Our True Reality Becomes Exposed Once We Ponder Who We Are

There are billions of us human beings living on this earth at this time and place. Do we even know why we’re here, other than to find food and sleep, to survive another day. Most think there are bigger things than the experience of just breathing, more than just existing, taking up oxygen.

Our minds become clouded by becoming conditioning to what education teaches us, and what culture tells us.

What doing so does is places too much emphasis on our brains, denying our true emotions.

We’ve never really been told why we exist, what the purpose of our mind, body and soul is.

Finding our true self becomes elusive, particularly if the family we were born into is steeped in a specific religion.

Most religions one way or another, won’t contradict what’s being said, or dispute what science has discovered at the quantum level.

All that’s needed is to recognize the religions time stamp, the origin when it started.

Just extract the knowledge and the understanding of that time, where the scriptures conveyed a certain message the best way it could to be understood.

A Reason To Exist
Even if there’s no organized religion that exists, spirituality remains an integral strand when it comes to the fabric of society.

From bush tribes to prehistoric caveman, at some point in time of their evolution, they’ve all realized a deeper sensitivity, that there was more beyond the common experience.

Shamans, medicine men, whatever title they were branded with, all spoke of the divine, that they were aware of the mystical.

Having a capacity to understand what mankind’s relationship to the force that is creation was, this to the best possible context and knowledge that was available to them at that time.

Knowing Your True Purpose In Life
We all came into this world with a preset purpose. Your spiritual drive, the purpose you feel is what inspires you to action. The soul cries out when you live your life small, not willing to reach your potential.

The soul carries this pain of the violation against the spirit, this on every level, the transgressions of mankind against itself.

Remember that the spirit is strictly love, and that you treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. What these tales and expressions does is fits the model.

When it’s spirit to spirit, we’re equal, are one, and when loving others, you’re just loving yourself. Once you violate others, you’re just violating yourself.


So hear your soul cry in anguish. Live up to your spiritual potential as it’s not a religion. Live to tell the pain and the sorrow of your soul’s experiences, as it knows the physical toll of being human.

We Manifest What We Experience
What the body, mind, and soul does is experiences the manifestation of the reality that you create. Through conditioning and socializing, this particularly in early childhood, is when you discover your ability to reason.

Most at this time will experience some traumatic event either at home, school, or the environment at large. Without adequate social dynamics or healthy family support, the child is left to experience the uncertain array of contradictory spiritual and social realities.

Then the worlds collide and are at odds with each other on a daily basis. So imagine this confusion, particularly in a world that’s completely bereft of body, mind, emotional, and spiritual connection.

Live The Body Electric
There’s a lot more to “us” than what we’re being told. We are the strongest brightest energy on this planet, we are the superior spirit, neglect of all the other aspects we’re constantly taught.

We’re complex beings and yet, from an energetic spiritual standpoint, everything is transparent and easy to understand and manage.

What you then begin enjoying are the experience of being you, being human, being alive, while learning the meaning of the physical body.

We learn how our mind and its thoughts work, our emotions and the values that they represent, our bodies and the needs it has for being safe and secure. We realize we are complex and yet so simple.

You Ultimately Become What You Think
What we think influences our reality and daily lives, that our thoughts form patterns. Realize that there are distinct patterns when it comes to our thinking process.

You then begin to notice how your mind and body are interconnected, and what you directly do affects your life. For those who experiences a lifetime of negative thinking, these thoughts will manifest in the body and will become unhealthy.

Things aren’t always necessarily what they appear to be. There’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes than we’re not aware of. Just thinking of this will open your mind to new possibilities.

We just see a certain range of light with our physical vision, yet science proves that the full range of the light spectrum is infinitely beyond what humans can see with the naked eye.

This also applies to our hearing. There’s a greater range of frequency of sound beyond what the ear can hear. Consider that there are entire realities that we humans even don’t realize which exists, never experiences.

Beyond Our Perceptions
Our perception of reality is limited by the range of frequencies that we’re only physically aware of. Think how different that your life would be, if you were able to sense more frequency.

Realize that we were born with a blank slate, completely open to all the influences that we encounter after our birth and as children. It’s our current educational system that gives us our limited vision.

That the truth of our lives and this universe is a lot more vast and infinite than what we dare to dream, and goes far beyond what we’re ever taught.

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