Make Your Dreams Come True Using Visualization And Gratitude

What’s known is you develop your own character. You are the sole director and responsible for how you come across, who you become. It’s up to you to develop your personality, by what you do and how you act. It all begins, when you’re alone and there’s no one watching.

It’s been said we have three faces when it comes to who we are:

• The first being our public everyday hopefully (smiling) face, the one we show the public
• Then there’s our friendly kind face we show to our friends, coworkers and family, and
• Our third is our private personal face, no one ever sees

There are certain parts of our personalities, we don’t want the world to look at. It’s the dark moody miserable side when it’s raining Monday morning.

We hide this to ourselves only, because we think it wouldn’t be viewed favorably by society. This could also be our lust, greed, jealousy, pettiness, fear and so on.

We hide our secrets from others, like wolfing down half a chocolate cake when we’re sad.

Most people are “good” at their core. We are generally decent loving individuals who are kind and compassionate.

But know that every person, the seemingly nice kind saints among us, are capable of performing unspeakable acts.

Creating Our Own Reality

It’s no secret we create our own reality with our thoughts. Everything, who we are and become or own in this world, is because we imagined that thought at one time or another.

Whether it’s conscious or not, what we do is bring things, people, and experiences into our lives with what we think of the most. Ask and we shall receive. Believe and then we get.

To Clear Your Mind

To begin, you need to find a place where you can clear your mind. Instead of finding a place to relax, this secret place is where your mind can wander, and not a place where you can release your stress.

It becomes a sacred place where you can think of your intentions in life, what you want, where and how you’ll get it.

You want to make this place comfortable and inviting as possible. A place where you want and can return to daily, this to find peace.

Once you’ve found your place where you can clear your mind, you can then think about and decide what you want. What type of “gift” you want to receive.

Always Dream Big

It’s important to have no other thoughts, when deciding what you ultimately want. This could be owning your own business, finding that love, becoming an artist. Whatever it is you want.

The key is to dream big, huge, because regardless of what it is, what your psyche will do is activate the need to the universe. It will automatically begin manifesting and bringing it to you.


Then continue on with your day as you normally would. Go to work, do your chores, go for a jog, as what you dream of, what you ultimately want in life is working in the background.

The forces of creation are manifesting on what you ordered, as it has no other choice but to do so.

The Reason We Dream

When we dream of something we really want, whether it’s something we need to accomplish, own or become. What we need is to be crystal clear on what it is, to activate it on its exact path back to you.

To get what you want, you need to be specific, describe precisely in detail what it is. If you say you want to lose weight, then just saying so isn’t specific enough.

You need to say that you will eat less, become healthier, live longer, and look thinner. Which means physically going on a diet.

Once you begin to clearly think of what you want and ask for, what’s then needed is belief. Having the conviction you will get it. To do this, you need to visualize it.

Visualize With Gratitude

What coaches of sports teams will constantly tell their players, is to mentally “visualize” the ball going into the net. Visualize they hitting or catching the ball, this over and over again in their minds.

What’s known is that imagining something, is similar to actually doing it, and the mind doesn’t care or know the difference.

Once your thoughts and feelings are on the same plane, what you’re raising is your emotional bar, and expanding your imagination.

Once you believe you can achieve your dreams, this by visualizing, then express your gratitude, by saying Thank You.

Write down a list of all the things you’re grateful for, as doing so will deliver the things you want, quicker.

This allows your subconscious mind, to activate and feed on what you’re capable of doing.

It’ll open your heart to give gratitude to the beautiful life you’re about to realize. Gratitude needs to be a core component of your life.

Steps To Get What You Dream Of

Once you’re relaxed and have cleared your mind, and have decided what you want, then visualize it by expressing it with gratitude. Then your request is guaranteed to be heard.

The exact details of how it will happen on what you want, will fall into place.

Make sure you always remain positive believing you’ll receive it, by monitoring and managing your mindset, while not trying to control everything.

Make sure once you begin to feel down on yourself, feel sad or upset, quickly turn these feelings around, and surround yourself with good positive vibes.

Remember to always remain hopeful, do something that makes you feel good. Read a book, take a walk, listen to music, meditate, anything that will keep you inspired.

Keep The Faith

Remain patient, especially if your dreams don’t manifest right away. Believe it will eventually happen, this by sending out positive thoughts, while keeping the negative feelings at bay.

Always remain grateful, make it a part of your daily life, by thanking every little thing and everyone, once good things happen in your life.

Nurture it, allow it to grow. Look for things that are positive in everything you do, and follow that path.

Your life will then become overwhelmed with inspiration, as your dreams will begin to come true. You’ll then expect everything to turn out as expected.

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