How To Get Your Latest Greatest Video To Go Mainstream Viral

how my video went viralThe most unsuspecting of these videos do, there are certain videos posted by unknown individuals that just catches fire, and they go absolutely bonkers viral, and at times for no reason.

The majority of these videos, however, are usually captured and calculated in design, while some posted are just pure fluke when they get millions of views.

The basic elements of a highly successful video which goes online are done so, by just tapping into a few fundamental principles of human emotion.

When you’re creating your own videos, you can …

When Ready To Buy A HDTV Know The Different Options Available

a closeup of a led-tvWhen you’re in the market for a HDTV, then you need to understand the latest technologies which are now featured on high definition televisions. There are a few significant factors which you should be considering. With costs aside, the biggest feature is deciding on the type of display.

Those big boxy CRT TV’s are now long gone, as are the first generation rear projection HDTVs, all but extinct. The current HDTV market now offers 3 distinct choices, all different because of their display technology.

The three different types are: …

Google TV Brings Web Browsing Directly Into Your Living Room

WatchGoogleTvSony androidwebGoogle TV is a relatively new development brought to you from those fine folks who are determined to dominate the planet. Google TV is aiming at bringing you the ultimate online Internet browsing and television viewing experience right on your TV in your living room. So what exactly is Google TV, how does it work, and what can it do?

Google TV is a television platform that’s connected to the Internet. Google has ventured with Sony, Intel and Logitech to develop this project. What Google TV does is it integrates …

Comparison Of LED TVs LCD TVs Plasma TVs HDTV Screen Technology

led-lcd plasmahdtvprofilesBefore you go out and lay down the cash for that flat panel HDTV, you’ll need to know the differences of the 3 basic technologies that’s available for the flat screens. As there are always new and improved TV technologies that’s on the horizon, it’s always a constantly moving target. But for now, other than 3D HDTV’s, these are the only types to choose from at the moment.

So listed are the various Pro’s and Con’s of each of the different types of HDTV’s, which should hopefully solidify your …

HDTV High Definition TV Glossary Terms Definitions

HDTV definitions terms glossarySo you’re going shopping for the best HDTV or Home Theater System that will fit your budget. Make sure you arm yourself with the latest jargon regarding HDTVs. There are a few key terms that you as a shopper will need to know and look out for. Consider this your secret cheat sheet.

HDTV Definitions and Terms That You Need To Know

Aspect Ratio
So to put this simply, aspect ratio refers to the shape of the HDTV’s screen. The HDTV screen has a wider more movie like picture than …