When Communicating: Stop Talking When I’m Interrupting

Since we are social animals, the biggest part of our lives is to communicate with others. Share and receive thoughts, this by exchanging vital information, understanding the other persons feelings or intent. These are essential skills needed when it comes to connecting, this in business and in every social situation.

So it’s not surprising that it’s misunderstanding that creates a divide, which forces couples to counseling, business deals to fall apart, as it’s responsible for almost everything that people struggle with.

With cooperation, what can occur is both parties to …

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Since Tomorrow Never Comes Act On Your Dreams Today

We are just too busy running around trying to live our lives, trying to arrange our existence for a better tomorrow, to be somewhere other than we are right now. Realize that what learning to be mindful, to be grateful will do is grant you the freedom from the hypnosis of a culture, that’s constantly looking to make oneself be and feel better.

What we all want is to be better off than we currently are, financially, geographically, to have better relationships.

We want to be anywhere rather than right …

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Your Obligation Of Taking Full Accountability Of Your Life

What self improvement stipulates is personal development, you the person continuing to get better everyday. What we need to accept first, is that we’re responsible for everything that has and will ever happen in our lives. To be accountable, as we’re the end result of our current human being.

From the day we are born to right now, this very moment, we’re surrounded by negativity, as it bombards us constantly from every direction.

It begins with our parents, as it’s usually “the blind leading the blind.” They’re imperfect people themselves, …

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Things Money Can’t Buy In A World That’s Obsessed With It

Having money in pocket is an obsession. We go to school, enroll in post secondary education, all to get the best paying job we can, all for the acquirement of this money. Money buys things, buys status, everything that we need from food, clothes, cars to houses, including love.

Money makes the world go around, there’s even a song about it. The number one thing on almost everyone’s wish list is to having more money.

Having more money is thought to solve all and every issue and malady that people …

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9 Ways On How To Make Yourself More Likeable To Others

What people naturally gravitate towards are those they like, rather than someone who they don’t like or are turned off by, this by instinct. The ones who are avoided are those who are smug, standoffish, arrogant, or don’t come across as cool and hip. It’s a natural reaction to be attracted to likeable people, who comes across as genuine.

We can instantly improve our likeability factor ourselves by being more friendly, open, and down to earth. What we want is to present ourselves to others as approachable as possible, with …

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Find Passion In Life By Living Your True Purpose

What most want are the best things in life for themselves. But more often than not, many will fail to even begin their life journey towards their true destiny. Many are redundant, live stagnant and worse, will just sit dormant in the back seat, as someone else navigates their lives.

Understand you are the commander of your life, not anyone else. You determine what it will look feel and act like in the future, starting today.

It’s the present that you want get hold of, so you can set the …

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The Art And Science Of Success Revealed Into Simple Terms

Everything that happens to us, happens on purpose. More often than not, one thing leads to another. Instead of locking yourself up in your cage of fears and crying over past heartaches, embarrassment and failures, treat them as lessons learned. They will then become your tools in both your self-improvement and success.

Stop thinking and feeling as if you’re a failure, because you’re not. How can you expect others to accept you, if YOU can’t accept YOU?

When you see ultra successful people on TV, think self improvement for yourself, …

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10 Types Of People To Avoid When Looking For A Relationship

Dating obviously is not an exact science, it’s not a mathematical formula to find the right solution. Initially, it’s more hit and miss like throwing darts. The end result for men once they’ve found that perfect woman who matches exactly what they want, is that they’ll never want to be alone by themselves ever again, or their eyes will never stray away.

But until you start a relationship, it doesn’t reveal his or her true nature, and that this seemingly perfect “soulmate” begins to show imperfections, which doesn’t fit or …

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