Heal Whatever Ails You By Using Energy Healing Techniques

how we can alter our energyBefore doctors, hospitals, and the Internet medical experts ever existed, there was energy healing. A few of the health benefits realized by this method includes: deep relaxation for stress release, better sleep, and reduction in blood pressure.

What energy healing does is it raises the vibration and consciousness levels in the body to heal. It gives you strength in finding your self worth, while injecting self confidence and self esteem. Doing so can strengthen you as you begin to empower yourself.

So how does energy healing actually work. It’s based on the foundation that we’re all breathing and walking energetic beings, while everything else active is vibrant energy as well. A common definition is that what we all have is this invisible band of energy which surrounds our physical body, which we can alter for the better.

The Body Electric
This body of energy also contains various layers. Each of these energy layers has different functions, as they’re associated with their own different chakra. What each chakra, and its layers does is it effects different areas of the physical body.

The chakras and their acupuncture points are openings for energy to flow directly into, and then out of the aura known as the energy body. This energy that we experience is associated directly with a form of consciousness, the reason why we experience exchanges of energy in the various forms of hearing, seeing, sensing, feeling, intuition, or directly knowing.

It becomes important to open the chakras which increases this energy flow, this because the more energy that we let flow, the healthier that we become. Illness in the body is caused by an imbalance of this energy, or the blocking of the flow of this energy.

So a lack of flow that’s in the human energy system eventually leads towards getting sick and catching disease. It also distorts our perception while dampening our feelings, which interferes with the happy experiences of living a joy filled life.

The Blockage Of Energy Flow
So what causes this imbalance, or the blockage in the flow of this energy? What the majority of people today are conditioned to is reacting to unpleasant experiences, this by blocking out our emotions and feelings, which puts up a roadblock to the majority of this natural energy flow.

For instance, say a person gets rejected numerous times when attempting to display their love to another person. As a result, they’ll eventually give up their attempts, this by blocking their inner feelings of this love.

Once they do so, what they’re doing is stopping this natural energy flow which is the heart chakra. When this energy flow slows down, the development of this chakra becomes affected, which as a result, a physical problem will eventually occur, this if the energy doesn’t begin to flow smoothly again.

This is the same process which works for all the chakras. Whenever you block whatever experience that you’re having, what you’re doing is blocking that chakra, which then blocks the flow of the universal life force energy.

This weakened, disrupted, blocked, or imbalance in the chakras can be caused by the various situations in our lives, such as: physical or emotional trauma, negativity, toxicity, injury, nutritional depletion, destructive relationships, and a poor lifestyle.

True that difficulties are abound in life for everyone, and we develop a coping strategy, but if these difficulties continue to persist, what they’ll turn into are chronic patterns, which are anchored in the body and mind as defense mechanisms.

So it becomes extremely important to recognize the blocks that we carry, and find and understand what their sources are, then we can learn how to heal them.

The Healing Of Energy
For the healing of this energy for any spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional issues, what’s recommended is starting off with what’s known as the Clearing Program.

What this program consists of is an intensive method which has been tested over time. What’s recommended is receiving proven routine energy healing therapy such as Reiki.

What the practice of whole-body energy healing does is it restores and then opens the energy channels, allowing the body to properly deal with stress and anxiety, along with toxin build-up, etc.


Proven Health Benefits Of Energy Healing
• Creates deep relaxation while helping the body to release tension
• Accelerates the body’s ability to self heal while aiding better sleep
• Reduces blood pressure
• Helps with acute injuries as well as chronic problems such as eczema, asthma, headaches, etc., while helping in breaking addictions
• Removes energy blockages while adjusting the energy flow of the endocrine system which balances the body into harmony
• Helps the body cleanse from toxins
• Reduces the side effects of medication and the recovery from drug therapy after surgery
• Supports and enhances the immune system
• Increases vitality while postponing the aging process
• Raises the frequency of vibrations in the body
• Helps in spiritual growth as well as emotional clearing

The Proven Method Of Energy Healing
What energy healing does is it improves your body from the inside out. What needs to be realized is that the body, mind, and soul, along with the energy body works in unison as an invisible whole.

What this simple and non-invasive healing system does is it works with the higher self of the receiver, to promote better health and well being of the entire body.

It’s known as a system for attaining and then promoting wholeness. It’s an extremely powerful system which can be easily channeled through yourself as well as others, just by intention.

Once it’s combined with the desire of the individual, who’s willing to invite a cleansing within their consciousness, then a complete healing can occur. The end result being that a brilliant new you will emerge from energy healing.

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