Altering Your Attitude Once You Feel The Weight Of The World

adjusting your attitudeWhat formulates in our lives is our thoughts which turns into beliefs, which turns into habits and then establishes as attitudes. Changing these attitudes can become one of the most difficult things you can do in your life, as you restrict yourself from certain notions.

It’s assumed that most things in life is fair, that everything eventually balances out. You can have amazing experiences, while “cause and effect” can result in pain and suffering, sending your life in a tailspin, while teaching you a lesson. We just remember the bad times.

If we’re having a bad day which persists into bad weeks, we feel cursed and that bad luck is stalking us. We hardly remember the good times that we’ve had in our lives, perhaps because we feel we didn’t deserve them, as they slowly fade into oblivion.

Better Times Ahead
You may be someone who happens to give off bad vibes, as you walk around in sorrow, giving out no signs of flashing a smile. During these times, remember that everyone hurts, gets upset, as the pain compounds. Realize your life needs a radical transition.

Change is always difficult, changing the way that you view yourself, altering the world around you is a daunting task, this especially when you feel wronged, or handed the victim card.

This comes down to changing your attitude, to dig out of the hole you’re in, to find the root which sent you spiraling downwards. What contributed towards the pain and the bitterness that you feel. It begins by moving forward.

Let Go The People Who Wronged You
Let them go for your own benefit and not theirs. Release them and they’ll take all the negative feelings with them. The burden they’ve placed on you, the thoughts of guilt, which is a vital component when it comes to the process of altering your attitude.

There’s nothing that shouts you have a bad attitude, more than your face screaming resentment and bitterness. So learn to forgive, extract the lesson and then move on with your life.

Also work on forgiving yourself, the pain you’ve caused on others, this if you want to lose mental weight and begin to float. Carrying negative thoughts and feelings about the mistakes you’ve made in the past, prevents you from moving and growing forward.

Have More Faith In Yourself
It all begins and ends with you. You hear this often because it happens to be true. Yet you don’t bother do anything about it, as you think you’re fine with who you are.

What you want is to love and be loved, yet you won’t bother to love yourself first. Loving yourself is learning and growing from the common human mistakes that you’ve made, and then becoming more wiser and confident in yourself once the burden has been lifted.

Practice on a daily basis to become more comfortable in your own skin, this by taking better care of yourself mentally and physically. Once you begin to love yourself first, then someone will start to love you.

Be Mindful Of The Present
One of the most difficult things is to live in the moment, to be aware of what’s happening around you. This especially when attempting to overcome the overwhelming sense of anxiety that you feel on a daily basis, thinking of your painful past or the unknown future.

The habit becomes to dwell on the sorrows of the past, or feel guilt or stress about the mistakes you’re going to make in the future. When attempting to become mindful of the current moment, the worries will then begin to fade away.

Always Be Grateful
What showing gratitude does is it lifts selfishness off your shoulders, this by saying that you’re sorry, as all it takes is a simple thank you. Yet, sorry remains one of the hardest words to say.

We live in a society where everyone wants more for themselves, that they’re entitled. This stems from a low self esteem, as they want more lavish things so they’ll be accepted, increasing their worthiness.

Once someone happens to paint this picture of themselves, wants to be better than you, then congratulate them instead of showing your envy. Don’t try to emulate them or oppose them.


We’re all individuals who are attempting to do our best with the circumstances we’re dealt with. Realize there are people around the world, who are less fortunate and far worse off than you are.

So show your compassion, be nice to everyone, understand that everybody is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind. It’s how you deal with the heartache of others which defines your attitude, so always show your understanding.

Lets Get Physical
Those down in the dumps tend to become inactive, while remembering that yoga class they took when things were bright and cheerful, energized and refreshed them.

What physically working out your body does is focuses your thoughts on the present, while making you aware of your mind, body, and the environment, as it releases chemical tonics to invigorate you.

Releasing all the outside worries along with the inner pain is realized once you focus on the positive. You gain confidence when exercising, which promotes a better mood. You become less irritable, as all the mental and physical stresses of life are released.

Changing your attitude is a daily work in progress. Begin by filtering what you think and say, analyze your actions. Witness the light instead of the darkness of your past.

See all of the good in the world, this by renovating your vision for the better, which will then connect and empower you. Then you’ll attract others and things that you’re desperately seeking in your life.

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