Ways On How To Positively Deal With Your Negative Emotions

Realize what we have is a “negative” default switch in our brains, which prepares us for the worst, when it comes to unknown situations. This can include stress, guilt, anger, resentment, the list of negatives are endless. Another thing for certain, is what we think of the most usually becomes true.

So the most persistent question remains how to rid of these negative emotions, once they show up and take over our minds.

What some experts recommend is to just welcome these unfavourable thoughts, as they might be attempting to tell us something. There could be a lesson that needs to be learned.

Emotions are a natural residue of the subconscious mind. Whatever that feeling might be, what they’ll do is reveal themselves, thinking it’s protecting us from harm.

This perceived danger are remnants from a previously bad experience you’ve had in the past, recently or during childhood.

Learning To Exhale

Before doing anything, step back and take inventory, as what you need is to clear your mind, to release all of the tension that’s building because of your negative emotions.

Relax physically by taking a few deep breaths, breathing deeper each time. Once you exhale, take note of exactly where your body is storing this tension.

Begin with your jaw, neck and shoulders, your limbs, torso, all the way down to your toes. Release the stored tension as you exhale.

Know Discomfort Has A Reason

What’s known is the more you ignore your shadow, the more you disown your dark passenger, the more you feel that negative emotion.

What your life entails is the entire you, all the good and the bad, and not just the happy giddy times.

What being uncertain and miserable stems from is the fear of rejection or failure, when learning new things, when bravely stepping on the dance floor of life.

Regardless of what you do, familiar or not, what activates is a host of emotions, most likely negative.

If you ignore them, what they’ll do is impact your happiness. You need to be aware of experiencing and learning this lesson.

Be In The Present

Unless you’re able to live in the present, your future becomes distorted. The reason being once any of your plans are accomplished, what you’ll then be thinking of is the next future event.

You’re never content with what you currently have, and always striving to get better, and the reason why you should appreciate and grasp your current state of life regardless of what you’re experiencing.

Once you ignore or shut out that part of your life you don’t like, you’re not growing in that area. What you then do is disconnect and proceed on with your life, without solving that negative emotion .


So take a few deep breathes, and then say to yourself, “I want to experience a full life. I’m open to discovering what all of my emotions are attempting to tell me.”

Make sure you then fully exhale, allowing the thought to completely sink in for a few moments, as you proceed forward.

Be Open Always Wonder

Every emotion good or bad, is a reaction to what the brain thinks the current situation in your life is.

What they represent are either expectations that aren’t met, or the fear you won’t get what you want. Then it becomes curious about what’s missing.

Wondering, being curious is an underrated emotion. These lessons can’t be learned when in a positive emotional state of mind.

So find out what’s happening in your brain and body, before it decides to spew out a negative emotion. Decide if it’s right or wrong. It all begins with wondering.

Just Ask Why

Breathe deeply, wonder, ask yourself what it was you didn’t receive that you thought you would. This could be something intangible such as respect, recognition, love, some type of perceived success.

Acknowledge what you’re feeling and then attempt to determine the reason why by saying to yourself, “I’m upset because…. I’m sad because… I’m hurt, disappointed, feel resentment because…”

Understanding what it was that triggered this emotion will give you an idea, insight on what you’ll need to do next. The painful negative energy should then dissipate.

What being curious can also do is alter your current habits, as what wondering does is stops you, and then forces you to notice why you do the things you do. Then decide how you can get better results.

Notice The Environment Around You

Step off your whirlwind world and see exactly where you are, what you currently have or want, what you love, what’s good in your life.

What this realization does is settles down all of your other emotions, as part of the harmonious interplay that is your life.

Counterbalance sadness with gratitude, the fear of the unknown with information, compassion with frustration, passion with anger, faith with loss, forgiveness with jealousy.

What we humans have is the capability of feeling more than one emotion at a time. So what actively and mindfully centering yourself in the swirl that is your life, is when you can appreciate what life has to offer.

You can’t feel the joy of what life has to offer, without feeling the things which weighs you down.

What the brain has is an on-off switch if you choose to use it. You can’t turn off certain emotions without weakening your ability to feel love.

Learn to accept exactly who you are, both in the bright light as well as the dark shadows, so you won’t miss a moment of your existence.

What every emotion you feel offers is wisdom, which you can decipher down your life’s journey.

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