To Be Liked More Mind Your Own Business By Developing Personal Interests

So your life is dull, it has halted to a standstill. You’re landlocked in a boring relationship that has become a roadblock, where there’s no way to escape. You’ve become disappointed with your life, one that once appeared so promising. You’ve given up, on attempting to create a life of your own. You have no hobbies, no friends, your life is a blank slate.

So you become bitter, you’re angry because of the freedom or success that others seem to be experiencing. You’ve become judgmental, constantly meddling in their life, attempting to steer their course.

You tell everyone who’ll listen, what they should be doing, how they should lead their lives. You’ve become a control freak, micro-managing the lives of others, this to avoid improving your own life.

As a result, you’ve become an annoyance, as everyone fears your volatile temper, especially if things don’t go your way. What you also know, is that you should stop this behavior.

You know you should be mindfully building up your own self-esteem instead, finding new hobbies to occupy your time, choosing to improve your personal life.

You’re realizing that others want to be left alone, yet you constantly choose to stick your nose in their business, thinking that you’re doing the right thing.


Why Is Your Life So Empty
It’s a tricky slippery path and resolution, since it’s difficult to turn your life around, this into a concentrated and specific manageable thought process, and then carry it out.

Think of what you can do differently in your life, so you’ll be a lot less judgmental. What you need is to alter your thinking process, placing more attention on yourself, and how others perceive you.

You need to adopt a new mantra, which is not paying so much attention to others, and concentrating more on your own personal self envelopment. Ask yourself the following.

Did Anyone Ask For My Advice
Probably not, except in those rare instances when someone will specifically ask you to help clear their mind clutter, help raise their children, look after their dog, or decide which career path they should take.

In other words, keep your advice and opinions to yourself, especially when you’re not asked. One of the best solutions, is finding new things to do to occupy your time, such as finding a new hobby, or going out for a run or a workout.

You Don’t Know The Entire Story So Never Assume
It’s extremely easy to assume, jumping through hoops and coming up with false conclusions, as that’s the only mental exercise that some people take to occupy their time.

Never try to understand a situation and then form your own opinion, this because you’ve got nothing better to do. Never judge, based on what you think is the truth, as you don’t know the entire story.

Never assume anything. If you don’t know the background or history, you’ll then look awkwardly out of place, especially when you speak out of turn. In other words, mind your own business.


It Most Likely Doesn’t Affect You
Never get distracted and then become annoyed, thinking that you’re doing the right thing, when you’re most likely not. This makes your opinion irrelevant, especially if you don’t know that person well.

So why even allow yourself, to get upset or flustered about something that has no affect on you, or your life. The best path to take, is to just remind yourself, “This has nothing to do with me.”

Become Interested In Yourself Rather Than Others
Just because doing something makes you happy, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll make someone else just as happy.

If your life is that empty, and you feel you need to constantly poke your nose into the life of others, don’t bother. You won’t gain any more friends, or become more popular that way.

Why You Should Never Gossip
Gossip is the lowest common denominator, when it comes to talking out loud. It’s totally despised. What you do, is form your own opinions, whether it’s true or not, and then spread them as the gospel truth.

You create destruction, this based on the sole purpose of your bad intent, and for your entertainment only. A person who constantly gossips, is avoided like the plague.

You Invade The Privacy Of Others
For instance, you become intrigued why your mother-in-law, has a habit of keeping her coffee maker unplugged, or why someone doesn’t use an umbrella, when its raining. Who cares.

You do so, because you think you’re always right about everything. So once you feel you need to confront and challenge someone, become more mindful.

You need to remind yourself, “This is not my business, it’s their life.” At the very least, have the courage and courtesy to confront the person, instead of judging them behind their back.

Searching For Explanation And Reasoning
When young, during those awkward teenage years, most become sensitive towards the “sins” that they commit towards others. This is once they become more conscious, of their actions and their consequences.

At this delicate age, most don’t bother looking for what’s behind the story, but more on what’s the truth. What’s right or wrong. This is a sign of maturity, when attempting to become morally responsible.

One can spend their entire life, trying to correct and improve on their faults. So why even bother, about worrying or becoming concerned about the faults of others.

Ask yourself, are you constantly struggling to mind your own business. Is your life that stale. Why not find ways, to improve your own life situation, rather than attempting to tell others what to do.