What Physically Happens To Your Body Once You Think Negative

Thinking negative is the default setting in our brain. We come across something we’re uncertain about, and by autopilot response, we think negatively about it, thinking what could go wrong. We set up a human security shield, to keep us from getting hurt or injured.

But what thinking negative, even just briefly does is it causes instant damage to the cells in our body.

What this confirms is the longstanding belief that thought creates all matter, as what we’re thinking of at this moment, ultimately affects our future.

What you routinely think of the most, voluntarily or not, becomes your reality.

Thinking negative thoughts can eventually result in illness, unfortunate events, casting doom and gloom into your life like a magnet.

On the flip side, it’s known what positive thoughts and energy does is it expands the cells. But for many, being positive is too much work, so they just take the easy route in life.

The Placebo Effect To Healing

What’s been proven are fake administered treatments on those ill with certain diseases, known as the “placebo” effect. This is believing they’re getting real medical treatment, which healed them.

This based strictly on the patients mind believing, that once they received that blank drug or fake medical procedure, cured their body of illness.

The opposite has occurred as well, which is known as the “nocebo” effect. This is when you firmly believe a negative outcome will occur, and will then actually manifest itself into reality.

The reason being is these negative thoughts and emotions will get lodged into the cells. This biologically triggers a series of ailments and diseases, once believing the thoughts are true.

Positive Or Negative Emotions

What we all do is express our emotions, whether good or bad, without judgment or attachment. It then flows out of our minds and into our body, releasing the weight of its energy.

If we choose to trap them inside our body, holding these toxic thoughts hostage, can result in a variety of issues such as poor digestion or high blood pressure.

What’s known is the end result is chronic stress, which decreases our life span by shortening the end caps of the DNA strands, which accelerates the aging process.

The Brain Reacting To Negativity

Once the mind thinks negative, the brain reacts to these thoughts. Having any thought, which are rapid fire by the second, what the brain does is it creates new pathways to house them.

Once you think predominantly negative, it has no other choice but to breed more negativity, while the opposite is also true.

What negative emotional thinking does is it inhibits positive signals, from being transmitted from the brain into the central nervous system.


Thoughts Of Doom

What this creates is “brain fog,” which has the ability to compromise memory, the immune system, sleep patterns, and ultimately affect long-term health.

Once you have any negative emotion, it’s the stress hormone cortisol which is released into the body, to assist with the immediate perceived trauma.

Reacting negatively to a dangerous situation is normal, expected and automatic.

Allowing the stress to manifest after the event however, can lead to a host of health issues including muscle and chest pain, migraine headaches, and sleep disorders.

When We’re Scared

When we feel afraid, which is a common negative emotion once we focus on an uncertain event in the future, doing so decreases the activity in the cerebellum.

What this does is impedes the brain of processing new information, along with deterring the ability to solve problems creatively.

What fear can also effect is the function of the left temporal lobe, which is the controller of mood and memory, which also dictates natural impulses.

What the prefrontal cortex does is it plays a huge role when it comes to orchestrating thoughts and actions, based on your internal beliefs and goals.

To Think Positively

Once you begin to replay negative emotions and feelings in your brain, what you’re doing is initiating the expansion of this negative thought process.

What ends up happening is more neurons are created to replicate these predominant thoughts.

This results in a chain effect where negative thoughts can trigger and affect our health. The key becomes to counteract by activating as many positive thoughts as possible.

It’s your choice. Begin by finding an outlet of releasing all your negative thoughts somehow, whether by talking about it, exercising, writing, or any other type of creative expression.

The longer you choose to ruminate on your negative feelings, the more you’ll allow them to manifest in your brain and body, then ultimately your reality.

Ways To Rid Of Negativity

What’s known is meditation helps to dispel negative thinking, as it rewires the brain to think positive thoughts.

What it involves is establishing some type of regular meditative routine, and becoming mindful about it. What’s also known to help is yoga or cardio fitness such as jogging.

Just Be Positive

Just choose to surround yourself with positive energy as it’s contagious. What negative influences does is it brings down your energy levels, as regular exposure dampens the spirit.

So keep in the company of those who’ll uplift and inspire you, while encouraging yourself to live the best life you possibly can.

Make sure you take the time to format your life to become mindful, while choosing to live with those who love you.

Never compromise your own happiness for someone else. Just evolve towards your highest self by following your heart, then trust yourself to reach where you want to go.

It’s known negative emotions are not able to fester in certain situations, such as an environment that’s occupied by love and happiness.

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