A Letter Written From A Hopeful Young Man To His Future Girlfriend

You – I value my personal space, so please don’t take away the time spent with my guy friends, my car or my motorcycle, my alone time, all the things that brought me peace before meeting you. Please don’t change my love for sports, goofiness, or anything else that makes me comfortable. Issues you may have resistance towards.

Don’t expect me to act a certain way, around you. Don’t hold my words against me, I’m just rambling. Accept me for me being me, all the defects and shortcomings. Understand the exact state of my journey, as I’ll respect yours. Although we’re together, we need to feed our paths first.

You’ll be responsible for your own happiness. You will not treat me as a guy who has potential, or who’ll be your project, but someone that you choose to love, and decide to grow with everyday. You won’t keep me in the dark or boxed in. You will tell me exactly how you feel.

You won’t choose or hide which friends, that you’ll introduce to me or not. If you choose me in your life, then I’m in your entire life, flaws and all.

You won’t judge, control or treat me differently, this because of your insecurities. You’ll give me space for me to be who I am, as well as you’ll continue to be you.

You’ll be my best friend, but you won’t be my only friend. You will shatter the image on how a couple should be like. We will agree how we act when together, the type of friends that we should have.

You don’t need to agree or like what I’m passionate about, but just support me. You’ll have to adjust to my bedhead, my horrible sleeping patterns, my time alone.

Me – In exchange, I’ll take everything I learned from previous relationships, and extract all the good points, to be the best I can be.

I’ll always be honest, take complete accountability for everything that I do that’s hurtful or wrong. I’ll never assassinate your character, or unfairly judge you.

I’ll always listen, communicate, open doors, and be the light when it’s gloomy. I’ll gain your respect and trust, as it’s earned and not given.

I’ll love you for who you are. Always support the path you’re on in your journey. I’ll hold your hand and walk beside you, and not in front or behind you.

I’ll always maintain my hygiene, work out my own mistakes. I’ll always be responsible for my own happiness. I’ll put the toilet seat down, especially in the middle of the night.

I’ll write you notes, make you stuff, buy flowers just because. We’ll share books, bookmarks, ideas, and sweat together. I’ll never control you or compete against you. I’ll never try to “fix” you.

I’ll do my part in this thing called life with you. I’ll read your energy, moodiness and body language, and not just your words. I’ll attempt to decipher all the hints that you give.

I’ll know your story, but will never tell you what to do. I’ll cook you breakfast on occasion. I’ll read your heart, emotions, and intentions, this before reacting to your anger.

I’ll return all phone calls, emails, texts, and messages promptly and honestly. I’ll protect your name, your reputation, and think of you in every decision that I make.

Us – We both know and realize that there will be those days, that we can’t understand or stand each other, that there will be communication breakdowns.


There will be moments or even days of silence, or boredom. There will be some days you’ll want to punch me, while I’m wanting to drive the long way home.

We’ll disagree on certain things, some insignificant some major, such as movies, books, or what to eat. I’ll forget things, misplace things. You’ll be unable to decide, often be late, buy more shoes than you need.

Our friends will have their own opinions of us. You’ll always have questions. We’ll argue, you’ll shut me out, I’ll wonder what I did wrong.

Regardless of how often that we fight, we’ll always fight fair, and keep the claws in the cupboard. We’ll be together because we both choose to be together.

We’ll remain together, not because of age or loneliness, not because we look good on paper, or afraid what our friends, family, or neighbors may think.

We believe in each other, in us, and will make this choice every single day we’re together. To love each other through thick and thin, the best way that we know how.

Our relationship won’t be built on fear or despair, or because it’s convenient. What’s known for certain, is keeping the relationship together will be hard. We’re both aware of this, but what we signed up for.

We’ve been through a lot, and we’re both different and stronger because of it. We’ll never allow what was, to affect our what is.

We’ll never compare ourselves to anyone else, including our friends or exes. Any residue from our past relationships, we’ll work out individually.

The past is our responsibility, so we’ll personally wipe the slate clean of previous hardships. This is what starting fresh daily, feels like.

We both know the risk of lust, as we’re only human. During those times, we’ll learn to forgive, and hopefully forget.

We’ll keep each other prompt. We’ll make each other feel special. We’ll become an invincible force when we’re together. The only thing we can promise each other is to be real, provide pure unconditional love.

At the end of the day, we’ll remain together, come back to each other’s loving arms. Your head will rest gently on my shoulders, as we slow dance to “our song.”