How To Overcome The Fear Of Selling For A Living

For those who has chosen sales as their occupation, many experience the fear of selling even though it’s their job. This also applies to businesses who knows they need to get out there and hustle to generate revenue, but are unsure, scared or unwilling to do so.

These thoughts of apprehension involves and strikes everyone in commerce at one time or another, from the very first time novice salesperson, to the seasoned sales or marketing professional.

Anyone can be held back from achieving success on occasion, based on knowing they need to sell something to generate income on a daily basis, to make a living.

There are a few clinically recognized fears when it comes to this anxiety symptom.

They include a poor belief or confidence in oneself, having a poor self image, the fear of failure, rejection, criticism, poor presentation skills, or a lack of product knowledge.

Any of these fears can cause a breakdown, that queasy feeling in the stomach during or prior to a sales presentation, preventing one from closing the prospect.

1.) – The Fear Of Failure

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest fears in life let alone sales, is failure. Most who are in sales or in business face this daily, which is the persistent fear of failure.

There’s nothing more demoralizing than having a continual lack of success.

This fear of failure begins in our school years, to the point most won’t dare to try the same action twice if they fail at something once, like ask a girl out.

The lesson learned was, if that certain action was a failure, even just once, then it probably won’t work again, so we never try again.

What we need is to overcome this fear, which begins with a dedicated focused positive attitude things will get better, it’s a numbers game.

We need to develop an inner voice of motivation and persistence, which will push us onward towards that next prospect.

Failure needs to be viewed as a learning process, as there’s always something that can be learned from every experienced failure.

Then improve on it by testing so if it happens again, it can lead you one step closer to success. It’s thought that success, is a result of failing 95% percent of the time.

2.) – The Fear Of A Poor Self Image

Most aren’t born with boundless amounts of self-confidence. When you start out in sales and marketing, there are times of nagging doubt, such as you’re in over your head.

This self doubt begins chipping away at your confidence and soon develops into a poor self image, which reflects on your sales presentation.


To come across as successful and confident as possible, what you need is to feel better about yourself.

Steps To Improve Your Self Image

Write down all the qualities you think a successful salesperson should possess:

• Begin by finding a quiet spot, relax your body and mind while regulating your breathing
• Once relaxed, recite the self image qualities which you’ve identified
• Visualize yourself possessing these qualities, see how you look and feel once you have them yourself
• Envision how successful you are, how you look, the car you drive, where you live, etc.

Repeat back to yourself while assuming each and everyone of these qualities, which will lead to you becoming a better salesman and person on a daily basis.

Repeat this first thing in the morning, and then before going to bed, and you’ll begin to find your self image and confidence growing.

3.) – Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection

What’s closely linked to the fear of failure is the fear of rejection, which is not a good trait for a salesperson.

Just hearing someone say “No,” these two critical letters can easily blunt any type of motivation.

The best way of dealing with rejection is to just wait for and accept it will happen, that it’s just a numbers game.

Try reframing any type of rejection into some form of positive action such as telling yourself. “This person who is saying no to me is the one losing out,” and it’s not me.

Walk away with a smile, and always remind yourself you’re one step closer to someone saying “Yes.”

4.) – Lack Of Product Knowledge

Which is also a fear and totally your fault, since the lack of knowledge about your product or service results in making a poor presentation.

There’s just one simple solution for this, which is to dedicate yourself and know your product inside out. Become an expert in your product along with your competitors product as well.

Absorb yourself in the product by understanding all of its features and benefits, so you can talk confidently about every area of what your offering.

Banishing this fear is one of the easier ones to do.

5.) – The Fear Of Criticism

No one enjoys criticism, especially if you’ve put forward your best effort. Unless you’re an extremely thick skinned extrovert, any type of criticism can knock you on your backside.

But once you improve your self-image and grow your confidence, criticism becomes easier to manage. Decide to view criticism as productive feedback rather than a direct attack on you.

There’s always certain elements of truth in any type of criticism, and it becomes important you take these opportunities to learn and change.

6.) – The Fear Of Presentation

You may know the features and benefits of what you’re selling down pat, but what you happen to suffer from is stage fright.

The fear of presentation, can be as simple as a lack of structure around your sales pitch.

So write down a basic outline on how you’re wanting the sales presentation to go.

Prepare a script featuring the key parts of the presentation, and then rehearse it over and over again.

The most effective method is role playing. This provides the opportunity for you to practice, make mistakes in a risk-free environment.

Go join the local chapter of Toastmasters, and then refine your speaking in public.

Learn from books, audio, and seminars on effective speaking methods. These actions will improve your confidence for a more polished and professional sales presentation.

Selling For A Living

Selling doesn’t need to be a scary experience. If there is no movement of products or goods in the marketplace, the economy comes to a standstill.

What you need is the right attitude, a strong self belief in yourself and complete knowledge of the product or service you provide. Once refined, it becomes a numbers game.

Combine this with plenty practice, then you’ll find these fears of selling beginning to dissipate. Just dissect each one of them, and formulate a plan to eliminate them.

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