6 Principles Of Zen To Calm Your Mind And Body Down

to practice zenYour life constantly jumps forward, then you need to refocus and reset again. Regardless of what’s happening around you, you’re given the choice of not becoming trapped in a state of stress and anxiety. It becomes important to learn how to relax as quickly as possible, as having negative emotions can easily become habitual and harmful.

The longer you hold onto bad thoughts, the more difficult it becomes to let them go, as what they tend is to fester and then become an unwelcome, but a permanent fixture of your being.

Then try as you might, it becomes infinitely more difficult to let things go. What you need is a reset button to calm down.

So take into consideration what ancient Zen can do for you, for your busy modern world.

What it offers are a variety of pathways, this to become free of negativity.

Once you choose to observe the principles of Zen, what it offers are effective ways of calming down, finding peace within the storm, something everyone is searching for.

1.) – Opening The Treasure House Within

Zen students are instructed, “Open the treasure house within.” This just as a reminder that we’re all endowed with a variety of resources which resides internally.


To access our innate abilities, we need not to be looking beyond, or to not depend upon others. Instead, to spend more time daily to take responsibility on what’s going on within.

To turn our attention inwards, this to discover who we truly are, while not rejecting ourselves or others.

Once doing so, the stepping stones to “opening the treasure house within” activates.

2.) – To Slow Motion Down

We ultimately become what we think of the most.

Once we intently remain fixated on a thought, person, or situation, it becomes easy to get caught up in the grips of obsessive self centeredness.

The more you focus on the negative, the more strength it generates to rule your life, which can be easily counteracted.

Take control of your immediate attention and what you’re currently focusing on. Spend time every day developing concentration.

This is known as meditation or zazen.

Sit up straight, remain still, breath naturally. Allow random thoughts to come and go.

Don’t suppress them, while not allowing them to steal your attention away.


You may initially be besieged by a variety of surprising thoughts and feelings.

Return your attention back to your breathing, then they’ll eventually go away.

Count your breathing from 1 to 10, then repeat.

Continue this for at least fifteen minutes while remaining stationary.

By not moving, you’re stopping the monkey mind.

3.) – Stopping The Monkey Mind

The “monkey mind” refers to a mind that jumps erratically from one thought to another.

This could be demands, fears, criticism, anything that sabotages our lives. Emotions which causes angst and sorrow.

By focusing, and not paying attention to, or not responding to the negatives that the monkey mind throws our way, we then become balanced and calm.

By doing so, we’re no longer being carried away by every passing bad feelings or thoughts.

Instead, there’s peace within the storm.

4.) – Focus On Strengths And Not Weaknesses

By focusing on our positives and not our negatives, little by little, all the anger, fear, and depression fades away.

Rather than struggling with problems, what are exposed instead are solutions.

This is accomplished by learning to focus.

The question you always need to ask yourself is, “What am I currently focusing on at this very moment?”

Are you dwelling on your problems, or thinking of ideas and solutions.

Do you know where your mind is at this exact moment.

Is it lost in a dream somewhere.

Are you grateful for what you have, or fuming on the wrongs that others have done to you.

Life constantly resets itself while confronting us with new tasks, opportunities, challenges, and solutions, this continually, moment to moment.

Are you in touch with this ever flowing reality, focused on the gifts you’re constantly receiving, and coming up with ways on how you can give back to others.

By choosing to take charge by focusing, what you’ve dissolved are the primary causes of your suffering.

5.) – Taking Constructive Action

Once you take charge of your focus, you place importance on what you’re receiving, what you have to be grateful for.

Then it becomes easy to take the next step, and become aware of what others need, and what you have to offer, what you can give back.

Then do it, take action. There should be no hesitation whatsoever.

What you focus on are the simple daily actions, which are constructive for yourself and others.

You spend more time on a daily basis to do “deeds of service,” this by finding ways to give back, making the lives of others easier.

6.) – Give With Gratitude

As you focus on giving and encouraging others, something happens.

All of your personal anxiety suddenly vanishes, as you become filled with calm.

Before long, you also become gratified with self-respect.

The primary source of stress and anxiety is having a low self-esteem, feeling bad about yourself.

The most powerful way to rid of this is by adopting a healthy dose of self respect.

Once you fill your life with constructive action, then self-worth develops naturally.

It no longer appears through artificially boosting up your self-esteem.

You then begin living a life that’s worthy of respect.

Then eventually, as you grow, you can handle any situation that life throws your way.

Once you’re able to do that, not only do you calm down more easily, but you also enjoy every part of your day.

You then begin to feel that life is a gift you’re receiving, and you become a gift to life as well.

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