Know That Your Personality Type Effects How You Deal With Stress

What your personality type reveals, is how you deal with the daily stresses of life. There are some who are able to cope with excessive levels of stress, while others would find it crippling. How we react to stress are part genetics, and the lessons that we’ve learned throughout our lives.

What’s for certain, is that everyone experiences stress. What it depends on is the degree of stress, that one is able to handle, this before health symptoms begin to set in. The key becomes being able to deal well under pressure, with a variety of stressful situations. There is eventually a tipping point however, and a reaction.

The moment that we wake up, we experience stress, and it can build up or dissipate. Stress can accumulate similar to a bucket of water that begins to overflow, and something needs to be done.

The key becomes regulating our stress levels, this by knowing how full the bucket is. You need to let some of the water out, this so it won’t overflow, this regardless of what your personality type is.

To Relieve The Pressure
Knowing how to “tap” into and relieving the pressure becomes key. There are a variety of ways to reduce stress, and the best way you can do so, is being mindful.

Some will find that relaxing, such as meditation is the best way, but it can become too time consuming or lose its effect over time. There are others who find that exercising works the best for them.

One thing for certain, is we all need to monitor our stress levels, and learn to reduce it, as stress related health issues are becoming common, and on the rise. What it begins with is knowing what personality type you are.

A Perfectionist Personality
Every detail needs to aligned and be perfect, otherwise you can’t leave it alone. If you make just one little mistake, you want to repeat the entire process over again. What you don’t like is your routine to be disrupted.

You get upset if someone doesn’t do their job properly, while ending up doing it yourself, yelling, “You can’t find good help,” which just increases your work load.

You can’t let things go unless something’s done to your satisfaction, regardless of how long it takes. You demand everything to be at your high perfection standards. You react badly to emergencies.

What you’re doing is creating your own stress, by being too hard on yourself. Your need to be more realistic, realize life isn’t perfect, and learn to forgive yourself. Learn to take breaks and relax.

A “Stimulus” Personality
What you constantly take are risks, while easily becoming bored. What you dislike is routine. You’re constantly starting new projects as you’re full of ideas, but rarely finish them. You find fine details a waste of time. You can’t maintain a steady relationship.

You thrive on risk. You go skydiving, drive past the speed limit, climb mountains. You have a short attention span, as your brain is constantly on the next thing. You party too hard, and may always not eat properly. What you participate in is high demand sports, to burn off tension.

An Anxious Personality
What you feel is that others are constantly taking advantage of you. You’ll easily get upset with small disagreements, while saying “sorry” far too often, even if it’s not your fault.

Making any type of change makes you nervous, although you know it’s in your best interest. What you do is bottle up your anger and not realize it. You can’t say “No,” this because of the fear of not being liked.

Those who have this personality type, suffers from poor self-esteem issues. You spend your time avoiding risk, as you miss out living an active life. You often do things which aren’t demanding enough, and then become frustrated or bored.

Although relaxation such as yoga or meditation is helpful, what also needs to be built up is your confidence. Improving oneself has proven to do wonders to increase self-worth, which becomes life altering.


An Ambitious Personality
You’re completely driven and dedicated to any task that you begin. You like to finish everything that you start. You’re always on the go, and think that relaxing is a complete waste of time. What you often do is dream about work the next day.

You find that working is more important than having a social life. You find yourself multi-tasking often. You know you can focus on your present task at hand, this to the total exclusion of the other things that you’re doing.

Once others get in your way or slow you down somehow, you’ get upset at them, as you feel there’s an urgency in every task that you do, and there’s never enough time. It becomes important that others see you succeed, which fortifies your ego.

You’re usually more stressed than others, while being the least prepared to do anything about it. What you do is deny that you’re stressed out, and keep on going until your health fails, which then forces you to slow down.

You are power hungry, and will often become aggressive once crossed, as you always need to be in control. What you need are relaxation and active leisure pursuits, this to relax you.

Your Personality Assessment
You can be one type of personality, but are usually a combination of a few. Once you realize which trait you are, you’ll then find better balance and harmony in your life.

What needs to be noted is that all these personality types are driven by fear, and what fear results in is stress. What’s for certain, is you need to reduce stress in your life.