The Real Dangers Of The Brain Exposed To Digital Screen Time

The latest hazard of the technological age, is how it damages the brain. This especially in the young, where it has a detrimental effect, because of excess exposure to “blue” digital screens. What it does is throws off ones body clock, which creates stress while disrupting brain chemistry.

What’s known for certain, is that this constant exposure, can do is cause damage to the brain’s frontal lobe. What the constant flickering screen does is creates havoc, confusion, headaches, and develops poor eyesight. Since the neck is also in a constant forward prone position, it’s damaging to the spine and …

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Hey Cupids Not Coming: It’s Up To You To Find Love In Your Life

Many claim that they feel lonely, constantly dreaming of love, hoping someone will show up one day and end all the misery and despair in their life. Well, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. It’s not who you know, it’s you, you know. The good news is, you can fill this missing love yourself.

Most complain about the lack of love in their life. They feel as if someone, perhaps a past lover, extracted all the love they had right out of their soul, and left them empty. What they’ll do is dwell on those who are long …

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9 Beneficial Essential Oils And How They Can Improve Health

When it comes to natural remedies, it’s essential oils that can be your secret for a healthier life. They’re extracted from natural sources by a process of steam distillation, known as solvent or expression extraction. This process is common in the perfume, aromatherapy, and cosmetics industries. Essential oils can be used to soothe baths, diffuse a room, lubricate massages, or in oral or topical applications. They’re used to flavor food and drinks, add scent to incense, used as natural household cleaning products or air fresheners. For topical use, always patch test a small area on the skin, to rule …

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How To Get Funding Or Find Investors For Your Latest Projects

What every wanna be entrepreneur, if and when they’re wanting or ready to expand, needs is capital. So they seek funding through venture capitalists or angel investors. In their attempts to do so, it begins and ends with their approach, where their pitch is usually structured wrong.

What’s found common is that the same mistakes are being made, by those seeking financing. What most entrepreneurs who are looking for capital believes, is that it’s their company that stands far beyond everyone else. That they have a far superior product or service that everyone’s looking for. That they’ve built a …

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The Key To Financial Freedom Is Multiple Streams Of Income

If you own a business, you trade stocks from home for a living, or you work at that job, what’s recommended is that you should be diversifying. There’s a saying, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” The key message being, what everyone needs are multiple streams of income.

What the majority have however is just one source of income, usually their job. If that happens to stop for whatever reason, they’re in deep trouble. There are some who depends on this sole job, but will also own other investments such as a home. If they happen …

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Top 10 Side Effects On Health When Not Getting Enough Sleep

What living an active busy lifestyle usually results in is sleep being sacrificed, as it becomes a common occurrence, and what’s lost is sleep that you can’t get back. Throwing in a late night every once in a while, won’t raise alarm bells, but if it gets chronic, once you begin to skimp on sleep and it becomes regular, is when the problems arise. Sleep and food are essential for survival, as what the lack of either leads to, is a breakdown of both physical and mental health. Over time, it can lead towards chronic personal issues. Sleeping along …

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Top 10 Supernatural Powers That Every Human Wish They Had

Everyone wants to have a superpower, this to be superior over their fellow human. Athletes in professional sports are paid handsomely because of special ability, displaying subhuman performance with their speed, determination, and agility. Then there are those who are thought to be born with paranormal abilities, which sounds weird, since they’re of a supernatural nature. There’s scientific proof however, that there are people who displays certain abnormal set of “skills” that can’t be explained, which sounds like science fiction. Psychic ability has been frowned upon for centuries, as many consider them to be spooky, evil, or a scam.…

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The One Common Secret Ingredient That Can Improve Health

using-baking-soda-on-faceIt’s baking soda, and it’s no longer an old wives tale, as it’s one of the most inexpensive beneficial health remedies known. It’s known to combat everything from the common cold to major illness. It’s also used as a deodorant, and to improve oral health. So if you’re looking for a home pharmacy in a box, it’s baking soda.

Baking soda, or Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is a natural substance that’s found in the bloodstream, this to regulate the body’s pH level. What it does is counterbalances high acid build up, which is the key component to a well functioning …

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In The Attempts To Find Sanity In The Digital World We Live In

tooting-your-own-hornWe’re all vulnerable because we want to feel better about ourselves, which is the “hot button” that the media preys on. What we constantly seek is to be accepted, to be loved, to carve out a life that’s worthwhile, that we’ll be remembered by others. What’s for certain is we’ll be at our own funeral, but will anyone else be there.

We hope that before we succumb, we’ll be able to look back, reflect on our lives and see if it was well spent, that it mattered. So every once in a while, often in the midst of living …

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9 Ways On How To Lose 10 Pounds In Just A Few Weeks… Really?

This is what some outrageous headlines will scream out and claim, that you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days or something similar, which appears like seductive improbability and obvious “clickbait.” If it sounds too good to be true… then you know it is.

However, dietitians claim that there are clinical changes you can make immediately in your lifestyle, starting with the food you eat, adopting a strict exercise regimen, that can contribute towards helping you lose weight quickly and properly.

Always be careful with any type of sudden weight loss program that appears too unreal. Always consult with …

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