The Search For Happiness In A World That Hides Behind Masks

We live in a world of deception, intense sadness, and humour is often used to hide the pain. Being funny is usually associated with being happy, to hide the despair and hopelessness of self and soul. To offer such genuine humour, doesn’t always mean happiness in our lives.

What’s assumed is some offer their humour because they can laugh at themselves, the world and others, comedians as such.

To be funny, to see the lighter side of life, the lighter side of the everyday happenstance others can’t see. To be able to witness life from a standpoint of the ridiculous.

Those who are truly funny have a gift, an extended energy, the ability of mind to instantly witness the same of what you or I see, with a twist.

They have the quick witted ability to extract the humour out of the situation, the funny from it, what we layman don’t observe. Then we nod our heads and laugh.

The Roles We Hide Behind

What we’re accustomed to is role play, to set up a false front, a brave face. Some will use humour to hide their pain, to deflect their hurt. Others tell stories of how great they are, what they’ve accomplished.

But if you listen closely, what you can extract is their true and meaningful station of their lives.

They use their humour as a shield. If one is funny, then they must be content, right? Obviously, not always the case.

There are some who are constantly angry about being who or where they are in life, revealing to be more genuine about their fate.

Others attempt to play it cool, calm, and reflected, all deflecting what they’re truly going through.

Let Me Entertain You

The most difficult to reach, to read are the entertainers. Those who are capable of making others laugh. They’ve learned when using comedy, for that moment, they’re able to temporarily forget about the pain in their lives.

For that split-second funny moment in time they hurt just a little bit less, so what they do is work on their craft.

They grasp each and every opportunity to generate a laugh, and while doing so, they get their fix. They momentarily deflect the hurt they’re feeling.

What they strive to hear is, “Wow, you’re funny, you’re able to make me laugh.”

What most can’t detect is the sadness, the shield, the reason why they’re so energized and eager to please.

The irony is how they can muster up the energy to get the laugh.


But Then It Returns

But their pain, the wound never leaves for long. The sadness, the despair returns in spades. What you never know are the inner workings of their life. You have no idea how any one individual is able to confront their worst demons.

The ones who choose to be silly, the funniest, those who are gifted with humour, they telling non-stop stories of their circumstance with endless jokes.

They are the one’s who may be struggling with their life the most, more than others.

So is the answer the greater, the funnier the humour is, the more they are hurting?

So, whenever you see someone putting on a good show, make sure you go ahead and laugh.

Those who are funny would not want it any other way, that’s what they live for, for that moment to please.

In The Pursuit Of

To be happy is becoming a concern in the modern day we live in. It’s the promotion of personal development which has prompted us to develop our self-growth, with a focus on being cheerful.

This quest we have for becoming happier, the harnessing of it, just doesn’t only make us feel good, but it’s also been linked to a variety of benefits.

Laughing out loud, and it’s residue which is happiness, has been associated with everything from a better immune system, to better creativity, leading to higher earnings.

So what we all seek out is to find humour, laughter in everyday nuances, to be entertained.

Please Make Me Laugh Please

The majority of people accept true happiness as more than a collection of intense positive feelings. More than a feeling of feeling contentment, being in the moment, a sense of peace.

Regardless of it’s definition, happiness is part emotional, personality, and genetic baggage.

True happiness goes beyond that burst of dopamine, the brains “happy” chemical. It needs to be nurtured beyond just emotion.

Your own sense of humour, happiness, cognitive reflections, what your station of your life and mind is currently at.

The Discontent Of Happiness

Look outside, and what we live in is a world of misery. There are more bad things happening in our world than good. Wars, political dysfunction, natural disasters, the pandemic. No news is good news.

As a result, we’re infused with a longing, a hunger, an insatiable desire to fulfill one of the most elusive of human emotions, which is to be happy. To find fun.

We seek happiness but realize this happiness is a forever moving target, never a permanent state you can bottle.

We can pursue or desire happiness, wish we were happier, only to realize happiness is just a heartbeat away from becoming sad.

Don’t Worry Be…

Yet, we rely on the eternal search to smile. Buy this car, this house, get that romantic partner, to be happier.

Listen to this comedian, he’ll make you laugh. Then eventually we realize all this laughter is only a temporary state of mind.

What we then seek out is the next happiness fix, then the next, and the next one after that.

This is why some claim happiness is the search for something deeper, that it has to come from within, what some call true humour and internal joy.

Happiness is what we constantly want to pursue, what we all strive for at all times, which also forces us to sink even deeper into the abyss.

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