How To Recognize And Deal With Control Freaks Among Us

These are the people who has a need to control every situation in their life, along with the life of others to extremity. This usually stems from a low self-esteem, where they mask their anger pangs or insecurity, once challenged or argued. They’ll do anything to control you.

When it comes to these control freaks, most would considered it a personality blemish.

The control issues are often compulsive, obsessive, manipulative, passive aggressive, which are symptoms of a mood disorder.

They might be nice one day, then completely become irate the …

How To Chose Your Next Life Path Before You Are Born

Before we are born to this earth, there is a deliberation going on with the powers to be. A universal judicial system to reprogram our rebirth. The theory and belief being, this chant, the faint whispers you hear is the fate of your next life on earth being decided.

We are in debate with our spiritual guides, to determine which lessons of soul evolution are yet to be learned, for the upcoming life we’re about to experience.

The process of auditing how much negative karma needs to be burnt off …

How The Job Market In This Micro Economy Is Shrinking

We’ve been conditioned not long ago, just a few decades ago, the belief and protocol was to get a good education. Do well at school and preferably get post secondary training to succeed. This so we can get a great job at the big corporation downtown. Welcome to the rat race.

Then we’re stationed at a cubicle for the next 40 years, working feverishly until retirement. This was known as a career. But then, modern day technology stepped in.

What it did was promise to make our lives easier, retire …

Why 90% Of Traders Lose Money In The Financial Markets

What’s estimated is 90% percent of speculators who trades the financial markets lose money, while 10% percent are profitable. These are highly intelligent individuals, most with post secondary education, as they watch in horror as their trading accounts dissolve. So why is it so many traders fail.

The instrument being traded in the markets, whether it’s stocks, commodities, crypto or currencies, are all blunt neutral instruments dictated by supply and demand.

It’s rather the individual traders, it’s the humans who drives the prices based on their emotions. The key emotions …

Ways On Taking Mindful Steps To Maximize Your Functional IQ

What many claim is we’re born with a certain IQ, allowing our brains to process information efficiently, to understand and be logical. It’s thought we inherit these traits from our parents or hereditary generations above us, to make us who we are today.

When the measurement of IQ or Intelligence Quotient was originally formulated, the intention was the testing would be completely bias free and independent.

Intelligence was believed to be a fixed trait, and wasn’t influenced by the environment.

But ever since, there’s been debate whether intelligence is hereditary, …