The Willingness To Win In Life By Standing Up For Yourself

Make a promise to yourself to become better, to be more bolder and a braver person, rather than remaining petty and angry. Be the best outstanding person you can become, who stands out and away from the crowd. Decide to raise your hand and be seen, be counted.

Stand up and make a difference, be the difference. Choose to become more calculated, confident, focused, and courageous in every thing you do, starting today.

What we all have are these traits of empowerment hidden dormant somewhere inside of us, to be exposed.

They can reveal themselves once we’re challenged, when faced with consequences which needs to be conquered.

Once we’re pressured, once we’re forced to take action, is when we might rise to the occasion.

This can most often be a voluntary gesture to correct or better ourselves, or improve the world around us. To stick up for those we care about.

We can all relate, as what we all strive for is to become better humans, but at times don’t have the fortitude to do so.

To Be Brave

Those who proactively chooses to be brave, are able to get things done. They’re always making progress, instigating growth, going beyond that threshold of just making a living.

They do so, to prove to themselves they can, and for everyone else who needs them. Now’s the time to unleash your inner boldness, the leader within you.

But what the human condition dictates, is we’ll just wait for someone who’s braver or bolder than us, to take the first step. To lead the way, in the hopes they’ll forge a path for us.

Begin by thinking and living by taking progressive action steps, and then witness how the internal force of becoming braver, propels you towards success.

When Silence Is Golden

What brave people are not, are loud and boisterous. But once there’s something to say, they’ll speak up. What’s more important, is when and how they say it.

Becoming brave doesn’t mean being a bully or becoming annoyingly egotistical.

Brave leaders lead with tact and empathy, because it’s in their nature of what they say, is what carries weight and influence.

Leaders know at times, silence can be the greatest statement they can make, so they’ll use it judiciously.

They know action speaks louder than words, so they’ll just say what needs to be said, knowing silence carries tremendous clout.


Know Your Strengths

Determine what you’re good at. What’s just as important is knowing your flaws. There’s a difference between being brave and being careless.

What brave leaders have, is a strong sense of self-awareness. They know when to take action, and when they’re out of their element.

They’ll minimize their risk, by reassessing themselves while outsourcing to others to accommodate for their weaknesses. To become brave, be more self-aware of yourself.

Engage with others who can complement your strengths, while compensating for your own weaknesses.

Combine Action With Knowledge

Brave leaders will always take action, take the next step, yet they’re not considered reckless. They’ll apply action once they do their due diligence, and completely understand the situation.

What they will do, is make sure their actions lead towards success. They’ll assess before taking charge, before going into battle.

Improve your odds of success by doing your homework. Learn and educate yourself first, as doing so will increase the chances of winning.

Keep Your Priorities Straight

Those who constantly jump into things without a plan, aren’t being brave, they’re being foolish. Brave people know exactly what their objectives are, and will prioritize them precisely.

Then they can move forward, as they recognize the right opportunities once they come along.

Know exactly what you need to accomplish, which will move you towards your goal. Avoid distracting activities, that won’t help you or your task at hand.

Continue To Build Momentum

Those who are brave, recognizes being successful just once, isn’t enough to sustain or imprint their leadership.

What they’ll do, is work towards developing a series of “wins,” which will help them and others generate power and confidence.

They know when to activate their energy, to drive forward, and when to allow the momentum they’ve generated, to automatically propel itself forward towards efficiently.

What you need, is to craft your own plan so each action you take, builds momentum while taking advantage of the previous success.

Make sure you generate momentum, by taking advantage of any and all of your smaller wins, which garners you respect and attention.

Activate and cultivate all of your relationships, and always be building buzz.

Validate All Of Your Wins

What the majority of people will do, is sit and wait for the right or perfect opportunity to come along. This before they’re willing to step up and take some form of action.

Usually, most often, that “right” opportunity never presents itself. What brave people understand, is most situations are rarely perfect from the beginning, they need tweaking.

What they’ll do is make the most of any given situation that can lead to success, even if it’s a small one. Cumulatively, what these small consistent wins can lead to, are bigger wins.

Begin by winning all of your smaller battles, the one’s which you know you can win. Develop a plan, and then take action.

What winning builds is confidence, as well as improving your reputation.

Learning From Failure

No one’s comfortable with or enjoys failing. What leaders understand, is the bigger the reward, the greater the risk they need to take.

They also know how to mitigate catastrophic risks, while protecting themselves and their team.

Brave leaders know how to manage risk, to their advantage. They’ll harness the energy and the adrenaline, ensuring they can learn from every failure.

Make sure you make failure, an expected and an acceptable part of the process.

Learn how to analyze, assess, and limit your mistakes, so any misstep which occurs is kept at a minimum. Then learn, reboot, and try again.