Setting The Course To Create Miracles In Your Life

Personal development is the love you give to yourself. It’s available to you at any time this whether you understand its internal workings or not. There’s no need to have special skills of self improvement to achieve results. All that’s needed is applying a few simple techniques.

It’s possible at this moment to create miracles in your life, this without needing to probe into the depths of the mystic.

Like anything else, it comes down to persistence, following a set of steps. Some claim doing so has resulted in changes in their lives.

There’s social proof that some are …

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The Need To Take Full Responsibility Of Your Life

Your life won’t improve, unless you take full responsibility of it. Responsibility, your decision to be accountable, isn’t saying you’re accepting blame for everything. But instead, it’s stating your intent to respond to every situation, to find reasons and meaning for everything that happens to you and your life.

One of the biggest challenges that most face, is that their life begins to spiral out of control as they lose their handle on situations.

They feel like their circumstances, the events of their lives, have lead them to the torturous route they’re on.

That they’re cursed, and have no …

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How To Keep Your Aging Memory Sharp As A Tack

Most will just blame it on getting older for our memory loss, a “senior” moment, once we reach the latter years of our life, this once we begin misplacing things or forgetting to do something. This is how we’ll excuse ourselves once we happen to lose our keys, forget to shut off the iron, or wonder why we went into a certain room.

Our cognitive function regardless of who we are can go on the decline, which refers to our ability to be able to process standard information.

What begins to distort is having the ability to store and …

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The Need To Avoid The Drama Queens In Your Life

What we all have are these sensitive overly dramatic people in our lives, you know the ones who thrive and feed on constantly creating petty chaos wherever they go, intentional or not. Once you recognize them, what you want is to steer clear away from their theatrics.

These individuals do so to garner attention back to themselves, once they begin feeling deprived, feasting on their low self esteem.

What they’re capable of is creating instant drama on demand in everything they do, or wherever they go.

They thrive on adding fuel to the fire, stirring up conflict and controversy …

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Confessions Of An Online Digital Multitasking Workaholic

Working too much and nothing much else, these are the mundane people you see walking around everyday with bags under their eyes and a phone stuck on their ear, creating their own form of zombie. They are workaholics, which is now actually defined as a condition.

Working at ones job excessively can cause conflict as well as friction at the expense of one’s health and relationships. If left untreated, it can potentially lead towards burnout, depression and ultimately illness.

A workaholic is simply unable to disengage themselves from their work, regardless if they’re contributing or if they’re needed or …

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Live Your Life Through The Lens Of Someone In Love

We constantly use our minds to make ourselves feel bad. We ruminate over an embarrassing moment that happened a week ago. We beat ourselves up by saying one thing, then doing another. As we worry about the future, what we’re doing is harming our ability to live a full life today.

What if, instead, we decided to ask ourselves, “How much better can I make myself feel at this moment?”

What’s known, is our brains are just as adept at making us feel better, as it is making us feel worse about ourselves.

For most, what we tend is …

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How Our Life Purpose Has Now Been Reduced To Facebook Likes

Self-esteem and worthiness has now gone digital. Many will post what they think is a brilliant image, update, video, selfie, or a share, then hold their breath in anticipation hoping that someone “likes” their post. Then they feel empowered once someone does.

They feel that they’re hip, that they’re relevant, funny and interesting, and not a boring aloof dunce. That they’re one of the cool kids.

Then there’s the feeling of dejection, failure, if they don’t get a single like. What’s wrong with me? Doesn’t no one like or care about me?

The proper response is, should be, that …

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When Communicating: Stop Talking When I’m Interrupting

Since we are social animals, the biggest part of our lives is to communicate with others. Share and receive thoughts, this by exchanging vital information, understanding the other persons feelings or intent. These are essential skills needed when it comes to connecting, this in business and in every social situation.

So it’s not surprising that it’s misunderstanding that creates a divide, which forces couples to counseling, business deals to fall apart, as it’s responsible for almost everything that people struggle with.

With cooperation, what can occur is both parties to communicate better, to speak, listen, and react accordingly.

For …

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Since Tomorrow Never Comes Act On Your Dreams Today

We are just too busy running around trying to live our lives, trying to arrange our existence for a better tomorrow, to be somewhere other than we are right now. Realize that what learning to be mindful, to be grateful will do is grant you the freedom from the hypnosis of a culture, that’s constantly looking to make oneself be and feel better.

What we all want is to be better off than we currently are, financially, geographically, to have better relationships.

We want to be anywhere rather than right here and right now, to avoid stagnancy, this in …

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Your Obligation Of Taking Full Accountability Of Your Life

What self improvement stipulates is personal development, you the person continuing to get better everyday. What we need to accept first, is that we’re responsible for everything that has and will ever happen in our lives. To be accountable, as we’re the end result of our current human being.

From the day we are born to right now, this very moment, we’re surrounded by negativity, as it bombards us constantly from every direction.

It begins with our parents, as it’s usually “the blind leading the blind.” They’re imperfect people themselves, who had a moment and we were born.

The …

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