Lessons On Conquering Fear From Those Who Are Unafraid

You may think all those courageous men and women who appear to have no fear, who appears brave such as those in law enforcement or are CEO’s, are immune. This is misunderstood as these “hero’s” are just as scared and afraid as anyone else. It comes down to how they manage it.

What’s found it’s they facing their fears head on is what gives them the courage, not the lack thereof. What they do is channel their fears differently.

There are also assumptions those who appear to show no fear …

How To Naturally Remove Toxin Buildup From The Body

Once we’re born and from the very moment of our first cry, we begin to breathe in toxic substances into our body. Most poisons are eliminated, but eventually harmful residue begins to build up. What this accumulation does is deteriorates and runs down the state of our immune.

So eliminating this environmental buildup of these toxins from the body, becomes a necessary preventive maintenance measure. This so we can remain as healthy as possible as we age.

The healthy body falters to external toxins, usually because of our unhealthy food …

If You’re Feeling Down And Moody Ways To Boost Yourself Up

There are times when everyone on occasion, regardless of who you are, can get a bit down on themselves, become a little moody. Others may spiral further into the abyss and feel treacherous, as the walls of despair appears to be caving in on them.

It’s been discovered one of the biggest reasons for this, is because they’re constantly wanting to please others too much.

Or what they’re attempting to do, is fit into society’s model of perfection and success.

Most will dedicate their lives to this, while neglecting the …

Why Physical Activity Is Vital To Lower High Blood Pressure

Since high blood pressure is so common these days, most don’t bother treating it as the hazard it is. High blood pressure or hypertension can be extremely dangerous, and should be dealt as such.

An individual who may have a blood pressure reading of 170/110 or above, for instance, will most likely be experiencing fatigue, headaches, dizzy spells, and even fainting symptoms.

If somebody happens to have a blood pressure reading of 230/130, they’re likely to experience severe medical problems which can be life threatening, such as a stroke.

Although …

10 Things That Happen When You Feed Your Body Too Much Sugar

Sugar is one of the most delicious tastes on earth, it’s sweet. Although everyone realizes it’s taboo, give me my fix. It’s ingested more often than realized as it’s abundant. Almost everyone has a sweet tooth, and crave for sugary foods and beverages.

But beware it’s also one of the most dangerous substances known to man. The sugars which are naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables are usually fine.

The issue once you begin consuming more than the recommended amount, is when the damage occurs.

Empty sugar is one of …