A Roadmap On How Some Become Successful In Life

Everyone has heard of the overnight success story. Perhaps you know someone or you want to become one yourself. So the question is, which night do you want to become successful. A night two years from now, the night you turn 80? Overnight successes aren’t really made overnight, but build up to that day.

There’s a lot that went on behind the scenes, a lot of effort and planning for those who appears to magically succeed overnight.

There was plenty of blood, sweat and tears feverishly working for that one day someone finally becomes successful. For you that day is coming, you just need to plan for it.

What the most successful people will do is spend countless hours caring for, and nurturing their various ongoing projects. This until the day whatever they’re doing turns successful.

Most assume those who are successful have things handed to them, or it comes naturally to them with little effort.

It’s what they do behind the scenes, their methodology to get to where they are, is what makes them successful.

Never Let Them See You Sweat

Success is like a duck swimming on a lake, who appears calm as it peacefully glides on the surface of the water. It looks cool relaxed and controlled.

But what’s happening beneath the water, their feet are rapidly paddling furiously. This is what no one sees. This is where all the work is done.

They appear relaxed on the surface, but what’s happening beneath them, their sweat and agony is what propels them.

All of the hard work goes on behind the scenes, is what makes them appear successful on the surface.

Established habits, plenty of sacrifice and sweat equity on their behalf you know nothing about, is what makes them excel.

They Prepare Themselves Better

Those who are success oriented prepare themselves for the long road ahead. They realize this journey is an ultra-marathon, rather than a jog around the park.

Along the way, they know they’ll encounter obstacles which are unexpected, things no one ever warned them about.

They’ll tread down poorly lit paths while discovering a lot about themselves along the way. They continue to move forward without fail.

Everything Is An Opportunity

Those who are success oriented expect and welcome everything they encounter as an opportunity. They consider failure as the greatest opportunity for personal and professional growth.

They get their strength from knowing being rejected isn’t the end of the world, but a path to a better one. A new door opens while a broken one closes.


This is why you’ll rarely see successful people panic once they face an obstacle. They have the knowledge and the confidence they’ll work through any challenge they face.

They’re Always Wondering And Asking

Those who are success oriented will always ask the key important questions. This regardless of how asinine or ridiculous they may sound to others. They just don’t care.

There are also the questions they constantly ask themselves, which are far more important than the questions anyone can ask them.

They ask themselves questions such as:

• “Where or what am I ideally wanting to reach with this work I’m doing?”
• “Does this work I’m doing serve a higher purpose?”
• “Who should I ask for honest feedback regarding this work I’m doing?
• “What is it that keeps me motivated?”

They Balance Their Lives

Those who are success oriented will practice balance in their lives. What they know is their life and work is a journey without a set destination, so self-care becomes critical.

What they realize is things can easily begin to slide sideways, skid off the balance beam of life if they focus too much on one issue.

They know life can be a struggle, an unexplored expedition on rugged terrain that’s unknown to them.

Successful people know if they expend all of their energy to climb one mountain, they’ll run out of steam.

If they don’t properly pace themselves, they’ll eventually run out of body fuel to continue their life journey.

So what they do is take a break once life compounds, and have a bit of fun, infuse relaxing activities.

There Are No Shortcuts

What success oriented people know is the core of their success is hard work, determination, perseverance, discipline. The constant grinding they need to do.

What the majority want are instant results. If they fail once, they’ll usually give up thinking it’s not for them.

What’s needed instead are well planned out thoughtful intentions which needs to be executed.

Surprises In Life

What success oriented people are aware of is life isn’t cakewalk. There are plenty of potholes and blind spots in this journey called life. This includes people, things and events.

They’re eagerly open, ready, and willing to ask for help in all areas they haven’t mastered yet.

They realize others have different points of view they don’t, which leads to new opportunities for growth.

They’re Always Learning

Those who are successful are lifelong students. They’re constantly reading, doing independent research, engaging in the wisdom of others. Their goal is to absorb and learn.

They know they’re solely responsible for laying down the foundation for their success, and this growth can only come from they broadening their knowledge base.

They Don’t Have An Ego

Those who are successful don’t get caught up in senseless drama, status symbols, or labels. They are not petty nor gossip.

They know the best opportunities are hidden where others don’t see or often overlook. They often “zig” when everyone else is “zagging”.

Successful people know the latest trends aren’t always the best solution for them, so they will find what the best fit is.

They Practice Gratitude

Those who are success oriented constantly practice gratitude, as they are thankful for everything they have. They’ve adopted this in their daily ritual.

They’re thankful not only for what they’ve accomplished, but also for the help they’ve received along the way.

They’re always quick with a “Thank you,” to those who’s given them the support. Gratitude becomes the key to sculpting their perspective.

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