Why You Need To Reset Your Daily Life By Thinking Of Nothing

Right now, this exact moment is a new experience. This once you approach the next minute by emptying everything out of your mind. This by not thinking, by clearing the slate that’s your rambling thoughts. So don’t think, think of emptiness, think nothing exists. Believe that you know nothing.

Think of empty spaces, realize that everything you know can fit into a pinhead. Believe that everything, your physical body, every mental thought that exists on this earth is weightless, that it’s completely void. Think there’s no substance, that there’s no matter. Everything that’s physical or mental is invisible and meaningless.

Believe that everything in the physical world that you see, touch, and feel, doesn’t mean anything. That it can no longer serve you any longer.

There’s Nothing There
What we know is that the body consists mainly of water, so we’re told we should drink plenty of it, as it’s cleansing and refreshing. So if our mind and soul is 99.9% percent empty space, then we should be drinking more of nothing.

Believe in the concept of void, of nothingness. That everyday we wake up, we need to create a brand new world.

“Nothing” by definition however gets a bad rap, this because it’s usually associated with thoughts of loneliness, isolation, boredom, that it’s empty.

There’s Nothing There
What getting past the negative connotations that “nothing” perceives, can be challenging. So what’s needed is changing its terminology. It’s not really about nothing, it’s more about “there’s nothing there.”

If we want something, we just can’t have it by reaching out our hand, or reaching out our mind. It can only be grasped, this by entering into a relationship with it. What’s needed is entering into that space of what’s not there.

All we can do is build a connection somehow with “what’s not there.” What needs to be known, is what we can get from it. How it can help us in our daily lives.

To Get What You Want
What it does is helps us clear our senses, this from our everyday lives that’s filled with distractions. We’ve got things to do, places to go, people to see.

We’re constantly confronted by sights and sounds, tastes, smells, and sensations. What we do is input all of these experiences into our intuitive awareness.

Without taking the time to connect with “what’s not there,” what our senses then does is becomes clogged and dull.

What we begin is to miss all of the important pieces of input, critical signs which would of helped us achieve our goals, this in an easy and graceful manner.

To Hit The “Reset” Button
Once we make a conscious effort to retreat from our daily routine, what we’re giving is our senses a chance to cleanse and detoxify, this from the constant barrage of stimuli.

What’s needed is restoring our ability to perceive to all of the important yet subtle bits of information, details which you’ve missed.

This is similar to rebooting your computer. All the files gets shut down and placed back into their proper places. Then once you turn it back on, it resets itself, clean and fresh.

Turning Yourself “On” And “Off” Again
What you can use is solitude and introspection, this to gain greater self knowledge, while finding vital clues to direct your future learning ventures.


To find new sources of energy and creativity, to find ways to get your life balanced again. To, reset your clock, while redefining what success means to you.

Think of this mental retreat as a spa treatment for the soul. Connecting with “nothing at all,” does is helps you to envision the ideal life that you want for yourself.

To stand back, and discover the direct path which will lead you to it, and then tapping into the energy sources which will fuel you on your journey. It all begins with thinking of nothing.

Connect With Nothing
To connect, what you need is to mindfully step out of your daily routine and patterns. To remove yourself out of the familiar usual streams of sensory input, which provides the opportunity for “nothing” to blossom into your awareness.

What it takes is short daily moments of silence to ground yourself, by asking yourself where you are. To take regular retreats, which can remove you from your normal routine for hours or even days.

Go To Your Space
The best way of connecting with your nothing space, is by taking regular and routine breaks throughout the day, and then going there.

Periodically, stop and take a few moments to be silent and just breathe. Allow yourself to disconnect from whatever activity you’re doing, away from the stresses of the day.

Allow “nothing” to replenish you, clear your mind and senses, which resets your day with renewed energy and effectiveness.

Practicing Nothingness
There are a variety of ways how you can “reset” yourself during the day. Such as when you’re at a traffic light, when you’re on hold, when you’re waiting for your computer to reboot.

You can choose to become frustrated during these times, twiddle your thumbs, or text on your smartphone, or you can use the opportunity to connect with nothing.

Retreat And Rest
If you’re wanting to do more than wish, but embody your full potential, then it becomes imperative to find silence, and make retreat a routine part of your life.

In the chaotic world that we live in, it becomes easy to forget your purpose, while neglecting the people, activities, and the things that have meaning to you.

Connecting with nothing does is helps you remember the purpose of your life. It restores strength, the truth, your sense of purpose, this in the face of distraction.