7 Life Habits That Accelerates The Aging Process

At some point, what we do is decide to preserve and prolong our lives. As teenagers, what we wanted was to grow up quick to become full fledged adults as soon as possible. Then there’s a turning point in our lives, when we want to look younger. What’s resulted is a billion dollar industry, to defy the aging process.

As a result, there’s a variety of potions, lotions, and pills in the attempts to look younger. There are many who’ll spend massively in this quest, and unfortunately most don’t work. …

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The Top 10 Comfort Foods To Eat During The Long Dreary Winter

This winter seems worse than others, as most dread the cold. Although it’s difficult to ignore the beauty that is a blanket of snow, the refreshing wonder it brings, what many don’t enjoy is its accompanying freezing temperatures. What then becomes a priority is keeping healthy, as maintaining the immune system becomes challenging. Winter also plays havoc on the skin, as it doesn’t react well to its harshness. So the key becomes to eat as healthy as possible, this by placing nonfattening healthy nutrients in the body. What eating healthy …

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How Those Who Are Successful Do Their Daily Health Rituals

the rituals of successful peopleIt becomes extremely difficult to perform at your best, at your peak when you’re feeling low on energy, tired or sick. With daily contact, what everyone can easily be exposed to is the common viral cold. Those who are successful however, know how to avoid these hazards.

This by design and not by accident. They are also exposed to these same dangers of daily living, but avoid them. Those who are professional know the value of their presence, so they invest highly in their own well-being. They know how to …

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