Take The Leap To Tap Into Your Higher Self For Inner Wisdom

All we see lately is pain in the world around us. What we see are unforgivable events we want to heal or alter somehow. What we want is to help those in despair, to make a contribution. The majority of these issues however, in the conspiracy ridden world we live in, appears futile.

Most of these are beyond our control, to influence or to change. But there is one thing we can change, and that’s our relationship with ourselves.

This by taking a look within, moving closer to the truth of who we are. Once doing so, we move beyond the limitations of our personalities, as the world around us begins to transform.

What most call this, is our Higher Self. We all know it’s there, but will rarely acknowledge it. What it’s capable of, is moving us closer to our ultimate self-realization, one that self heals.

Our Higher Self

What our higher self knows is everything about us. Our future, our potential, it sees the bigger picture of our ultimate promise.

It knows what we did in our past lives, what our dreams, frustrations, relationships currently are, the lessons we’re learning right now at this exact moment.

The higher self doesn’t judge, all it does is guides and governs without prejudice.

Imagine the possibilities of seeing everything more clearer, feeling the security of knowing every choice you make, is taking you towards your greatest potential.

Connect With Yourself

What we all face are challenges while moving through difficult times. We feel isolated, lonely, constantly misunderstood by others.

By allowing your higher self to get involved, what you’ll feel is nurtured and understood.

It’s always there for you if you allow it, in a way no other soul on this earth is able to.

It’s ready to give you the attention you need, it’s always present, having your highest “good” in mind, guiding you towards the unlimited source.

When Something Is Missing

As we grow and evolve, we realize our personalities aren’t enough to support our expanded selves. We sense there’s more, a truer more prosperous life in store.

But it’s our old patterns of thinking, our ego, which won’t allow for this guidance we need to actualize our lives, which can transform it.

What we need is to break through the day-to-day existence, the reality of living, and find a way to expand.

The higher self is the voice, where you can create a relationship with your inner source, which can provide immediate and insightful help, to face the challenges of everyday living.


To Connect Souls

With our higher self as our guide, we can then deepen our relationships with others, by subconsciously communicating soul-to-soul.

Problems which were previously unsolvable, conflicted relationships, can then be healed as issues become simplified. This love connection between the souls transcends the differences in personalities.

The higher self sees opportunities for growth, which allows for the utilization of your experiences, in a more passionate and purposeful way.

Highest Intimate Source

The deeper, the more expansive the communion with the higher self is, does is connects with the soul to help you make the right choices.

The angst of making decisions, then becomes exquisitely and profoundly intimate. This more intimate than what any human relationship can provide.

There’s no one else that could help you more, love you more than the being who knows you the best, the one you were born with.

This intimacy is what many seek in a “soul mate.” The innate longing for completion, your better half, the one that was created for you, the one you were meant to be with.

You Become One

Imagine if you’re able to taste, feel, touch, and know this wondrous union right now. That you’ve found the endless love you’ve been seeking, one which transcends your human existence.

Look deep in the mirror, look into those wise eyes of yours, and feel the truth vibrating back at you, and know it’s always been there.

Your heart opens, fears dissipate, as you feel the trust that comes from truly committing to yourself.

The heart expands, as you allow yourself to become embraced by this great love and bright light.

You feel the beauty, the strength, the power of this ancient soul flowing through you. You now know the truth, you know who you are.

Feel The Connection

Feel your heart call out, as you invite it to flow towards you to embrace. What then develops is a deep trust and recognition which arises, as the energy from your soul fills you.

You know this connection is real, familiar, as it’s from the source, as all your memories are revealed. You finally feel safe, as what you’re allowing is your soul to speak.

All you hear are words of hope, encouragement, love, gentle soothing phrases which brings you calm.

Realize how happy this wise being is to see you, radiating magnificence, as it’s been waiting for you, waiting for this reunion to merge.

Peace With Self

You’ve been waiting for this moment since birth, to feel compete. The years of separation aligns together, as you’ve missed the ecstasy of true love.

Rest in peace, as you know you’ve found your calling. To find and experience your higher self is your destiny in this world.

This is what everyone’s ordained to do, and that’s to turn within, and commune with the soul. The rewards can then be astonishing.

With practice, the soul continues to open, the healing process accelerates, life becomes more joyful, as the world becomes spiritual.

What intimacy with the true higher self does is purifies the soul, allowing you to experience your own true natural potential.

Discovering this happiness doesn’t need to be difficult, as all it takes is finding yourself.