Why Women Swoon And Every Man Respects The Alpha Male

The term alpha, has been used and represents a variety of definitions. It’s origins, is it’s the first letter of the Greek alphabet. For those who delves in astronomy, alpha is the brightest star in its constellation. For modern day purposes, what alpha means is “to be the first.”

Alpha males, when it comes to the human race, are the guys who are usually the most aggressive or the most prominent in their “pack.” The dude who stands out, and happens to be the leader.

They are the hunters, the …

How To Adjust Your Internal Body Clock For Peak Efficiency

What you want is to maximize your sleep patterns. To synchronize and adjust your body’s internal snooze button for peak performance, for the upcoming day ahead. This way, you can look and feel completely refreshed and full of energy at will.

Is it even possible to alter your habitual sleep patterns for whatever reason. This could be for a new job, adjusting to a change in weather, or if you’re going on vacation and wanting to adapt to a new timezone.

You may be wondering if it’s even possible, to …

Signs You May Be A Fully Grown Emotionally Functional Adult

The biggest jump we take in our lives, and perhaps the most painful is when we as adolescents, are thrust into or are forced to act as adults, before were capable. There are some who are pushed far too early such as their early teenage years, which for many is far too immature.

The years of growing up, transitioning from discovery to acting mature are rudely taken away, as the joys of youth become handicapped.

Then once as adults, what most are completely unaware of, is they’re still conducting their …

Why The True Measurement Of Success Isn’t Always A High IQ

Almost everyone would correlate the intelligence of someone, to the well-known testing measurement known as Intelligence Quotient, or IQ. This once there’s discussion on how brilliant someone appears to be. A definition of intelligence is to never generalize, assume, or speculate.

Intelligence means how fast or efficient an individual is able to mentally or physically solve a problem, correctly.

What intelligence involves is the process of logical thinking. The thought process of being able to analyze a problem or situation through its entirety, and be accurate about it.

Intelligence also …

8 Steps To Adopting Mindful Conscientious Behavior

Do you currently live a haphazard life, such as weaving in and out of traffic while speeding 20 miles over the speed limit, all while texting away on your smartphone. You park but don’t bother putting money in the meter, you run across a busy street, not looking both ways.

You take it for granted, leave it to fate your home and work life will work itself out, turn out okay.

It’s great to be optimistic, happy go lucky, but happiness or success isn’t exactly falling on your lap either. …