Finding Ways To Live Your Life With Gratitude And Compassion

It’s all about gaining the perspective of practising gratitude, which is a proven pathway to inner peace. What this conforms to is the Universal Law of Increase, which means whatever you decide to focus your energy on, has no other choice than to add increase in your life, all which begins with gratitude.

Like most, you’re someone who gets up in the morning, determined and ready to have a great day.

Then before you know it, without any reason at all, you find yourself becoming overwhelmed and stressed out. You feel fatigued to the point, you just want to go home and take a nap.

Do you feel that your life is just living from day to day, rather than living a life that’s fortified with energy.

All while asking yourself, “Is that it? is that all there is to this thing called life. Well, you’re not alone.

For many, life is finding a job, getting married, starting a family, buying a starter house, and then making ends meet, while hopefully saving something for retirement.

All while hoping to avoid major illness or tragedy. There’s an emptiness to this.

Existential Despair
Existentialism is a philosophy that’s centred on the analysis of existence, striving for freedom and responsibility, which is usually isolated on the individual.

What despair refers to is a loss of hope, or a cause for hopelessness. What “existential despair” results in is the realization between what is, and what should be, on one’s perceptions and suppositions.

This aimless absence of meaningless in one’s life, is the common denominator when it comes to emotional distress, which has been identified as a modern day illness.

Alienation, disease, disappointment, failure, pain, loss, or just being bored with life, all leads to this feeling that ones life is meaningless.

Existential despair exists once accepting the myth that it’s external things, which creates success and happiness.

So what we’ll do is compulsively shop, this in the attempts to “fill that void in our soul,” but what it can’t buy is making peace with ourselves.

Finding Peace Within Ourselves
What making and finding peace within ourselves does, is involves changing the way that we habitually focus our energy.

What’s known for certain is that where you focus your attention on the most, is where it’ll expand. What scientists know is that energy never dies, what it does is shifts to where your attention is focused on.

Any type of thought, good or bad, is energy. Any type of belief is a thought with expectations attached to it. Everything begins with a thought, and reality is created with expectant thoughts.


Believe in the Universal Law of Increase which is, whatever you concentrate on, will increase. Whatever you think about will expand, and you will receive more of the same.

What expressing gratitude for everything in your life, does is accelerates this process of the law of increase.

What Is Gratitude
Gratitude is the state of being thankful. What it essentially means is that once we look at life as an opportunity to grow, this towards love, while opening our hearts to love, what we then see is a world of healing and peace.

If we look at the world as a place of suffering and pain, that’s also what we’ll see. What this pain and suffering physically does is constricts our hearts, which affects our health.

Living A Life Of Gratitude
How often are you grateful for the blessings you have. How many times during the day do you say “Thank you.” When was the last time that you said thank you to yourself, for being you.

What would your day be like, if you lived your life as if everything’s a gift to you. That you began your day being thankful for being alive.

Begin by waking up every morning determined that it’s going to be a great day, whatever happens. To greet each morning by just reconnecting yourself with the earth, showing gratitude for the day ahead.

Practical Ways To Show Gratitude
Start a gratitude journal. What’s found is that to show your gratitude, write down everything that you want to be thankful for, regardless of how small or insignificant it may be.

Say ‘thank you’ to everything that you encounter on a daily basis. For instance, say thank you to the sunrise and the sunset, the food you’re about to eat, your job, the clothes you wear, your friends and colleagues. Find something positive in things you don’t like.

All It Takes Is A Thank You
What you can do in your gratitude journal, is do a word exercise. Begin by writing down the letters of the alphabet starting from A – Z.

Then as fast as you can, start writing down “I’m grateful for ___________ starting with the letter A , and then go through the entire alphabet.

For instance, I’m grateful for apples, I’m grateful for breakfast, I’m grateful for coworkers, and continue to do so, until you’ve gone through the alphabet.

Daily Practice An Act Of Kindness
Begin your day by being thankful for all of the blessings that you’ve encounter. Instead of complaining, find something that’s good in every bad situation.

Look for reasons and ways that you can genuinely praise your partner, child, colleague, your employees, the person who served you coffee, the mailman, someone who opened the door for you, a stranger who smiled at you.

Thank the earth for sustaining the life you live, for providing food, water, and oxygen to you. Write a letter to the universe, just expressing gratitude for all that you have.

Thank your parents on a daily basis for giving you life. Thank the universe for the lessons that you’ve learned, first thank yourself.