9 Ways To Inject Passion Back Into Your Relationship

There’s that first initial attraction where you blink first, that person who rocks your life, along with they blushing once discovering each other, fall in love, as there’s the congenial obsession and gushing.

The endless romance, the touching, the uncountable promises, the brilliant dreams of a bright future together, which continues nonstop until the wee hours of the morning.

Then reality eventually strikes, as one begins to annoy the other, as the persistent habits overcomes and can become suffocating. The dating then becomes tiresome, and especially for those who’s been married for a while, becomes boring and trapping.

9. Discover New Adventures

The greatest part of any relationship is the union of two souls, this spiritually and mentally, combining forces so it becomes one. How and why the chemistry works.

So discover something new about each other on a daily basis. Make it an effort to find each other, this by stepping out of your comfort zones, and then the sparks are sure to fly.

8. Explore New Places Together

Go for a drive down the freeway, impulsively book tickets and fly somewhere for the weekend. Check something off your bucket list. Realize that the planet has something unique to offer the both of you that you can explore, melding you together.

Go do something that you both talked about in the past, this to fulfill a dream. This will set you back and remind how both of you once discussed all those wild and crazy aspirations. The times may of changed, but know that the love hasn’t faded.

7. Go Stargazing

Looking at the stars makes you realize how insignificant you and your issues are in the vast universe, which brings you closer together. This is the most inexpensive yet breathtaking activity you can do to bond your love.

So just sit outdoors in the dark together and look up, way up, and then be in awe of the incredible universe, and how lucky you are that you both found each other at this time and place.

6. Reenact How You Met Each Other

Remember how you met, your first formal date. How nervous you were, picking the clothes which would best impress. Then fast forward to today, and discuss what happened, how things derailed. Just because you’ve been together for awhile, doesn’t mean you need to stop impressing each other.

Since you’ve known each other for this long, and know everything crack and crevice, instead, decide to spice things up a bit. Put the “wow” back into the relationship.

5. Role Play

This can be extremely exciting, and something that you can both plan and work out in advance. Put on your creative hats and role play, pretend to be someone you’re not. Behave as complete strangers suddenly discovering each other for the first time.

Pick her up at a bar in front of strangers. The more you role play, the more you get into the character, the more you both forget who you are. This can be the spark you’re looking for.