The Courage To Live Your Life To Your Fullest Potential

Most become fearful of what they do or say, because of the fear of rejection. Many do not enjoy being disliked or shunned by others. This may of been planted early in our lives by our parents, especially our overbearing mom who constantly warned us of pending danger. So we become cautious in life.

As a result we take the safe route, play the percentages in our favor. For many, we follow this path throughout their lives. Be safe than sorry.

We also don’t want to be called out for our downfalls, what’s holding us back, that we could always do better.

We would instead prefer living in a world of shelter, live in the shadows, pick money off low hanging fruit, sleep or cheat our way to success, while refusing to shine our light on others.

Where Is The Courage

We never swing for the fences, go for that golden dream, we don’t realize we have just one shot at living the life we deserve.

We don’t realize the value and the payoff of taking a risk, putting ourselves out there, making things happen.

So instead, dare to put on your courage hat, start to think big, begin to expand the borders of living your life to its fullest potential, to its maximum. Stop playing small ball.

Why Wait Until You’re Asked

We all have something to offer, to provide a service to someone somewhere, to display our talent. Yet we never stand up or speak out and say what we really mean at a meeting or at the dinner table.

We’re terrified to display our skill, as it’s too intimidating and uncomfortable to reveal to the world who we are. So we remain meek.

The underlying fear being you’ll do or say something stupid or embarrassing, that someone might laugh or ridicule you. What you don’t want is someone to criticize your opinion.

So it’s just better to sit quietly and remain safe, so your delicate self-esteem won’t get shot down.

As a result you’d rather wait to be asked to do something and remain aloof, while your best opportunities may be slipping away from you and may never return.

You’re Quickly Defeated By Rejection

Regardless of how talented or smart you are, how high your aptitude may be, what you can’t do is bring yourself to share your potential to the world.

So instead, you’d rather keep them to yourself by writing them in your secret journal, while quietly cussing to yourself you’re not living out your dreams.

What everyone has is at least one talent they can expose to the world. So find yours and bless others with it, that’s your duty.

If you’re not at least willing to try, then you’re disrupting the universal path that’s set out for you.


You Can’t Stand Criticism

Some don’t want to do their “thing” out loud because receiving a single ounce of criticism will crush them. They love getting accolades of positive feedback, but it’s that one biting negative critique that kills their ambition.

It’s like the end of the world for them, as it will stop whatever they’re doing in their tracks as they return back to ground zero.

Realize that no one’s perfect, know that the foundation of the world is built on mistakes.

Not everyone is going to like you, like what you do, accept what you look like, but that doesn’t discredit your talent.

Criticism should be used as a stepping stone, a sign that someone is paying attention and cares, or that someone detests what you’re doing because they envy you.

You Hide Behind Who You Are

Some don’t like the way they sound, or how they come across, so they give up their ambitious dreams and crawl back into bed.

They don’t want to show their uniqueness, but instead would rather imitate someone else, to emulate others who dares to risk their originality.

You need to keep reminding yourself you are special, unique, that no one is built or looks like you, that you’re an one-of-a-kind design.

You’ll never reach your full potential unless you allow everyone to see your true awesomeness.

The Word “No” Kills Your Motivation

Once someone says “NO” to you, which is one of the smallest words in the English dictionary that carries the biggest punch, you cringe. What you do is convince yourself that “no” means you’re a failure.

What hearing this word does is makes you want to give up, halt everything you’ve ever created or dreamed of in life, and go away and hide your sorry butt.

Someone said “no” to you so you must suck.

To become successful, what you want is to hear a boatload of no’s for your various efforts, until you hear that single yes.

That’s how life works. That means you’re treading in the direction.

What it doesn’t mean is you should give up or start over again.

You Do Insignificant Things

Rather than getting ahead in life, what you do instead is make yourself look busy. You run around doing meaningless errands, do mediocre things in life such as watch TV or surf aimlessly on Facebook.

All this to avoid what you really want or should be doing in your life, to achieve your dreams in the real world.

Then at the end of the day, you wonder and complain why you’re depressed with anxiety.

You do nothing important to improve your life, you procrastinate, so your life feels empty.

You also can’t do everything you want to do in life all at once, so you need to prioritize, otherwise you’ll become overwhelmed.

Instead, go organize your life so you can do the most important things first, then do those painful things you need to do in your life, next.

No One Knows What You Do Or Who You Are

You think you’re an open forum and everyone knows who you are, because you constantly share your thoughts on Facebook, you post amazing images on Instagram, and publish articles on LinkedIn.

But when it comes to telling others your story, what your dreams and aspirations are, your mind becomes a blank slate, there are no words.

You assume everyone knows what you do because no one ever asks.

That once they take a look on your Facebook or Linkedin page, they’ll know.

Show And Tell Who You Are

Realize no one knows or really cares about you. No one is going to sniff out your fairy dust because everyone has their own compounding issues to deal with.

So it’s up to you to broadcast to everyone what you’re doing, or someone will gossip about you erroneously. Never allow them to assume.

Be true to who you are or what you represent, by telling those who will listen what your life’s purpose and potential is.

Everything you ever wanted in life is waiting for you to claim, so just take action. Everything you ever wanted in life wants you as well.

Realize no one knows you exist until you prove to them you’re real. You need to stand on your soapbox and tell the world.

So stand up, be brave and be counted, and make your life worthwhile.

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