The Responsibility Of Having Accountability For Our Life

What we eventually end up doing to better our lives, is go on a trek of self improvement. This stipulates development, continuing to get better as a human. What we first need to accept, is we’re ultimately responsible for everything that ever has, and will ever happen to our life.

We need to be fully accountable, as we’re the final result of our current being. From the day we were born to this very moment, we are who we are and have become.

What we live in however is a world surrounded by negativity, dark forces that bombards us from every direction.

It begins with our parents, and they hopefully wanting the best for us. Unfortunately, it’s usually “the blind leading the blind.”

Most parents have no idea what they’re doing to nurture a child. They’re just imperfect people like us, who had a “moment,” and we were born.

God bless the teachers at school and their commitment, who attempts to infuse education and knowledge into their pupils the best way they know how.

They are also imperfect human beings however, who may have potential nurturing issues, who complies to an antiquated educational system of show and tell.

Our peers, our friends and schoolmates all become damaged from emotional trauma of growing up in this system.

So we take out our frustrations on one another.

We belittle, bully and ridicule each other in the playground and eventually at the workplace.

We comply to and surrender to these external pressures, and the emotional scars that appear just won‘t heal.

Why You’re Reading This Right Now

There are a thousand reasons why you’re reading this right now. Why we’re here and breathing at this precise moment, at this stage and position of our existence.

There’s a reason why we’ve all inherited this dire negative outlook of the world and ourselves. The lack of belief we have in our life and our circumstances.

But a new journey can begin by taking a single step forward, once you choose to improve your life.

The first and most important imprint is by taking accountability, taking full responsibility for all of your actions.

Once taking this initial step towards the path of enlightenment, of you choosing to accept your decisions, is when the light appears.


• You begin by stop blaming everyone else for your current state of life, your current circumstances.
• You realize your life events that happened in the past can’t be changed, removed, or altered. The past is the past.
• Your power, your opportunity for a better life is in the present and the future which you can mold.

The Past Is History

Regardless of how hard you try, how hard you struggle, complain, feel regret or rejected for what you’ve done in the past, you can’t change it.

You need to accept that it occurred, and then build and learn from it.

Once you take full responsibility, become culpable for your life, along with all its circumstances. You’ll then gain the power needed to alter your previously dormant life, into realizing future potential.

Always Take Complete Blame

Stop blaming others for your broken issues, as doing so will lead you to ruin. The fact being, if others are responsible for your problems, you’re then saying you have no say in improving your life.

No one also doesn’t care about you and your circumstances, as everyone else has their own issues you know nothing about. So be kind.

They’re also most likely blaming you for their troubles, like you are blaming them.

Once you realize you’re the only person who’s responsible for your life, and all of your faults, is when you’ll realize you’re the only one who can fix them.

This exhilarating life altering feeling, once you gain control of your circumstance and accept it. You’ll no longer need to rely on anyone to fix you or your life.

You can then regain full control of your future, and begin to direct your destiny.

Start Manipulating Yourself

If you’re attempting to manipulate environments, circumstances or other people, you have no control over your life. There’s no way you can control everyone and everything.

What you can manipulate however, is the personal world you live in as you see fit.

You can change your surroundings and your environment, you can change the job you hate, where you’re currently living, the people you interact with. And curve it to your favor.

You Have Great Power

Regardless of what faith or religion you believe in, or if you don’t, what’s undeniable is there’s a greater force among us. Some call it fate, karma or luck. This faith resides in all of us, regardless.

This is the belief, where we have access to resources and infinite power beyond our control.

This infinite power, is expressed in the physical world through our decision making and our intentions.

Always Strive To Be Better

What most want is to better their lives. Many have this motivation, but will never do anything about it. But once we connect to the “source,” whatever force you believe in, life can become altering.

You wouldn’t have ambition or wanting to better yourself, if you thought it wasn’t possible to achieve them.

You weren’t placed on this earth to struggle, but to overcome challenges and enjoy this journey called life.

Getting What You Want

Start with your passion. Decide you can and will reach your goals, since you know you’re the only one responsible for directing your life. That no one else should or can help you.

Create a vision that ignites your enthusiasm. A vision on something you’ve always wanted to be or have. The kind of vision, which springs eternal hope while the soul takes flight.

Then set your intentions and effort to achieve them. You’ve become responsible for your destiny, as you’ve set the vision for your future, a vision of a better life.

Establishing Goals

Begin by setting up small goals by taking “baby steps,” as achieving them will give you hope.

Always set goals that will take effort to complete, but not impossible to reach. This so you won’t get discouraged and quit.

Write down your vision, and then the steps on how to reach them.

Make statements which reflects the positive outcomes, as if they’ve already happened, such as. “I’m extremely grateful as I now own my own successful business.”

Never frame it in negative terms, or by “wanting” that goal. By wanting something, all you’re doing, is just confirming you lack it.

Once you have a want, you’re sending a clear message you need it. So instead, believe you already “own” it.