The Courage To Overcome Perfection When Facing Failure

Perfectionism is the setback when it comes to starting, building and marketing your business. It restricts you from moving forward, and taking advantage of new opportunities. What we’ll constantly do, is dream up unrealistic expectations, seek perfection, procrastinate then fail.

Striving for perfection is an emotional response, one that damages our self-esteem and pride, because of the fear of failure, thinking we’re not good enough.

Instead, choose to adopt an attitude of striving for excellence. Look at failure, as a notch in the learning process. Expect to make mistakes, to …

Ways To Relax Your Beating Heart By Going With The Flow

The sensation of the slowing down of time while the world around us appears to be speeding up, is known as the flow state. This state of mind, is when the illusion of time and space appears to hypnotically come to a standstill. This is the mindset you want to reach when it comes to peak performance.

What it equates to is the ability of being able to harness the limits of your creativity, intelligence, and talents, all while captivating and remaining in this state of flow under times of …

Why Is It You Attract The Same Toxic Relationships In Life

A toxic relationship is defined as those recurring love affairs you know are bad for you, yet you enter into them anyways, despite how hard you say to yourself, never again. They make you feel sad, you know you’ll end up disappointed and bitter, yet you get seduced into the vortex.

What true love is supposed to be is fulfilling. A soulmate is supposed to complete you, but what you feel instead is loneliness and disappointment.

Any love affair which has anxiety and pain, are more common than the ones …

Immediate Writers Needed: Get Paid To Write Online From Home

Those who write as a career are unappreciated, which is fact. You spend hours planning, writing, rewriting and editing your work, only to have it rejected once you have the courage to publish it. Wouldn’t it be great to have a proven resource to get paid for your efforts?

Well, now there is! There’s an excellent opportunity where you can earn money from Online Writing, and You Can Start Today – CLICK HERE.

When starting this or anything new, you need to kick down the front door with an …

How Our Bored Lonely Brain Craves For External Stimuli

What the brain does the instance we wake up from a long slumber, is it battles itself from getting bored and falling back asleep again. So we drink plenty of coffee to stay alert, do cardio exercises, constantly look at our smartphones for signs of life or aimlessly surf the Internet.

We go on a quest, to search for known stimulants for a jump start, which will entertain our mind.

The conscious alert brain has no particular purpose or aim, it just floats in the environment seeking to be stimulated, …