An Introverts Guide To Saying What You’re Really Thinking

Your boss suddenly appears and asks you something, which should be an easy reply for them. But it’s their imposing stance, the tone of their voice, their glaring impatient eyes. What they’re demanding is an answer is needed ASAP, like right now, like 5 seconds ago.

The request is a simple one, yet your mind suddenly freezes, goes blank as you gasp for something to say.

You then begin to say something and suddenly stop mid sentence, having a momentary mental block.

Everyone around you takes notice as they glance …

The 2 Agreements Needed For Any Relationship To Last

What we all have are skeletons in our closet. Many are past ghosts that will eventually reveal themselves when least expected. For a relationship to last, to grow evergreen with old age happily ever after, there are two “agreements” every couple needs to overcome.

What every relationship needs is to pass these two agreements. The first being a conscious one, between two people who wants to spend their life together.

They agree to “Support and care for one other’s needs, listen to and accommodate each other, as they promise to

The Top 7 Common Sport Injuries When Working Out

This usually applies to the weekend warriors out there who decides to exercise to excess, and will get injured from a variety of bodily ailments. What they claim is “no pain, no gain,” and as a result will get hurt. Most often, many are just doing the workout wrong, or pushing themselves too hard.

Although working out is an excellent way of getting fit while burning off stress, all while boosting up metabolism, getting injured will suddenly put a halt on things.

Those who even exercises on a regular basis, …

Our Attempt To Find Sanity In The Digital World We Live In

We’re all vulnerable because we want to feel better about ourselves, which is the “hot button” the mainstream media preys on. What we constantly seek is to be accepted, to be liked, to carve out a life that’s worthwhile. We want to be remembered by others.

What we wish for before our demise, is we’ll be able to look back and reflect on our lives and see it was well spent, that it mattered.

So every once in a while, often in the midst of living our busy lives, what …

9 Ways How The Human Body Continuously Heals Itself

The human brain and body is a remarkable marvel of efficiency. It’s an extremely flawless architecture, with a variety of signals for it to function properly. On instinct, the body, the brain and mind will automatically perform routine tasks, usually to maintain and heal itself.

What the body does is comprises of a variety of biological systems and cycles, including self reacting self-defence mechanisms, all on autopilot.

These protective measures are psychological and physiological responses, a reaction of the subconscious mind, which are all natural survival instincts.

What these procedures …