Moving Yourself Forward To Find The True Purpose Of Your Life

thetroubleisEveryone eventually reaches that point in their lives to move on, to improve themselves, to move forward or move away, to be able to heal something, to begin something new, all in the quest to find what their true purpose in life is.

As long as we’re alive, we ponder these things while the process continues. Absolutely everyone has a next step that they need to take, or are waiting and wanting to take, and absolutely everyone has trouble passing it. We’ll instead spend inordinate amounts of our time making up excuses.

Being stuck, going sideways in a rut can become painful. This desire that you have to improve your life is a cry from your soul. But once you don’t move forward with it, blocking its expression, the frustration then accumulates, turning into self sabotage.

There are some proven practical steps that you can take to break away free and move forward, making your life more brilliant in the process.

Getting Over The Humiliation
The majority of people live in the fear of being humiliated, which can be paralyzing just worrying about what others will think or say. What needs to be recognized is that your focus of control should be inside you.

Once we look towards others for approval, acceptance, or love, it’s a trap of the ego. The fear of feeling humiliated by the external feedback of others is based more on one’s pride.

What true commitment brings forward is a deep sense of humility. When we stop looking outside ourselves for approval, we then begin aligning ourselves with the true source of our being.


This relationship then propels us towards a place of deeper honesty and resolve, this since we’re able to identify with who we truly are, without a care of what others think.

The Reality That You Live In
What type of reality are you living in. Are you finding that you’re always bargaining with yourself that you’ll get on with what you really want in life, this as soon as certain events are accomplished.

Are you dreaming of that life you’d love to live if only you had the money or the time to do so. Realize that this is a fantasy world, as the results will always come from matching your vision with taking action, step by step.

So instead of you waiting for that perfect opportunity or time, the question you need to ask yourself is, “What am I going to do in the meantime?”

Appeasing the yearning of what you want to do with empty promises isn’t enough. What you need to do is begin taking action by bringing your life into alignment with the guidance that you’ve been given.

Avoiding Guidance Overload
Guidance overload is a result of continuously asking for help from others, but never bothering to take action on any of the information which you’ve received, and activating it into your mind and energy field.

When planning to change, it’s normal to begin gathering information on ways to move forward. The trap lies when you begin over analyzing all of the pieces of this information, or waiting for another, then another, before deciding to finally take action.

This will move you into analysis paralysis overload, where there’s way too much information which begins floating around in your head, which triggers fears, doubt, anxieties, which limits your beliefs, and then you don’t know where to begin.

This guidance overload also indicates that you’ve given your power away to others, this instead of taking complete responsibility of your life.

To break free from this, what you need to do is reset yourself back to the beginning, and then begin with the initial step which needs to be taken. Once fear arises in response to taking that step, then deal with it then.


Our greatest power lies in us being able to choose the truth when in the face of our fears. When you take the first step and accomplish it, then you can ask for more guidance.

Becoming Mystical In The Marketplace
For centuries, mystics usually lived in the fringes of society. They didn’t mix with the masses or bothered to participate in the affairs of the people. But know this has changed. Today, the level of consciousness that’s on this planet has tipped the scales towards offering potential for change.

This spiritual movement has awakened beings to be called and participate in this shift, by they becoming mystics themselves in the marketplace, and no longer hiding in the shadows.

To answer the call, what you need to learn is how to commune with your soul, this to access the inner guidance that’s stirring. Every change that you’re wanting to see in society, begins with you and the field of consciousness that you’re holding.

You’re then called to be the change that you want to see in the world, and then you alter the world that’s around you, through the power of your energy field where the consciousness evolves. In a world that’s crying for healing, there’s no greater service that you can offer.

Finding The Appropriate Support For Growth
Personal development depends on precisely knowing where that learning needs fine tuning, and then supporting it with the appropriate feedback. Whether if you need a new skill or you need a compassionate ear, make sure that you listen to your needs first, and then find that support to ensure your success.

Collectively, these keys can be extremely helpful in identifying where your progress may be stagnated in all areas of your life, while helping you to break free, so that you can live your life more effectively.


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