How To Run Without Getting Exhausted By Setting Goals

This is about running, but it’s much more than that. Running is putting on a pair of jogging shoes and pounding the pavement. What it does once you get into the “flow,” is it slows down and encapsulates life, all in a single trot around the park.

As the new day unfolds while readying for the run, exposes a flashback of elation, the fear of injury, as I teeter back and forth, uncertain of my endurance.

Any given day can be such a day. This day began like any other, …

Ways To Relax Your Beating Heart By Going With The Flow

The sensation of the slowing down of time while the world around us appears to be speeding up, is known as the flow state. This state of mind, is when the illusion of time and space appears to hypnotically come to a standstill. This is the mindset you want to reach when it comes to peak performance.

What it equates to is the ability of being able to harness the limits of your creativity, intelligence, and talents, all while captivating and remaining in this state of flow under times of …

6 Ways How The Body Reacts Once You Stop Exercising

What most will do is exercise to build up their strength and immunity, stay thin, as doing any type of training makes the body stronger. But know what happens to your body the moment you stop working out. All the progress you’ve made developing a healthy body comes to a halt.

What needs to be understood is the phenomenon that occurs, immediately once you stop exercising. Its consequences in the physiology of the body, as it begins to instantly deteriorate.

What’s known is this condition is also completely reversible, by …

Reasons Why Those With High Energy Usually Wins In Life

In almost every situation, those who come out ahead in life usually has the most energy. This may be obvious, but longevity is the key, as you’re required to expend more energy to outlast your opponent. Think of that little pink Energizer™ Bunny, who keeps on going and going.

So are you someone who’s completely or chronically feeling exhausted and generally worn down most of the time?

It doesn’t matter how smart, attractive, or talented you are, if you can’t follow through on your task. You’re just too exhausted to …

What To Expect As You Age: Observations Of Growing Older

If everything goes as planned, provided there is a plan, you become independent by escaping the shackles of immaturity, and attack head on into adulthood. Hopefully you’re prepared, ready to tackle whatever life throws your way.

As you hit your stride as the years melt along, you slowly begin looking into the rear view mirror of life, as you become mature but not old.

You know better, you’re wiser, while your body, mind, and bones still don’t deter you. You’re still capable and mobile enough to do whatever it is …