What To Expect As You Age: Observations Of Growing Older

If everything goes as planned, provided there is a plan, you become independent by escaping the shackles of immaturity, and attack head on into adulthood. Hopefully you’re prepared, ready to tackle whatever life throws your way.

As you hit your stride as the years melt along, you slowly begin looking into the rear view mirror of life, as you become mature but not old.

You know better, you’re wiser, while your body, mind, and bones still don’t deter you. You’re still capable and mobile enough to do whatever it is …

The Art Of The Con Is When You Have No Idea You’ve Been Deceived

The objective of the perfect con, is the victim doesn’t realize it happened to them, and maybe never will. Everyone at one time or another has been conned, taken advantage of, by the sheer influence of someone’s will. Some have no idea, while others are too embarrassed to admit it.

At one time or another, everyone’s encountered a slick politician, shady salesman, a quick talking promoter on TV, or someone who has a “woe is me” sob story.

At times it’s easy to be fooled if you’re vulnerable, or don’t …

Why Most Stumble In The Pursuit Of Financial Freedom

What school teaches us is education about the world. Every facet of existence is discovered, graduating us to become a fully fledged adult human being, designated to survive. It lays down the ground rules, teaches us how to reform our personality, maximize aptitude, all to fit into society.

Then the cord is cut, and we’re released into the uncertain volatile world out there.

What education fails to teach, is how to gain financial independence. How to earn, learn wealth management, invest, and save for retirement.

As a result, reaching financial …

Proven Steps On How To Overcome Fear Of The Unknown

What facing fear does is it connects the gap between feeling distressed, and becoming comfortable. Fear is one of the basic yet volatile human emotions. Like any other emotion, what it does is sends you a signal, regarding what to perceive in your immediate future or environment.

Fear is one of the most difficult emotions to comprehend, especially when you’re attempting to make changes in your life.

When you’re familiar with doing something in a particular way, it feels comfortable and safe. Even if it’s not particularly working, you continue …

How To Build Up Your Self Esteem And Improve Confidence

Are you consciously aware of your immediate surroundings, mindful enough to realize the current moment you’re in. This to know what type of self image you’re portraying to others right now, and the world around you when in social settings.

This includes how you come across as a person of interest, when at work, with friends and family, or when out shopping at the mall.

The immediate experience of being aware of yourself, and then adjusting your “self-image,” to the environment you’re in.

This need of self evaluation has been …