10 External Forces How The Environment Can Shorten Your Life

Our body can be reactive to a lot of issues such as behaviour, temperature, gravitation, medical and scientific forces. There’s extreme cold, heat, pressure, and other forces why the body physically reacts, which can be different for people in various situations.

There are some who can handle extreme cold wintry temperatures, while others can tolerate extreme heat. Physical pain which can be fatal for some but not others.

10. G-Force Acceleration

When there’s extreme G force vertically on the human body, things can go haywire, especially if the force level …

The 5 Consequences When Reacting To A Scarcity Mindset

It’s not always our choice as children to be emotionally deprived from what we deserve. The feeling we’re not loved enough or are important enough, which can persist and translate into our adult lives. All we can do is attempt to cope with it.

This results in having a scarcity mindset. This is the feeling we never have enough of the things we want or need more of. That there’s something always missing.

What this sense of insecurity does, is it harms our closest relationships, as what we’re expecting is …

The Top 7 Common Sport Injuries When Working Out

This usually applies to the weekend warriors out there who decides to exercise to excess, and will get injured from a variety of bodily ailments. What they claim is “no pain, no gain,” and as a result will get hurt. Most often, many are just doing the workout wrong, or pushing themselves too hard.

Although working out is an excellent way of getting fit while burning off stress, all while boosting up metabolism, getting injured will suddenly put a halt on things.

Those who even exercises on a regular basis, …

A Definition Of The Mystique Which Is The Human Aura

You might feel uncomfortable when in a crowded room among strangers, or you don’t instantly like a perceived villain on TV, yet a word is spoken. You suddenly feel your personal space is being violated. There are certain people whom you feel uncertain about, and you have no reason why.

These subconscious reactions are the cause and effect, which many claim is triggered by the human aura.

This is the invisible radiance which is emitted by someone, who’s intruding on your personal space.

This invisible band around another human, is …

9 Ways How The Human Body Continuously Heals Itself

The human brain and body is a remarkable marvel of efficiency. It’s an extremely flawless architecture, with a variety of signals for it to function properly. On instinct, the body, the brain and mind will automatically perform routine tasks, usually to maintain and heal itself.

What the body does is comprises of a variety of biological systems and cycles, including self reacting self-defence mechanisms, all on autopilot.

These protective measures are psychological and physiological responses, a reaction of the subconscious mind, which are all natural survival instincts.

What these procedures …