Learn To Live The Life Of Your Dreams By Showing Eternal Love

Bookmark the day that you took control of your life and said, “I can do this.” What you want is to find meaningfulness, once you reflect back and proudly say, “I’ve lived my life how I wanted to.” Make a list of the things you’re most happy about, the pride, the type of person you turned out to be.

It’s all about vision. That day you sat yourself down, and thought out what you want from your life, how you can contribute, what you wanted to experience. Some may have an epiphany, others will awaken. What’s required by everyone is diligence and hard work. To know the exact type of person, that they want to become.

At some point in your life, you become more aware of the people around you, More aware of your thoughts, to experience the magic of the moment. “I am here, I have arrived, this is me, this is the person I choose to be.”

Take The Right Action
Some refuse to believe in themselves. They find themselves in unknown territory, uncertain, and can’t figure the puzzle out. They don’t have the confidence or self-esteem, to put faith in themselves.

Once the rocky storms of life hits them, they’re not prepared. They’re not mindful to realize that there’s hardship, struggle, and frustration ahead. Others take advantage of them, abuse them, become jerks, but they do nothing. What’s needed is to find a way out of it.

Expect struggle, and be ready to fight. Convince yourself, that you can solve any mystery that life throws your way. That you have the knowledge, the skills and the ability, to master life. When it comes to sink or swim, you fly.

Just Have Fun Chase Your Dreams
What you need is vision, dreams, to convince yourself that you’re going to have fun on this journey. Know at times it’s going to suck. The need to deal with others you don’t like, or hate what you’re doing.

Whatever you’re dealing with, just say “this too will pass,” and “I’m going to have fun.” Become proactive, see beyond the storm. Always look forward, be enthusiastic, remain hopeful, and believe things will turn out fine.

Find slivers of light in the darkest moments. Decide to bring joy to that situation. Make sure you show up and decide to make a difference regardless of what happens. To dedicate yourself and have fun in everything that you do, this while chasing your dreams.

Patience And Persistence
Life may not be progressing as fast as you’re wanting. Practice patience, do your part, do all you can, do a good job. Things rarely go as planned, so don’t beat yourself or stray from your vision. Stop being in such a hurry.

The worst of human behavior and vices stems from impatience, wanting an immediate payoff, feeling entitled to have things right now, without allowing for a life that may struggle.

Struggle will test your patience. Remain disciplined and focused, while doing the right things, this by staying on course. Know that once you consistently display enough patience, success will eventually arrive.

Become A Lifelong Learner
Learn to learn, show resilience. Learn the lessons of the struggle then solve them, all because of your persistence. Then you’re allowing the process to take place, you’re allowing the Universe to align itself with your dreams and desires.

Make an oath you’re not going to stop. You’re that peaceful warrior with silver armor, who’s battling closer everyday. You’re fighting to move toward while at the same time, you’re mindful and cool.

You’re accepting everything that’s happening right now, while continually taking action. It’s this persistence of action and behavior that gets you ahead. You know you’re going to get what you want, you always do.

You no longer just start something and don’t follow through, as that’s a waste of time. You have the persistence to work towards your dreams, and are patient doing so.

Love Everyone
Every human participates in this thing called life, some do it better than others. Most are doing the best they can. Loving and respecting everyone becomes key, not only because of your connection with them, but for your own destiny.


It becomes critical to our legacy, who we’re remembered as. It’s critical to our legend, our status, that you were a good person, that you cared about others.

To love others, to envelope the divine energy that is love that’s all around you. Amplify it, and give it back to them. See yourself as this vessel of good vibes, that you spread to other humans.

Respect Everyone
It becomes critical to respect everyone you know, everyone you meet. Accept the life they choose to live. Allow everyone to voice their own opinion, to display their own life experiences, allow them to follow their own dreams.

Let them follow their own life rules, and be okay with it. Allow them to live their own life, wish them luck. Accept, understand, be empathetic, remain sympathetic and compassionate. Always be kind to others, realize all of their struggles .

This is the connection which ultimately makes you feel human. To be loved while loving others. Make loving others a priority, your intention, and practice it daily.

Make others around you, feel that you’re always attentive to them. This to the point that they feel adored and appreciated. Make them feel your love, and it’s genuine. What they then feel, is that you are a loving individual, someone truly unique.

Always have this intention for everyone. Care about them so much, that they eventually return the love back to you. You then feel blessed and fulfilled, this by giving back the same thing that birthed you. Love.