What You Can Do In Your Life This New Year To Change The World

The world that we know is reaching a crisis point. That election. Although our social structures are still intact, it may not be for long, so what we need is to make major alterations on how we live our daily lives. It’s a wake up call, a loud blaring alert, that we need to take more responsibility.

This awakening is already active, as many have decided to take action. What most are realizing is, that if we continue to live our lives the way we currently are, what it’s doing is causing immeasurable harm to this precious little home we call earth. What the most frequent questions that’s asked are, what can I do, how can I contribute?

Our personal lives are already chocked full of challenges. Just managing our day-to-day reality is a full time job, as most struggle. The growing complexities caused by the accelerated pace of change becomes overwhelming.

We hear reports of natural disasters, poverty, disease, war, along with a seemingly endless number of calamities. It becomes overwhelming to the point we become numb, as we shut ourselves down from the reality and the tragedy of what’s happening around us.

How To Contribute
So how can we personally help our struggling world. To begin, on a daily basis, it appears we can recycle, conserve energy, become more environmentally conscious. Take the steps necessary to reverse the cycle of abuse that the earth is experiencing.

There’s a change that needs to begin now, halting the one’s which are at the root of the world’s problems. It’s one that we all need to participate in, and this begins with our consciousness.

Shift In Consciousness
How can that change the situation of the world? You may be wondering how shifting your awareness can affect anything, as our consciousness is just a realm of the metaphysical.

It can only begin by each and every one of us taking responsibility of our consciousness, and not just for those who has a spiritual awareness. It’s our individual consciousness that affects the world we live in.

What the unified thoughts and energy of everyone has is an impact, it has to, and it’s our unification that’s capable of creating our choices, along with our actions that we make on a daily basis.

Stop The World
Just how did the world even get to the state it’s in. It begins with where our collective consciousness has been. What humanity has always been involved in, is developing our individuality, which results in our current physical world, this one thought form at a time.

This was the chain reaction of our evolution, but now times have changed. We’ve now taken it as far as we can, this in developing our individuality and our unique identities.

What we’re beginning to realize is that it’s our thoughts that creates our reality, and what we think of the most, how strongly we feel about something, matters just as much as what we do.

Our Minds Are Connected
What’s for certain, one spiritual truth that’s agreed by everyone, is that we’re all connected. We’re all a part of something greater than who we are.

Similarly, every physical event that happens in our world are all connected, as there’s a chain reaction, and is an essential part to the entire wholeness of life.

That’s why when another human is unjustifiably harmed, we feel their hurt. If we happen to harm another, what we’re ultimately doing is harming ourselves. If we prevent others from getting what they need, what we’re doing is limiting ourselves, as we’re constricting life’s force.

Time To Change
These concepts however aren’t anything new, as they’ve been wedged in the back of our minds, as all we’ve been focusing on up to this point, is pursuing our individualized goals.

Times are changing, as the only solution that we have regarding the problems of the world today, is to work together and reconnect ourselves with our eternal nature, as human souls need to reconcile.


Realizing Our Impact
Once we realize that our consciousness matters and has a direct impact on others, then we begin taking responsibility of our thoughts, along with our actions.

So if you’re holding a grudge towards someone, your newly found awakened consciousness should realize, that you holding on to this bitterness, is creating a blockage in your life. So learn to take the steps to heal this pain you’re carrying.

You may not be able to release the pain right away, but your intent to let go, this rather than holding on, invites the energy of healing. What you’re doing is opening up a passage of light and love.

Let It Go
But if you choose to hold on to your anger, judgment, or blame, the emotions that you’re holding on to, does is contributes to the cloud of negative energy that’s currently on this earth, and others will avoid you like the plague.

Yet, you stubbornly feel entitled to remain angry, and refuse to budge, while knowing your stance is creating disharmony and harm to others. You choose to contribute to the hate of this world.

Do The Right Thing
Your consciousness either adds or detracts love and light. The love creates harmony and hope. The love opens up new ideas and possibilities, helping in finding new creative solutions to the problems of the world.

It’s your choice to be part of this love, this based on the positive daily choices that you make. Doing so can change the life of others, and eventually the world.

So help others awaken, heal, live and die in peace. You’re blessed with the power to do the right conscious act, so decide to do the right thing.