How To Naturally Cleanse Your Body With The Two Week Detox

naturally detox your bodyA detox can easily be defined as garbage in garbage out. The body is trained to naturally detox itself once it senses all the inflammatory foods and beverages that we consume needs to be flushed out. The liver because of this, is one of the hardest working organs in the body, as its role is to filter out and remove all the toxins which it accumulates.

A manual detox becomes necessary once all of the metabolic waste from routine human activity, along with a poor diet, the various environmental hazards, exceeds the body’s ability to detox itself.

Although this may sound like an extremely simple and efficient physiological process of the body, the detoxification process goes beyond that, as it affects both the body and the mind.

What most are not aware of is it takes the average person anywhere from 10 up to 14 days to completely process alcohol, sugar, and chemicals, and then flush them out of the body.

This becomes the case provided that you’re not adding more alcohol, sugar, or processed foods during the detox period, which most likely isn’t the case, and then these ingredients generate and become backlogged.

So removing all the unwanted buildup from your diet for 14 days is a method to naturally cleanse out your system, but it’s always not that practical. There are other alternatives to cleansing out your system, particularly your liver, for a full body detox.

Natural 2 Week Detox

Drink Plenty Of Clean Water
During this 2 week period, drink plenty of clean water. Water to the liver is similar to gas for your car. If you’re wanting your liver to perform at its peak and process the toxins efficiently, then water becomes vital.


For the average adult, one gallon of fresh filtered water daily has proven to be the most effective. The best start is drinking a glass of warm filtered water with a squeeze of fresh lemon, this first thing in the morning to activate the detox process.

Going To The Bathroom Often
Doing so will automatically occur once you begin drinking the gallon of water on a daily basis. Frequent urination along with sweating are the only two natural methods for the body to physically rid of the fats and toxins from the body.

Excess fat is where most of the unwanted toxins are stored, so the more that you go to the bathroom, the more fat and toxins that you’ll drain out of the body.

Sweating It Up
During the detox, sweating it out is one of the most effective methods of eliminating all the stored toxins. One excellent method is Bikram yoga, which is a form of hot yoga, another is by taking a hot sauna bath.

Both of these methods allows you to relax while sweating it out, while also promoting a healthy environment for the body, this unlike intense exercise which can cause acute inflammation.

Activating Your Body More
What’s also recommended are the restorative movement types of exercises such as Pilates or walking. The goal is to get the blood circulating, which helps transport unwanted toxins out of the body.

For the detoxing process, it’s found that certain intensive exercises can at times be counterproductive, as it’s found doing so can potentially inflame the body, which then increases the amount of inflammation that already exists.

Eat Healthy Fresh Whole Foods
What you’re attempting to do is remove the alcohol, sugar, and the chemical buildup from your body. Removing these will reduce the majority of inflammation, allowing the liver to flush out the remainder of the inflammatory based foods.

The most effective foods to eat are those that don’t come in a bag, box, frozen, in a jar or can. The best are the essential whole foods which comes directly from the organic earth.

Get Plenty Of Rest
During those hectic times, working and then maintaining the household, what’s usually put on hold is proper rest and relaxation. So what you need to do is seize every opportunity you can get to relax.


Try going to bed earlier to get your beauty sleep, or find some time during the day for a power nap. What the liver does is it will process the most amounts of inflammation when the body is in rest or sleep mode. So reserve a few extra hours daily for the detox process to occur.

Clean Yourself Daily
What’s recommended is to dry brush your body, as what doing so does is it increases your circulation, which encourages the renewal of new cells while shedding old ones.

Doing so also improves vascular blood circulation, while encouraging lymphatic drainage along with other functions. These all become activated once dry brushing your body.

Think Positively
Detoxing isn’t just a physiological process, as thinking positive is necessary, as the ego mind will constantly create thoughts based of fear, doubt, and disappointment.

What negativity does is it will lie to you, cheat and steal from you, this to convince you that you can’t get better, that you’re body won’t cooperate when it comes to natural detoxing. What you need to do is defend yourself.

Do so by being mindful of your thoughts, that once any negative thoughts appear, recognize them and turn them away, as they’re not your true intentions. Keep reminding yourself this constantly.

Use this two week detox period to create gratitude in your life, and make it a habit. This for all things regardless of how small or insignificant they may be.

Once you think positively, it gets too crowded for negative thoughts. All this takes is a few minutes a day to focus on deep meditative breathing, which calms down the mind, allowing the liver to detox.

Whichever mindful thinking method you use, use it with conviction, and you’ll find that not only will you survive this two week detox process, but you’ll also make it a lifestyle choice.

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