How Deciding To Take Action Forces Ideas To Become Reality

Your life will move forward once action is taken. Realize knowledge will make you informed, but knowledge itself won’t produce the results you want. One of the biggest myths when it comes to the information age, is knowledge is power. Realize knowledge isn’t power, it’s only potential power.

We all know talk is cheap, to the point we no longer understand the true context of the phrase. We’ve heard it so often, we no longer pay attention to it any longer.

The fact remains, talk means nothing. It’s easy to …

Our Life’s Obligation Is To Live Up To Our Full Potential

We as children were prolific dreamers. When we were young, the canvas was open to whatever we wanted to become. Some choose astronaut, others a nurse. As we grew older, our dreams began to turn from fantasy to sensibility. We were eventually convinced to abandoned our dreams, and face reality.

There are some people close to us, intentional or not, who threw self-doubt our way with constant negativity, to push us away from pursuing our dreams.

To conform to something we don’t want to become. This is the directive for …

The Truth About How People Lie To You And Get Away With It

There’s absolutely no doubt everyone lies on occasion, often for good intent. They can be little white fibs to outright criminal fraud of deception. Males as well as females will often lie to themselves, to one other, for a variety of different reasons and motives.

Women will generally lie to preserve or guard someone’s feelings, not always necessarily their own.

Men will just outright lie or exaggerate to impress others, usually to pad their ego or to pump their chest.

Just based on the subject matter alone, it may also …

How To Recognize And Deal With Control Freaks Among Us

These are the people who has a need to control every situation in their life, along with the life of others to extremity. This usually stems from a low self-esteem, where they mask their anger pangs or insecurity, once challenged or argued. They’ll do anything to control you.

When it comes to these control freaks, most would considered it a personality blemish.

The control issues are often compulsive, obsessive, manipulative, passive aggressive, which are symptoms of a mood disorder.

They might be nice one day, then completely become irate the …

7 Ways How Coffee Can Improve Health And Avoid Illness

There’s that distinct unmistakable aroma of coffee, some who claims is an acquired taste, which works similar to an alarm clock for our brain in the morning. We learn to love this unique tasting beverage, which is extracted from a simple bean.

It’s one of the most beloved addictive drinks around the world today, and as a result, there are millions of cups consumed daily.

What’s not that well known, is there are potential health benefits in coffee if drank in moderation.

Caffeine is its main chemical ingredient, while it …