7 Life Habits That Accelerates The Aging Process

At some point, what we do is decide to preserve and prolong our lives. As teenagers, what we wanted was to grow up quick to become full fledged adults as soon as possible. Then there’s a turning point in our lives, when we want to look younger. What’s resulted is a billion dollar industry, to defy the aging process.

As a result, there’s a variety of potions, lotions, and pills in the attempts to look younger. There are many who’ll spend massively in this quest, and unfortunately most don’t work.

The reality being, how one ages is dependent more on what their daily habits are. So what needs to be known, is which activities accelerates the aging process.

7. Poor Recreational Vices

Especially drinking alcohol, which is a rite of passage when young. What drinking in moderation can potentially turn into, is a chronic persistent habit, which can do serious damage to your health and appearance.

What most will do is struggle to manage their alcoholic beverages, as the recommended two drinks turns into a lot more. What’s especially considered dangerous is binge drinking.

Along with battering all our major organs, excess drinking makes us look a lot older than we actually are, because what it does is dehydrates the body, which robs the skin of moisture, causing it to look rough, dry, and sore. Also, the next morning, when one is struggling through a hangover, all the energy is used in the attempts to recover, making you look tired and older.

6. Not Eating Healthy Food

A perfect world would be anything that’s healthy for you such as vegetables, that tastes great, which isn’t always the case. As children, we despised the taste of certain veggies such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and especially yucky kale.


What tasted better was candy, cake, and ice cream, so we favor eating these types of foods, rather than eating healthier. We know that vegetables are loaded with much needed essential vitamins and minerals, that we need to look younger and feel healthier.

Vegetables along with much tastier fruits, are also excellent sources of fiber, which keep us “regular,” which is important to help us keep our energy levels high. The key becomes to find vegetables that you like eating, and somehow work them into your everyday diet.

5. Lack Of Regular Exercise

Almost everyone is aware that keeping in good physical shape, is one of the most important steps when wanting to look younger. What exercise does is fights off the biological clock, forcing one to feel healthier. What this also requires is following a healthy diet, which involves consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein, combined with exercising regularly.

“Regularity” is the key, as most will just exercise once they feel guilty about their appearance, or when there’s an important social event like a wedding that’s coming up, and they want to look and feel sleek and slim. Exercising then feels like it’s a chore, when it should be a pleasure. An activity that’s fun and elevates energy.