Take The Leap To Tap Into Your Higher Self For Inner Wisdom

All we see lately is pain in the world around us. What we see are unforgivable events we want to heal or alter somehow. What we want is to help those in despair, to make a contribution. The majority of these issues however, in the conspiracy ridden world we live in, appears futile.

Most of these are beyond our control, to influence or to change. But there is one thing we can change, and that’s our relationship with ourselves.

This by taking a look within, moving closer to the truth …

How To Expose Yourself Get Real By Revealing Your True Self

knowing your identityWhat we’re constantly asked is to get real, to be our true authentic selves, to reveal our personalities, to just be who we are. Why is it then so difficult to do so, to express our true identities. What are the forces that are preventing us from revealing ourselves.

We all have a blueprint, a path. Some will decide to serve others, some will just serve themselves. Some will pursue money, others will pursue love. Some are creative, some are crippled emotionally, there are some who are gifted. The sooner …

Why Being Twenty Can Be Your Most Difficult Years Of Life

why you need to establish your life before your 30Living through these tumultuous years, those supposed glory years between when your twenty to thirty years old, the coming of age, which signifies your independence and adulthood, can also prove to be the most hazardous for your life, and health. For those who are still in this age group, or those who are thinking, oh to be twenty again, hang on.

For the rest of us, who has experienced and survived this unpredictable period of time, that decade which is safely and securely in our rear view mirrors, to …