The Principles Of Manhood The True Measure Of A Man Today

a real man with integritySince the days of the Industrial Age and cowboys, what men have lacked are the proper male role models. Instead, they’re pampered by the white collar jobs, becoming mommy boys, their hands have become soft, their belly’s plump, their manhood coming into question.

Most have all become the proverbial “yes man” to the corporate world, lacking a backbone, slithering and whining about with no morals with an intent to gossip. The modern man of today has succumb to become bullies, wimps, or nerds, while not standing up for themselves.

What happened to all the real men of the past, who had a spine and honor. Who worked hard all day until their muscles ached and then bled. A good day was having blisters on their hands and swollen feet. A man’s man where the women swooned at first sight.

They no longer exist, that Marboro man persona, the John Wayne’s of the world are no longer found. The real man is dead. So what’s needed is taking a refresher course, lessons, revisit and learn the actions of our forefathers, what it means to be a man.

To Be A Bold Man
In Chinese philosophy, what a man’s body composes of is the Yang chi, which is the essence of male energy. It represents vigor, boldness, and vitality. Yang is forceful, aggressive, a symbol of fire and heat.

Women on the other hand, composes of the Yin chi, which is a cooling receptive energy which surrounds everything that’s peaceful in life. Yin is the receiver, subtle and passive, represented by flowing water.

To be a real man, it’s your duty to represent the elements of the Yang chi. There’s no point beating around the bush, being too shy to ask for what you want, being unsure of yourself.


You need to be bold, it’s your duty to be strong. You’re the Yang, the aggressor, be dominant. If you’re wanting to know a woman, then you need to make the initial approach, not her.

You can’t possibly wait for her to make the first move, her instincts are Yin. She’s receptive, the one who’s waiting for you to approach her.

Allow her to remain the Yin, don’t attempt to reverse the roles and become aloof, passive, a wimp, one who doesn’t have the stones to say “Hello, my name is John.”

You don’t want to hear “Hey, that guy is such a wuss for thinking she would talk to him…” What you want to hear is “Wow dude, you’ve got guts! I wish I did that.”

Women are instinctively attracted to men who are a pillar of strength, someone that they can lean on when their life gets rocky, a strong shoulder to cry on, a powerful boldness that’s representative of their inner strength.

Some will define boldness as “the courage to act,” being able to turn their fear into strength, accepting pain and rejection as a consequence of daring to achieve their dreams.

A Man Living With Honor
A gentleman’s virtue is his honor. Honor means that you’re committing yourself to follow a specific set of morals. An honorable man is trusted and loved. Today, integrity can mean honor.

Living with honor will make you more of a man than decades of corporate snakes and ladders ever will. Your promises need to be a solemn commitment that you’ll keep no matter what. Your word is genuine, as good as gold.

Building an honorable reputation isn’t easy. It means the total commitment of upholding this integrity while living your life by all of your defined moral principles.

If you’re successful, your good name and reputation will spread. People will begin to recognize you as a trustworthy individual, someone they can count on to take responsibility, while entrusting you with their most confidential intimate secrets.


Taking on more responsibly can elevate your life to higher levels of prosperity. But know that if you ever breach that trust, this by committing just one selfish act, what took you a lifetime to establish can be destroyed overnight.

In the current technological age that we live in, good news will travel fast while bad news will travel even quicker. The only way to stop bad news is by never creating it. So make sure you mind your actions, this since people may not always listen to what you say, but they’ll always intently watch what you do.

So become a man of integrity. Adhere to the principles of manhood. Never do anything that would compromise the trust that people have in you. In return, you’ll create more flow in your life.

New opportunities will then come quicker and more abundantly. You’ll have the opportunity to live your life to its fullest potential. Become a man of honor, stick to your virtues.

A Man Needs To Be Generous Show Gratitude
Magnanimous means being generous, noble, and forgiving. Be gracious and kind, benevolent and philanthropic. A man who gives generously while expecting nothing back in return.

Take joy in simply seeing those around you being happy. Become an intriguing conversationalist without showing your pointless ego. Don’t talk too much about yourself but instead tell jokes to make others laugh.

Never take offense to the words and actions of others. Anything that’s potentially offensive should be seen for what it is, as just wind blowing through, as that too will pass.

If you choose to allow greed to get the better of you, or decide to manipulate others for your benefit, while refusing to help the needy, then you can expect poverty and hate to fill your life. Realize you reap what you sow, you get back what you give out.

Develop the habit of helping, solving other people’s problems and then you’ll become a more generative person. Produce and contribute more than the average man, and then you’ll earn more since you’ll deliver more value to others.

Start taking the baby steps to becoming a bigger man, a real man, add to your character. Help those, someone in need, keep a promise, speak up, and do so without being egotistical.

Always do what’s the right thing, lose your pride, be a champion to your family, your friends and relatives. Challenge yourself right now to become a man’s man. Become bold, have integrity, be generous.

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