Your Happiness Is The Result Of Your Life Choices

We become infected by the drudgery of our past. To be healthy, it’s not always about the food we eat, the life we carry on, as it goes beyond the rhetoric. Living a happy life is more than a sensible devotion of following a safe path.

There are life altering choices you can make to change the state of your happiness today. Some that are related to your mood, which impacts your mental and physical well-being.

Factors which blocks your happiness is allowing fear, shame and vulnerability, from preventing you to become who you are.

You can then showcase your greatness, which allows you to connect with others to engrave your story. If you’re wanting to grow beyond the judgment of others, don’t dwell on the past.

You can propel yourself into becoming esoterically happier, but it’s entirely your choice.

Allow Yourself

Give yourself permission as you need to decide you’re worthy enough, to beat the tightrope of fate. What we humans need is to bond with one other, with our friends and foes alike.

This commission is what provides meaning and adds fortitude to our lives. To stand up and stand out. To step out beyond our ego and shout, I am phenomenal.

We as individuals are wired to be together, to be connected somehow and not isolated, alone, and remain hollow.

It’s found those with strong social ties are healthier and happier, especially as we grow older, giving us an opportunity to live longer.

It’s found as we age, the more people we have in our lives we can connect with the better.

Connecting and that sense of belonging, being part of the “tribe,” are found essential for longevity than any diet can’t provide.

Whether it’s close family members, a strong marriage, friends and allies, they are all in your life for a reason.

Believe In Something

There’s growing sense, what contributes to a positive happier life is adopting some form of spirituality. Not necessarily a religion, but having faith in something.

Science however can’t support you need to believe in the intangible, to become healthier.

It’s more the communal residue derived from practising a belief, which makes all the difference.

Those with strong faith will often use it as a release of their stress, worries, and their struggles by surrendering to a higher power. They succumb, by allowing the illuminating light to melt the tension.


Find Your Communal Connection

The theory of religion can be viewed as a source of friendship and community, without it actually being a religion. This is a critical stepping stone for health and happiness.

Often, friendships are formed with others who you bond with in similar beliefs, develop greater association which can last a lifetime.

The greatest thing is there’s no need to become a member of a devout religious group, to make these connections.

Just wait for that tingle in your stomach where you get goose bumps, and you know you found your community of peers.

It becomes important to share your spirit and your beliefs with this community, as that’s where you’ll find peace.

Those who belong to the group, are able to lean on the members of this community to calm their turmoil.

As a result they find themselves happier, than those who are yet to find this belief system.

Contribute Instead Of Consume

Contributing is found to be an essential part of living a life which has meaning. We however are all guilty of spending our lives consuming, hoarding, instead of creating or contributing to it.

What we do is fall victim to receiving low quality voltage, to restore our internal battery.

We’re guilty of living boring sedentary lives while passively soaking up poor information.

Instead, we should be creating new ones ourselves, contributing and building new things.

What we can control is what we contribute while we’re here.

It doesn’t need to be anything grandiose which alters the world. It just needs to make an imprint. Show a sign you were alive.

A Job You Don’t Like

Working too much is found dangerous for your health. In countries like Japan that has a robotic economy, their workplace stress levels are one of the highest in the world.

They even have a term for it. It’s known as “death by overwork.”

If your current job makes you feel stressed out and empty when you relax, then consider it bad for you.

This includes long commutes to and from work, tension from your boss or coworkers. It’s found working overtime for that extra perk, is one of the biggest contributors to heart disease.

The worst thing is doing a job you absolutely despise or not suited for.

Not Being Active Enough

It’s found the majority of the workforce sit at their desk all day. Then go home and watch TV or sit in front of their glaring computer all night.

What all this does is contributes to the risk of cardiovascular disease, regardless of how physically active you are.

There are multitudes of examples sitting for too long in one spot, contributes to chronic health issues.

It’s known the human anatomy, the backbone, is more suited and aligns to standing erect and moving around.

Enjoying The Great Outdoors

It becomes important to explore the world around you. Whether that means travelling the world to faraway lands, or just hiking around the woods in your neighbourhood.

What doing so provides is a wide range of mental and physical releases.

The most significant being the benefits of natural sunlight, compared to the poor negative effects of florescent light.

Research proves these outdoor excursions, often referred to as “adventure therapy,” promotes weight loss, improves self-esteem, while getting a radiant healthy glow.

All this can be accomplished just by stepping outdoors and taking a bath in the sun.

Don’t Forget To Breathe

There is a reason why sedentary activities such as yoga and meditation, is vitally important to your well-being.

It’s usually the only time in your day, you’re forced to breathe properly.

From the moment we wake up, the one thing we fail to do is properly take deep breaths into your gut.

Proper breathing techniques, drawing in oxygen is the core of meditation which reduces stress and anxiety.

Meditation improves the quality of your life while boosting your immune system.

Doing sessions has proven to decrease anger and grudges, while improving the quality of your food, sleep and happiness.

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