5 Steps On How To Control The Future Of Your Life

There’s a belief the path of your life, a blueprint has already been laid out for you. Your fate if you will, has already been planned out in advance. This for each and every one of us individuals here on planet earth. Our destiny from birth to demise, is already determined by a greater force.

The biggest clue being if you look back into your life, and begin tracing all of the major turning points.

Then see where you ended up today, right now, based on some of the major decisions you’ve made to become who you are.

The path you set going forward however, may be a bit more nebulous. Yet regardless, it’s still a path, your path.

All of your daily actions and the decisions you make, whether macro or not, helps in defining who you are.

There’s also a variety of external along with internal factors, that are completely out of your control.

The Sum Of Who You Are

If you believe your life path is somewhat controlled by a physical entity or another person, then you should be able to recognize certain elements.

Knowing what these are can lead you towards profound insight, on how aware you are with what’s happening to you and around you.

What this does, is helps in visualizing your future.

This is not another whacked out metaphysical theory, but an easy and effective method which gives you insight and more control over your life, career and business.

5 Steps On How To Control Your Future

1.) – Know Your Life Path Is Just An Extension

How you feel, your thoughts and behaviour, the choices you make influences your path as it’s an extension of who you are.

Most will often lament they lack control over their daily lives however, that they’re controlled by others.

What we fail to consider, is it’s up to us to escape this control.

This lack of awareness we project regarding our deep seated beliefs or feelings, can be considered as an undesirable and unpredictable behaviour.

2.) – Our Vision Can At Times Be Flawed

We’ve all heard having “vision” can play a big role when it comes to business leadership or becoming a successful person.

But vision is actually more of a process where we use our past experiences, and then adapt it to our current external surroundings.


To use our awareness to develop different ideas or plans, which we believe will shape our path.

If you’re not completely aware of what’s going on around or inside of you, your great vision may be severely compromised.

3.) – Your Path Is Just One Part Of A Larger Picture

No one ever walks alone. There are always external influences which crowds your path.

Being aware of what these influences are, allows us to be more effective when moving forward.

If you’re not completely mindful of what’s going on around you, then you’re behaviour will most likely be more reactive. This means your path will be defined or dictated by others.

4.) – Your Path Needs Better Clarity

The past is the past and is already defined and played out, and you’re no longer able to alter it.

What it contains however, is valuable information which you can use in the present, while helping you guide your future.

Since we know the future is unpredictable and unknown, it becomes no surprise we’ll think hindsight as insight.

What we did in the past is predictive of what we’ll do in the future, which in reality isn’t always true.

5.) – You Control More Of Your Future Than You Realize

Granted there are a lot of external factors, which can potentially play a role in determining what can happen in the future.

There’s also a lot of internal factors, which for whatever reason, we’re not fully or completely aware of, and as a result we fail to take advantage of them when it comes to shaping our future.

So if you happen to be always busy, for instance, constantly running from meeting to meeting, errand to errand, while also giving in to distractions and impulses which can easily happen.

What you’re doing is sacrificing awareness of the present while compromising your influence when it comes to the future. If your wanting to have more control, then first, you need to relax and learn how to pay better attention.

Having Vision To Create A Better Path

In order to bring forward progressive change in yourself or your business, you first need to have solid vision. What doing so does is it creates the building blocks for every decision that you make.

The mobile device market, for instance, is moving at warp speed in the tech world. The new advancements are extremely lightening quick.

So as a result, those who are involved in or around this industry sector needs to react and alter their plans at an instance.

They realize that change, creating a new path is part of their business.

So even those industries which are more stable should have a plan in place to make sure that they can possibly deviate from their core vision.

Everything needs to be aligned with the self awareness which shouldn’t alter that much.

So there are no big drastic turns, but just progressive revelations. The vision shouldn’t alter from your original “mission statement,” but then you shouldn’t be static either.

What the constant tweaking does is it enhances and refines clarity and self empowerment, and not necessarily changing direction.

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