What Are The Personality Traits Of The Pisces Sign

There are many who claim horoscopes are pure bunk, conjecture to the hopeful and the dreamers, who believe in fate. What’s undisputed however are the 12 alignments of the astrological signs, which has been known since the dawn of history.

This was when mankind had no other guidance of keeping track other than the stars, earth, and the tides for reference.

Today, things aren’t really all that different, most still obey the zodiac. This hopefully not to the extremes of planning their day, what to wear or what to eat, …

How To Effectively Communicate With Our Fellow Humans

Since we are social animals who want to relate, the biggest part of our lives is communicating with other human beings. Sharing and receiving thoughts, by exchanging vital information back and forth, understanding the other persons feelings or intent.

These are essential skills needed when it comes to connecting, in business and in every social situation.

It’s not surprising it’s misunderstanding that creates a divide, which forces couples to counselling, business deals to fall apart, as it’s responsible for almost everything people struggle with.

With cooperation, what can occur is …

A Lack Of Purpose Is Why You Don’t Take Action In Life

What you suddenly have is a brilliant idea, but you don’t bother acting on it. Everyone at one time or another procrastinates. It doesn’t need to be an earth shattering discovery. It may of just been a plain old good idea that would have made you more money, or saved you time.

But what you did instead was just dismissed it. You had other things to do next, so it went on the back burner.

The core substance of who you are is you’re an extremely creative deep thinker. You …

How To Read The People Around You When You’re Bored

We humans spend inordinate amounts of time waiting in line, fiddling our thumbs sipping coffee, bored while waiting at the doctors office. During these times what most do is observe other people, as there is usually nothing else to do. So we judge the actions of people.

What we do is observe their exact movements, nuances to pass the time. What we do is critique those who are in our personal space, in our field of vision.

We instantly decide whether they’re smarter or dumber than us, prettier or more …

How Stress Plays Havoc With The Chemicals In The Brain

This is stress, that harsh rapid pounding thump that feels like a freight train running through your head and bodily organs. Your mind and heart throbs, as the industrial like vise pressure clamps in. What’s known is stress damages how the brain should properly function.

To sustain a healthy functional brain, to maintain its intended structure connected and flowing, this stress level needs to be reduced.

What’s known is children and young adults, who are exposed to constant stress early in their lives, are more prone to having mental health …