slammed in your face, firmly plants you in your place.

The extent of the rejection impacts directly on the state of your welfare, who you are, while you struggle to find the best way to recover and …