6 Ways To Refine Your Social Skills To Be Liked

One feature of having high emotional intelligence, is it highlights certain attributes for those who are socially skilled. What the majority feel however, is they have no idea how to act in certain social situations. They feel aloof, and their erratic awkwardness shows it.

So they think they’re doomed to a life of nerdiness. That their social graces, even if they want to fit in with the elite crowd, the cool kids, will never happen.

Know regardless of how fragile your social skills may be, all it takes is making a few minor adjustments in behaviour.

What being socially sleek offers, is the currency you need to get ahead in life.

From more success at work, to capturing and captivating better relationships with the trendier crowd.

Knowing how you come across in social situations, becomes an important positive skill set to adopt, for establishing your personal identity.

You’ll then feel more refined when interacting with others, especially when meeting strangers for the first time. What you can rely on is your new found communication skills.

1. How You Control Your Nonverbal Behaviour

Always make appropriate eye contact with someone, flash a charming smile which isn’t forced, while simultaneously exchanging pleasantries. Have a firm warm handshake, and not an ice cold fishy one.

These gestures of nonverbal human communication, displays to others you’re self-confident and approachable, a refined socially tuned in human.

This opposed to coming across as “cold,” not interested in connecting with anyone. Coming across as standoffish or even angry.

Warmly connecting is when you appear likeable, allowing others to immediately feel at ease in your company.

What you want, is to appear friendly, relaxed and approachable if you want others to like you.

Once they do, they’ll want to be around you, which increases your chances of forming a relationship or establishing success at work.

2. Be Mindful Of What You Say

Always be mindful enough, to develop the skill to control what you’re about to say before you say it. That split-second delay. This by managing and regulating your verbal output.

Sudden outbursts of swearing or yelling, isn’t considered acceptable social etiquette regardless of the situation. This especially in group settings, such as the workplace or the dinner table.

Unexpected bursts of anger are unacceptable, when it’s directed towards those you live, work, date, or are related to. The first thought, is you have anger or control issues.


There are however certain exceptions, when you can express what you’re truly thinking in social situations.

These includes those who you are extremely close to, such as your work buddies or childhood school friends when having a drink, because it’s expected.

It’s knowing when these behaviours are okay and tolerated, and when they’re not. It’s also easy to fall prey to drop a few obscenities when you’re talking, as it sends a shock statement.

What you need to know, is when it’s appropriate to draw the line, just as you need to wear appropriate clothes to appear presentable.

Always meet and greet others with respect, while polishing up your speaking and language skills.

3. Don’t Cross The Line

Knowing how to act, when to say something that’s appropriate and not unexpected, is a dangling balancing act that keeps you aligned socially.

It’s also knowing precisely when to maintain the proper distance, between you and others tactfully.

We all know how embarrassing it is, to listen to the narcissistic mouthpiece, who talks too much. Or the gossip queen, who constantly overshares their thoughts.

Someone who has a habit, of frequently intruding and invading ones personal space.

What they constantly do is reveal way too much of themselves to others, things that can’t be unheard.

They have no idea where to draw the line, when it comes to those in authority such as their boss, or the opposite sex.

What they do, is constantly blab on to anyone who’ll listen, usually fuelled by a few adult beverages.

This instantly perceives them as lacking good judgment and maturity, and may even be a sociopath.

4. Always Show Empathy

To be liked, you need to activate your “feeling” detectors. What having finely tuned social skills means, is you’re sensitive enough to read the nonverbal behaviour of others.

Always read their body language first, as a way of finding out what and how they’re feeling at that precise moment. Are they nervous, sad, stressed, or are they happy and relaxed.

Use these body signals as a baseline on how you’ll respond, act or say in their presence. You don’t need to verbally state you recognize how they’re feeling.

What you can do instead, is gather the data about their inner state, to communicate in an appropriate reciprocal manner.

Begin by mirroring their body language, showing them you know what they’re going through.

5. Control Your Emotions

What you need is to always be in complete control of your feelings and emotions.

What anyone can suddenly do, is burst out in anger, become upset, or have a sudden irrepressible impulse, such as inappropriately laughing out loud.

If you want to be regarded as having refined social skills with everyone you come in contact with, you’ll need to monitor and stifle these emotions.

Then there are some who will never show any expression or emotion whatsoever, as they don’t appear to have a pulse.

The sooner you’re able to show you have full command of yourself, by keeping cool calm and collected, the sooner others will gravitate towards you and trust you.

6. Improve Your Self-esteem

Having refined social skills doesn’t mean anything and won’t help you whatsoever, if you don’t genuinely believe in yourself.

To have the confidence in yourself, so you can communicate effectively with others, while displaying your self-composure.

Once you look comfortable in your own skin during any type of social interaction, is when you’ll appear approachable and genuine. As your social skills improve, so will your self-esteem.