How The Power Of The Mind Can Heal Ailments In The Body

The brain is the commander of the body. There’s a crystal clear connection, once you direct your brain the way that you can. To direct it in a way that your body reacts and feels. Just as some are able to use their body to reduce psychological distress and turmoil, it’s also possible to use the power of the mind to improve or cure your body.

What it comes down to, is just simply changing the way that you think. That’s where it begins. Start becoming more aware and taking charge of what occupies your mind, which has proven to improve your physical health along with your well-being.

Although the power of positive thinking can’t cure everything, once a healthy mind and body are united, they can become stepping stones.

The mind is extremely powerful. All It depends on is how you choose to use it, to your best advantage. It can be your best asset, but it can also be your worst enemy, and conspire against you.

The key becomes to training your brain, this to help your body perform at its maximum peak. What everyone has if they choose to, is the ability to build strong mental strength.

What it comes down to is doing a series of mental exercises, and with practice, its proven to be the key towards living a longer happier life.

Make Treatment Effective By Believing It Will Work

There are countless case studies which proves the effectiveness of placebo testing. This when it comes to how it can cure the body and the mind.


If someone tells you that taking a “pill” will cure your pounding headache, then you’re more than likely to find the treatment helpful, this even if the pill happened to be a sugar pill.

If you’re trying physical therapy to improve a bad wonky knee, or visiting a chiropractor for pain in your lower back, the belief that you actually think that the treatment works, is often more effective than the treatment itself.

So whatever ails you, whatever bodily hurt you many have, before you undergo any type of treatment for cure or even surgery, think about the reasons, how the treatment that you’re about to receive is likely going to help, and genuinely believe it.

Have A Gratitude Journal

If you have trouble sleeping, struggling with insomnia, what’s proven to work is starting a gratitude journal and contributing to it. It’s thought to be the best cure for having a sound sleep.

This is based on several studies, which has linked gratitude, being thankful, to contributing to a better quality longer lasting deeper sleep.

So before going to sleep, identify at least 3 to 5 things that you’re extremely grateful for that day, and then concisely write them down into the journal.

Conjure up feelings of why your thankful of the expiring day, this right before falling asleep. What doing so does, is increases the chances that you’ll get a natural good nights rest.

Focus On Your True Purpose In Life

Feeling that you have a strong sense of purpose, could increase the quality and the length of your life. What various studies confirm, is that those who genuinely believes that their lives are meaningful, are more than likely to live bolder healthier longer lives.

This could be your work that gives you purpose, or that you find meaning when you volunteer at the local food shelter. Make sure that what you do matters, and makes a difference.

Feeling that you have a reason to do something, a valid reason to get out of bed every morning, is one of the keys to longevity.


Being Optimistic Boosts Immunity

What’s known is that eternally optimistic people, are less likely to get sick, than those who constantly dwells on doom and gloom, or are pessimistic and moody.

The reason for this is because anyone who is mindful about their life and the life of others, will take better care of themselves. They are more aware of their surroundings, and the state of their health.

There is verified clinical proof, that having a hopeful outlook in life is actually what fortifies immunity and makes it stronger.

What looking at the positive, on the bright side of things, does is makes you less likely to catch a cold or an infection. The reason is because what optimism does, is helps keep the cells in your immune system performing at its peak.

Meditation Slows Down The Aging Process

What meditation does is provides a buffer, a deterrent against the harmful effects of stress and anxiety, which can negatively affect the body. There are numerous studies that support, meditation slows down the rate of cellular aging.

Not only does meditation help you look and think more youthful, what it could also progressively do is help you ward off the ravages of age related diseases.

Researchers firmly believe that teaching children at a young age to meditate, provides lifelong benefits, regardless of what age they are.

Whatever state that your mind and your health are currently at, it’s never too late to start meditating to gain better health benefits.

Build Muscle By Visualizing Working Out

Imagine if you could actually get more physically buff, this by just visualizing that you’re lifting weights, mentally in your mind.

As outlandish as this might sound, what researchers have always known is that having strong mental imagery, can actually help you to gain muscle, this without lifting a finger.

One case study in particular, found that those who imagined themselves working out, actually physically experienced actual gain in muscle growth.

Obviously, those who actually lifted the weights realized better results. What other documented research shows, is that mental imagery training, can contribute to improvement in muscle mass.

Laughter Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease

If you’re wanting to lower your heart rate, or improve your cardiovascular system, just think about something that’s genuinely funny, that makes you laugh, then laugh out loud.

What research shows is that it’s laughter that can decrease your stress hormones, while increasing the good cholesterol, which naturally reduces inflammation of the arteries.

This is the reason why it’s often said, that “laughter is the best medicine,” as it’s positive effects can last for hours.

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