It’s Up To You If You Want To Live A Life Of Integrity

Having integrity is a difficult term to define let alone live, but once you experience it, you’ll know. Someone either has it or not. Most will associate those having integrity with having a strong steady moral compass, complying to disciplined consistent principles.

An individual who lives a life of honesty with themselves, and with every person they associate with.

Integrity is a psychological process, which matches ones outer persona with their inner beliefs, combining to create a wholesome consistent unified individual. What this results in is fitting into society.

Someone who lacks integrity, will find it difficult to do so as they feel isolated, as things become displaced.

Most have no idea who they are, or are afraid to reveal themselves. As a result, what’s shown is a fake persona, living their life while never showing what their true identity is.

How can you create this authenticity, develop this integrity. Should you reshape your life to become similar to those you admire or respect, those who appears honest and real.

Find Your Inner Peace

Since integrity is about having your inner world reflect your outer world, what’s needed is to explore and discover who you truly are as an individual.

To find and know your true unique inner being, the gift and talents you and only you possess. Unique things you can contribute to those around you and to the world.

Define Your True Sense Of Purpose

Some find their true calling and passion at an early age, while most need to go through a discovery process of exploration and realization.

To travel down one road and then up another, perpetually searching. What doesn’t appear to work is waiting, hoping things will come to them.

The biggest issue is having the time and the courage, as what most will do is prematurely settle for lower expectations.

They push their core life issues on the back burner, as they get occupied juggling their mundane lives.

To live a life of integrity, always question your purpose, and keep it on the forefront of your life.

Always acknowledge and explore your passions and motivations, the meaning of your existence.

Should And Wants

Listen more to your gut and heart instead of your rambling mind, as that’s where passion and purpose resides.

What “wanting” instead of “should be doing” does is rewires your brain, altering your intent. Then take action.


Each time you act on your purpose, what becomes stronger and more dedicated is your brain and thinking process.

What this requires however is courage, stepping away from the crowd, and obeying your own inner voice.

Know Your Values And Vision

Having purpose, acting on gut feeling isn’t enough however. What just doing so leads to is narcissism, becoming greedy, becoming impulsive, rather than living a life of integrity.

What’s needed is sifting these gut feelings through your “values” filter, your vision of what your ideal person and life should be, one you would be proud of.

The key becomes establishing your own values, and not copying others.

Like purpose, values evolve, so you need to place them on the front burner, and intentionally decide what you want your values and vision to be.

The Thinking Process

What’s known for certain, is what you think about the most, eventually becomes who you are in life. So it’s important to be mindful and intentional, of what you think about.

To take the time to have the courage, to discover and understand the landscape that is your inner self.

What you then face is the second phase of the process, the challenge of taking action, carrying it forward into your daily outer life.

Your Inner Life Reflects Your Outer Life

Think of your inner life as being the foundation, on how you build your outer life. Build being the key, because it’s all about becoming intentional.

Through the filter that is your values, your sense of purpose, desires, and gut instincts, what you want is to make the right decisions, which may not always be easy.

Do you choose a lower paying less stressful job, so you can spend more time with your kids or enjoy the time off.

Or do you take a more higher paying stressful job with longer hours, with the intent of providing better opportunities for your children, such as a college education.

You need to sort through what your life priorities and vision are.

What you need to avoid, is just drifting along without intention, allowing life and circumstance to carry you along.

What integrity stands for, is to avoid following the easy or popular path.

Commit To Your Beliefs

Always remain mindful and diligent, constantly be checking in with yourself by asking. “Am I living my life the way I want?” “Am I on track, living my life based on my goals and expectations.”

This is about having the courage of your convictions, the willingness to step up and be heard.

Although it initially may be difficult, this process becomes easier with practice, as what you fear the most, rarely happens.

Remain Open To Change

Be aware of your outer life once your inner voice changes, as it invariably will. Take a time out, to sift through what you want to keep, and what you want to let go.

Integrate, become bold, and bring forward this redefined version of the new you, into your daily life.

Acknowledging and adapting to change, is what keeps your inner and outer life in alignment.

Creating integrity isn’t a forced march through life, as daily living is difficult.

It’s about being honest, having the courage to listen and accept what your heart and gut is telling you, so you can become who you truly are. It’s about connecting with yourself.