The Character Traits Of A Successful Type A Personality

what personality type are youWe’ve all been told that we’re divided into two distinct personality types, Type A or Type B. For many, this may be a little too generalized, but there is a dividing line as all individuals are thought to fall on one side or another.

The ones who fall into the Type A personality are those who are generally more goal orientated, driven, focused, more diligent, while the flip side is that they’re more obsessively emotional, blunt, and prone to stress. They’re also victims of high blood pressure and mental breakdowns.

On the flip side, the Type B’s of people are more average and generic, they’re the general population. These individuals aren’t as driven to exceed, are more relaxed, timid, carefree, and don’t enjoy confrontation.

There are distinct benefits to both types, but those who are Type A naturally, aggressively think that their superior because they get things done, that they’re the earth movers of the world.

These “types” are based on personality traits, and not necessarily on intelligence or aptitude. The most dangerous cocktail mix then becomes a Type A personality that has a high IQ, along with a high social and emotional quotient.

The Distinct Habits Of A Type A Personality

They can be extremely emotional for a variety of reasons. The Type A’s also appear to be rooted more in reality than their counterparts. They understand what’s happening in the world around them better, and for this reason, is why they’re more influential and why they take action.

The downside is that they can become completely lost in their thoughts, and then don’t bother to do anything, which becomes completely frustrating to them.


They become stressed out a lot easier, as what they do is worry a lot more. They do their best to vision their future, but are unable to shake off the fact that things can and will go wrong.

And because they’re more emotional, obsessed and passionate, what they fear the most is that the potential outcome may not work out.

Hard To Relax
Although they realize that they should be relaxing more, they don’t find it that accommodating, while finding it difficult to find the time to do so. To them, they’re at their best when they are working, and busy doing their thing.

It becomes difficult for them to understand that slowing down and relaxing is in their best interest, so they put it off until tomorrow.

They’re perfectionists to a fault. It’s not that they’re attempting to be perfect, but small mistakes or inconsistencies bothers them. They find them unappealing and appalling, and will not allow even the smallest of differences to get by them. If they want to let them slide, they’ll try, but ultimately they just can’t.

One priority is that they’ll do things as efficiently and quickly as possible at all times. They put a clock on doing things in the shortest time possible. They’ll spend time on a particular task and do it correctly, which is their ultimate goal.

They make plans to make plans, there’s just too many plans. If you’re wanting to get something done, to achieve something, then Type A’s will efficiently draw out a concise plan on what you should do or how to get there.

Unfortunately, it’s found that making all these plans isn’t always that efficient. Once this is realized, then they’ll focus less on the planning and more on the efficiency.

Just Too Busy
More often than not, they feel that they’re just too busy to hang out with friends or to have a relationship. As a result, obsessed Type A personalities become lone wolves, and will often end up alone since they they don’t allow themselves to find a mate.

What they feel is that they don’t have the time, while the years and then decades tick by. They just don’t bother attempting to make relationships work.


They’re Always Right
What they have is a tendency to cut others off during conversations, this not because they’re rude, but to prove that they are right. They think, what’s the point of allowing someone to ramble on talking nonsense, when they could tell them exactly how things are. Then they think that everyone can move on with their lives.

Move Swiftly
What they do is walk fast and talk fast with a purpose. They’ll avoid long lineups or crowds of any type, as they think that they’re losing valuable minutes of their time.

To them, the walking process is getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, this in order to accomplish what needs to be done. Then once they reach point B, they can then move on to their next task.

Everything that they do needs to have a purpose, so they do things which has reason, an end game. This is the most efficient way that they know how to accomplish things.

If they can’t find a purpose behind what they’re doing, then these Type A personalities don’t see a reason and will abandon it. What they know is that their actions are valuable, and are only worthy of whatever goal that they’re attempting to achieve.

Problem Solving
What they like to do is solve problems and believe that they can always come up with a solution. They believe that for the world to function properly, they’re capable of solving any issue that they are faced with.

They don’t understand not being able to do something. To them, if it’s physically or mentally possible, then they should be able to do it. If they need to learn something new, then they will.

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