Hey Cupids Not Coming: It’s Up To You To Find Love In Your Life

Many claim that they feel lonely, constantly dreaming of love, hoping someone will show up one day and end all the misery and despair in their life. Well, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. It’s not who you know, it’s you, you know. The good news is, you can fill this missing love yourself.

Most complain about the lack of love in their life. They feel as if someone, perhaps a past lover, extracted all the love they had right out of their soul, and left them empty. What they’ll do is dwell on those who are long gone. Then they’ll dream of someone perfect coming into their life, giving them everything that they’ve ever wanted.

They’re walking on a tightrope between hope and fear. They’re looking for love to magically appear. They’re holding their breath that Prince Charming or Princess Diana in a white convertible, will knock on their door, and carry them off their feet to that mansion on the hills.

Then there are others, who are attempting to just survive their bad relationship, which are holding them hostage. They constantly live in anger and boredom, refusing to get out of the hell hole of a prison they call love.

Welcome To Highrise Living
Life is like a highrise building. There are a lot of floors. The parking lot, the first floor, second floor, all the way up to the penthouse suite.

The higher that you live in this building, the easier and lighter life gets. The more friendly and energetic the people are. The higher you live, the stronger the vibration, the more love there is.

Now picture this highrise building of life in your mental eye. In the underground parking, what you’ll find are those in despair, broken people living a desperate life without hope. They thrive on hurting others.

On the first floor is where the majority of humanity lives. They’re content with themselves by vegetating rather than living. They refuse to think on their own, they just conform, do nothing to get better.

They go to the job they hate, come home, sit in front of the TV, and overdose on soda and hotdogs with potato chips. They don’t dream, as they’re locked into this lifestyle, contempt to survive another day.

The higher that you live in this highrise, the easier, the brighter that life gets. Those with dour thoughts about scarcity, fear, revenge, live on the lower floors. Those with low energy, low self esteem, in bad relationships, struggling with negativity all live there.

Know Where You’re Going
Everyone wants to live in the penthouse suite. But at this moment, you live your life on the 3rd floor. You hate your job, you’re in a bad yet convenient relationship, you’re out of shape and have low energy.

So you decide to raise your vibration so you could move to a higher floor, where there’s unconditional love, close genuine friendships, a career you love, all which provides health and wealth. What you want is to join these people.

Moving On Up
So what to do. What you know is where you want to live, but how will you get there? Should you just wait until someone other than the pizza delivery man, knocks on your door and takes you up there.

Keep on dreaming lassie, as that will never happen. Even if you happen to meet someone who lives in the penthouse suite, you can’t match their energy, you won’t be able to keep up with their whirlwind lifestyle. You’ll get exhausted.

So you need to gradually build yourself up. This can only happen by creating a more energetic life by changing your thoughts and behavior.

To start working from the inside out, and begin to unleash you inner power. To surround yourself with empowering information and positive support. To learn to love yourself.

Know Where You Want To Live
You need to personally do whatever you can to work up to the penthouse floor on your own. Don’t bother hoping that someone will take you there, as you’ll free fall down the stairs of disaster.


If you don’t do it yourself it’ll never last, it will feel phony, you’ll feel you don’t deserve it, and you’ll tumble back to the first floor. You need to build this energy on your own.

Once you begin to generate this power by yourself, is when you’ll attract those people who vibrates at the same high energetic level that you do.

These are those living in the penthouse suite, those who are loving, caring, and on the same wavelength and pulse. Then you’ll know you’ve arrived, wondering what took you so long.

What you want is to meet these people, knowing you have the same outlook that they do. The key however, is you need the determination to generate this energy level on your own, as no one is going to help you.

Climbing The Ladder
You may then decide to leave your deadbeat partner at the door, as they can no longer keep up with your new found energy. They’ll eventually leave.

If you’re currently in a bad relationship, do whatever you can to move forward. You’ll know when you make progress, and begin to feel empowered.

Don’t make the mistake of staying with this low energy person, as what they’ll do is just drag you down. Instead, use your new found energy to find others who are just as willing to move up with you.

This person should be motivated to improve their life themselves. If they’re not, then don’t carry this anchor on your back, which will only suck the energy out of you. The higher that your energy gets, the easier life becomes.