What Is Reiki: A Self Healing Alternate Therapy For Healing

Reiki is a type of holistic therapy based on the concept of Eastern based energy flow healing, which conglomerates the 7 Chakras, which are the precise energy centers that are found in the human body.

According to practitioners, these are the focal points where the Reiki practice concentrates on and heals the body.

Most by now have heard of Reiki, but may not be sure what it does.

As a therapy, if you’re wanting to rid of stress and anxiety buildup in your mind and body, Reiki treatment might be the solution, as it’s known to heal.

Reiki when …

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The 10 Most Common Ingredients Found In Weight Loss Pills

Are you looking for additional help in losing that extra weight? The type of help that goes beyond sweating it out, making lifestyle changes, the ‘smart’ food portion controls, or the exercise routines at the gym?

If you’re planning to use weight-loss diet supplements touting names such as “Instant Fat Burner Now” or “Thin Max Diet Weight Loss,” they can be easy and enticing to use.

But do they really work?

And more importantly, since the Food and Drug Administration banned the natural supplement ephedra, they are also constantly looking into other natural supplement based ingredients as well.

So …

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The Cinderella Solution Diet

Hello This Is Sarah Livingstone
Please Read My Story And Message On How I Lost Over 72 Pounds With A Safe Simple and Sensible Weight Loss Plan called… The Cinderella Solution… I know 🙂

I’m no longer ashamed to say that I’m fat, as it’s a life condition that can be changed. Being fat, yes that “word” remains taboo for some, but is no longer a concern of mine, and it doesn’t need to be yours either, by taking the right steps.

Here is my story. In the fall of 2016, I weighed exactly 56 pounds more than …

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Learn The Secret To INSTANT Back Pain Relief

If you have poor posture, what that results in is low energy, shortness of breath, grogginess, neck and lower back pain, which makes you look tired and older than you are. These are just the visible pains and physical issues, that you may suffer from. So how does a healthy fit individual, who eats right and is active, get bad posture?

Stand up straight on guard, be proud of yourself and stretch your back, as a slumping posture can make you look defeated, while mentally affecting how you feel and project yourself.

What’s also common are headaches that can …

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Winners in Sports and in Life

Athletes are often rewarded in sports, but winning awards goes beyond what happens on a football field or on a basketball court. Awards are a symbol of recognition and can be given for:

• Retiring from a job after years of service
• Valuable ideas
• Musical competitions
• Poetry and writing competitions
• Innovative ideas

Awards can be given for almost anything. Often we think of engraved crystal awards bestowed upon the recipient of a sporting event. In actuality, this type of award can be engraved with anything you want to say.

When people think of an athlete, …

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What Makes An Average Athlete Become An Elite Athlete

Consistency is a critical mindset for pro athletes, because it’s the one trait that separates the average from the elite, revealing the superstars among us in every competitive sport. The best athletes are able to constantly perform at a high level, this everyday that they compete.

The professional athlete who dominates their particular sport, partly because of genetics, drive and talent, drives themselves to perform at a higher level, far beyond their peers because of their consistency.

They work hard to remain at a high level at all times to match their talent, and not just tease by showing …

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How To Run Without Getting Exhausted By Setting Goals

This is about running, but it’s much more than that. Running is putting on a pair of jogging shoes and pounding the pavement. What it does once getting into the “flow,” is it slows down and encapsulates the surroundings and life, in a single trot around the park.

As a new day unfolds, what’s lurking from the past in the remnants of memories, are ghosts of the present, as I waver back and forth, uncertain. I tether between anger and relaxation, stress and anxiety, sad and happiness, and then relief.

Any given day can be such a day. So …

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7 Top Common Sport Injuries That Can Occur When Working Out

This for all the weekend warriors out there, who decides to exercise usually to excess, and will then get injured from a variety of bodily ailments. What they claim is “no pain, no gain,” and as a result will get hurt. Most often, many are just doing the workout wrong, or pushing themselves too hard. Although working out is an excellent way of getting fit while burning off stress, all while boosting up metabolism, getting injured will suddenly put a halt on things. Those who even exercises on a regular basis, also remain prone to injuries, as we see …

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7 Steps On How To Start A Morning Running Routine For Fitness

Watching others run makes you cringe, thinking it’s not for you. The pounding is too hard on the ankles, knees, hips, and lungs. You don’t want to face the ridicule. Realize that running is one of the best and most inexpensive forms of exercise, this especially first thing in the morning. Sun, rain, snow, or sleet, there are many who religiously dedicates themselves to run, this to start their day off with a bang. So the key becomes to prepare yourself to have a great morning run, and make it a part of your regular routine. There’s nothing better …

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7 Ways You’re Doing It Wrong And Getting Injured Working Out

Getting injured is common for the weekend warriors, or those starting a new workout regime. Most are wanting to get results immediately. Although they all have their best intentions in mind when starting to exercise, most start too quickly. This can be jogging every morning, joining the gym to lift weights, or trying pilates classes. Regardless, getting injured is the last thing they’re expecting, once deciding to get fit. Muscle sprains, strains, or injury however, can easily occur once deciding to push the body a bit too hard, or training improperly. There are a variety of ways, to better …

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