How To Use The Power Of The Body To Strengthen Your Mind

It’s been known for thousands of years that physical disciplines such as Tai-Chi and yoga, have proven to increase our mental and spiritual powers. So how can we apply these same practices to enhance our modern day lives as parents, business professionals, athletes, or artists.

What we first need is to remove that certain mysticism about these activities before adoption.

Not that they don’t have any esoteric aspects, but rather we need to approach them on a more realistic level and a clearer mind.

It’s been said the taller the …

What Physically Happens To Your Body Once You Think Negative

Thinking negative is the default setting in our brain. We come across something we’re uncertain about, and by autopilot response, we think negatively about it, thinking what could go wrong. We set up a human security shield, to keep us from getting hurt or injured.

But what thinking negative, even just briefly does is it causes instant damage to the cells in our body.

What this confirms is the longstanding belief that thought creates all matter, as what we’re thinking of at this moment, ultimately affects our future.

What you …

Effective Ways To Deal With Stress Once Facing Pressure

Once we’re stressed out, our sense goes off balance. Our thoughts become hijacked, as it begins to race, as it begins to rapidly think random thoughts, usually negative ones. The heart begins to pound, the breathing becomes shallow, sweat forms on the brow, as the muscles tighten.

What many will do is relieve this stress is by overeating, drinking too much, or indulge in severely harmful bad habits.

Some will drive themselves so hard, their life begins to tilt, which leads to an unhealthy unbalanced life. This becomes reality for …

9 Ways How Physical Activity Improves Your Brain

As we grow older, we like to think aging increases wisdom. What everyone knows is staying physically active, by incorporating some form of exercise into their daily routine is beneficial, yet somehow most can’t find the time. Our bodies, especially once growing older needs physical activity.

The greatest benefit is remaining slim, which reduces the risk of developing heart disease. One overseen advantage is it enhances the brain, as it improves memory and the will to learn.

What working out does is increases blood and oxygen circulation to all the …

Effective Ways On How To Immediately Boost Your Confidence

Know there’s not one person who can make you feel worse about yourself than you, usually without your consent. Just grasping this concept, can be the most valuable tip to gain confidence, which is the key when it comes to any type of success, and being able to reach your goals.

What’s known is building confidence in one area of your life, will usually contribute towards you becoming more confident in every other area of your life.

Know you weren’t born with confidence. We’re a byproduct of our environment, and …