How To Live Your Best Life By Defining Your Purpose

You owe it to yourself to live the life you were destined to live. So ask yourself if you’re reaching your full potential or just chugging along. Just fulfilling the nuances and chores of surviving another day. Do you need a life map to pinpoint exactly where you are?

Your life today can be a snapshot, as if you were disorientated in a foreign city and becoming overwhelmed.

There you are, you don’t speak the language, you don’t understand the map. Blank faces stare back at you, once you ask for directions.

You feel completely helpless, abandoned, as a sense of panic begins to engulf. You feel lost, as your equilibrium tilts.

The Sanctuary That Is Our Comfort Zone

This is why you like the safety of home where everything is familiar. Yet, some of us are completely lost there as well, and don’t even realize it.

We ignore where we are, who we are, lose mindfulness of this exact moment in time. We allow the everyday hectic hustle and bustle of life to rule us.

In the ultra modern times we humans currently enjoy, for many in the developed world, we’ve become completely insulated.

We hide in our safe little cocoons. We’re either isolated in our homes and obey, or we attend the daily grind we call our jobs.

Living With Blinders On

We never appear to have enough time, we’re always short on money or memory. We’re completely exhausted to do the things we really want to.

We don’t have any time for ourselves, as we wake up and go slave for someone, fulfilling their dreams, while not getting paid for what we feel we’re worth.

We live our lives to provide for our families, do all the mundane tasks and chores in their honor. We sacrifice, and save for a rainy day.

We amass financial and emotional debt just to scratch out the core basics of living a life.

We begin to feel trapped in a vortex of stress and anxiety, all while striving for what we think we want. We then feel empty inside, feel unfulfilled, then feel guilty for feeling that way.

Something Elusive Is Missing

We crowd our lives with the boring, where instead we should be asking ourselves. “Who am I, why am I here at this time and place.”

What we don’t do is ponder for long however, as we’re afraid we might find out, and it will kick us out of our comfort zone.

We want to know, but don’t really want to know because it will shake up our lives, shake our foundation. We human are afraid of change, but it’s constant and the only way to move forward.


Those Who Are Evolved

Every highly evolved person on this planet preaches the same message. And that’s they’re living their life with purpose, living their life with passion.

They don’t need to tell us, as we can feel and observe they are. There’s enthusiasm in everything they do.

They all have are their own unique roots, different backgrounds and disciplines, they’re from different cultures. What they all have is the same message however, and that’s we’re all interconnected.

That we’re all alive on this earth together, at this time and place so we can unite. We’re just water drops in a great vast sea. We are merely tears in the waterfall of life.

The only way to come together is to construct rather than destruct, that the world will harmonize through each of our unique contributions.

To Contribute More Towards Life

We think how we contribute is to volunteer our time, or to donate our blood or our money to a cause.

Heck, there’s an entire industry that’s devoted to the unsolicited begging for money. This because we’re caring contributing humans.

Sure these charitable organizations need our donations of money and time, but a better more intangible way to make your contribution felt, is by fulfilling your life’s purpose.

What this means is to always live your life intentionally to your full potential, and not by happenstance.

Capture the essence of what it means to being fully aware and awake. Know you have powerful intended direction in your life that needs to be met.

Then make the right choices which increases these positive values, this for yourself and others.

Fulfill yourself with this hope today, and every day going forward. Make sure you live your life based on your own principles.

So What’s Your Purpose

Your life purpose should be the underlying theme to your everyday living. Don’t hate your job, parenting, or your partner. Know your life purpose can fill in these gaps, although that’s not your intention.

Your life purpose isn’t a title or a destination, but the choice you decide to make. To do something that will contribute to the greater good.

Never underestimate the power of your contribution, however small it may be, as it holds immense power.

You can fulfill this purpose by acknowledging, being kind, offering a smile or nice word, lending an ear.

Anything that will contribute towards the physical, mental, or emotional well being of another human soul.

Or conversely, refrain yourself from constantly judging others, speaking harsh words, stop gossiping, stop being petty. Anything you know that would be hurtful to another.

The special wording of your life purpose is uniquely yours, as what certain words have are specific meaning to each of us.

Once you speak on purpose, something physical rather than mental happens.

Others who hear these words won’t feel the same power, because it’s not their words, as they’re not meant to impress anyone.

It’s rather the universe speaking to your soul, and that’s all that matters.

The Language Of Your Purpose

Once you state your purpose, your heart becomes fulfilled, as you have a sense of peace and understanding which overwhelms. This because you’re contributing to the lives of others.

What most won’t do however, is fulfill their life’s purpose to full capacity.

The reason being they dislike their career, or are absent as a lover or a parent. They don’t spread the right words to contribute towards a better world.

What’s not realized is their potential, the contribution they can make to this vulnerable world, this by stating their purpose.

Do so in the hopes of touching as many lives as possible, hopefully enabling others to realize their true potential as well.