Reflect And What You Wonder Is Where Has All The Time Gone

We all live busy accelerated lives, so how are we supposed to actually find the time to transform and improve it. We’re constantly hustling and bustling, dealing with a speeding society. We have demanding jobs, kids, families, along with a variety of other responsibilities, taking up all our time.

Christmas is looming and we mutter that another year has passed us by. You find yourself saying, “I’ll read that book when I have more time.” What we’re wanting to create is the life of our dreams, but it just compounds and appears too difficult. What we have are so many things that we need to do, yet not enough time to do them.

You may be thinking that you don’t have the hour to spend to exercise, or meditate, or work on your personal development. For most, many find it difficult to relax even for a few moments.

Slow Down To Speed Up
Slowing down to enjoy your life should be a priority. This is something that you should be mindfully doing every moment of every day, this in everything that you do, with everyone you meet.

Find a few moments whenever you can. Close your eyes, and work on identifying then releasing your emotional blocks.

Become more aware of what others are reflecting back to you, this about yourself during your conversations and interactions. What being aware of your problems does is brings you closer to changing them.

Going Nowhere Quick
What most will do is just rush blindly through their day. We go to bed exhausted, waking up the next day to do it all over again. For almost everyone, our lives are comprised of thousands of meaningless moments, all strung together.

There are just a few sprinkling of memories that we can cherish. It could be the day you graduated, the day you met your soul mate, your marriage, the day your children were born.

These are the moments when we become consumed with joy and awe because of the achievement. These are the times when we’re completely cognizant of the moment. We’re then not worried about tomorrow, but just thinking of the moment.

Every Moment Matters
Why is it that we need to rely on these major events of our lives, to honor and remember sacred moments. Why can’t every moment of every day be special. Realize that It’s possible, this once you decide to do so.

What our lives however, are completely filled with are meaningless moments. These moments are completely unmemorable, only because we don’t bother to honor them.

What we do is mindlessly hurry along, focused on the next thing, not stopping to notice our moments at all. What they do is come and go, this without any type of acknowledgement from ourselves.

Make Moments Count
At that it takes is just choosing to make each moment count. All that’s needed is a tiny mind shift in perception, which assigns meaning and importance to each moment we live.

It means stopping yourself to notice all the love around us, and within us. It means becoming fully present in each moment we live, this because ultimately, it’s only the present moment that truly exists.

Instead, we worry about the future, hold regrets regarding the past, while completely ignoring the present. Once we give “right now” our full attention, even the mundane tasks become important.

Then our lives become hundreds of meaningful moments. Nothing in our life has changed, except our perception, but that makes all the difference.

Changing Our Perception
So what does it mean to stay in the present moment. For instance, when we’re washing dishes, we mindlessly rush through the chore, often thinking of a hundreds other things than washing the dishes .


Our minds are completely scattered, focusing on everything else but what we’re doing. Who can blame us, this since washing dishes is a mundane task. However, once we choose to make it an experience that’s sacred, we focus intently on it.

What we then do is take our time, pay attention to how soft the water feels, how the soap cleans the grease and grime. We get a sense of satisfaction, as each dish becomes shiny and sparkling clean.

Make The Mundane Meaningful
Washing dishes then doesn’t seem that boring. Then, we don’t need to think about anything else, but doing the dishes. Once we give our full and undivided attention to the task, we’re then not only “doing,” but we’re “being.”

The key is that we need to be aware of what we happen to be doing or not doing, this when it comes to each and every moment of our lives.

All that matters, is we’re now aware of our own state of being. During these moments, we’re fully alive, aware, and conscious. We feel a connection to everything, as we’re one with everything. We arrive.

Living The Moment
Where everyone can start, is by what’s known as walking meditation. This to honor the sacred moments of “right now” in your own life. Most will walk to get exercise, but it’s also possible to walk for spiritual awareness.

Walking meditation is a slow process, a focused procedure where complete attention is given to each step that’s taken. The feeling of all your muscles aligning and working in unison. Your breathing, your surroundings.

Try to walk in nature, and place focus on the environment. Don’t allow your mind to wander, this by staying focused on the right now. What it takes is practice, but once accomplished, it will alter your life.

Imagine a full meaningful life where miracles happen all around you. Imagine feeling gratitude every day, while going to sleep every night feeling peace. You can, if you choose to.