The Need To Live Your Life With Gratitude And Compassion

It’s all about gaining the perspective of practising gratitude, which is a proven pathway to inner peace. What this conforms to is the Universal Law of Increase, which means whatever you decide to focus your energy on, has no other choice than to add increase in your life, all which begins with gratitude.

Like most, you’re someone who gets up in the morning, determined and ready to have a great day.

Then before you know it, without any reason at all, you find yourself becoming overwhelmed and stressed out. You …

Why You Should Stop Expecting Anyone To Help You

What we do is place ourselves through unnecessary turmoil, by putting unrealistic expectations on others, more than ourselves. Although what we all want is basic word when it comes to our relationships, such as mutual respect, counting on anyone to help us can lead to disappointment.

Keep in mind everyone is at a completely different physical and mental state in their life journey than you are. What they say and do confirms that.

Everyone right now is currently fighting through a problem you know nothing about, so give them a …

Altering Your Attitude Once You Feel The Weight Of The World

adjusting your attitudeWhat formulates in our lives is our thoughts which turns into beliefs, which turns into habits and then establishes as attitudes. Changing these attitudes can become one of the most difficult things you can do in your life, as you restrict yourself from certain notions.

It’s assumed that most things in life is fair, that everything eventually balances out. You can have amazing experiences, while “cause and effect” can result in pain and suffering, sending your life in a tailspin, while teaching you a lesson. We just remember the bad …

To Be Liked: The Methods Of Making That Good First Impression

how not to be annoyingWhen it comes to engaging with others, there are certain unwritten rules, traits to adopt when making that good first impression, and you have one chance to do so. The most common including your body language, dressing accordingly, controlling your anxiety levels when meeting someone for the first time.

But know that any impression extends beyond that initial first instinct. If you’re going to get people on your side, to like you, whether at work, or among your friends and family, you need a well polished follow up act.

Impression …