How Toxins In Our Everyday Foods Are Affecting Our Health

how milk can be harmful for youAt one time or another in our lives we will become a lot more conscious of the foods that we eat. We’ll decide to make better choices such as drinking more water or milk, eat more produce and consume better protein, while improving our vitamin deficiencies.

We’ll start to count our calories by keeping better track of the daily servings of fruits and vegetables that we feed ourselves. We’ll decide to eat more fish along with other lean meats since we realize that they’re better for us than a cheeseburger.

We’re told that refining our diets will keep us on track for better improved health as we grow older. We as a result will choose to drink beverages which can help us lose weight, or make our skin clearer. We’ll consume anything which reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other major illnesses.

We learn that the daily dosage of the proper produce will provide us with the required fluid, fiber, vitamins and minerals that we need. We’re told that fresh fish such as salmon are extremely high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which benefits our heart health, allowing our bodies to absorb vitamins and minerals better.

We’re told that supplements are designed in a way that we’re able to get the most essential vitamins and minerals into our bodies, making up for whatever nutrients that we missed in the foods that we eat.

The Truth When It Comes To Proper Nutrition
All of this is true since they’re proven and supported by research, that the more proper liquids, fish, fruits, and vegetables that we consume the better, or that taking vitamin tablets will supplement any deficiencies in our diets.

But what the majority of us misunderstand is that with almost every “food” that we eat, that we’re also ingesting more than what we think we are. We’re also absorbing all of the potentially harmful toxins that these foods can contain.


We’re aware that most alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and processed foods are loaded with harmful preservatives and dangerous trans fats which causes more harm than good.

The majority of us are unaware of the ways which the most healthiest of foods can actually damage our health, which restricts our energy levels while posing danger to the cells of our bodies.

Beware Of The Hidden Toxins
Most don’t realize or want to believe that milk or any other related dairy product such as yogurt or cheese, that some may be sensitive to lactose, which is the sugar that’s found in the milk.

Lactose however isn’t the only issue with dairy products. Since the majority of dairy farmers now feed their livestock growth hormones for faster growth and production, the milk itself that we drink can become tainted with these substances.

Similarly, the majority of the fruits and vegetables will arrive from farms which often uses pesticides and harmful sprays which are designed to keep insects and animals away from their crops, and the produce fresh as long as possible. These toxins will remain on the fruits and vegetables since they’re extremely difficult to rinse away, and ends up in our stomachs.

We think that the fish we eat is completely safe. Although true that the lean protein which it provides is extremely good for us, it’s been found that the majority of fish, tuna and salmon in particular, may contain unacceptable levels of mercury.

Mercury is an extreme toxin which can influence the way that we think and feel, which usually leads to anxiety and mild depression. Mercury is also known to cause headaches, dental issues, irregular heartbeats, general fatigue, weakness, and excessive sweating.

The regular vitamin supplements which are found on the store shelves may not be much better. The problem being that the vitamins and minerals in capsule form are usually not always at the right balance.

So depending on your diet, you may find that you’re taking in more of a certain vitamin or mineral than what’s needed or healthy for you, which can lead towards vitamin toxicity.

The Problem With Free Radicals
These toxins interfere directly with the cells in the body. It leaves us with a feeling of overall general sluggishness. These substances will give us stomach discomfort and headaches, while releasing free radicals in our bodies.


Over time, what these free radicals can do is break down our cell walls, which develops the risk of getting major illnesses such as stroke or heart disease, along with other major health issues.

So in order for us to combat ourselves from these free radicals, what our bodies need are antioxidants to fight them off, which can be primarily found by consuming essential oils.

The Ingestion Of Essential Oils
These necessary essential oils should be derived from natural, preferably organic fruits and other sources which contains antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. Not only is it extremely easy and necessary to include these essential oils into our daily diet, they’re also easy to consume and absorb as well.

You can easily include them in a great tasting drink or smoothie. The immediate benefit that you’ll notice is that your energy levels will instantly elevate, without the usual “crash and burn” which can come from manufactured sugary energy drinks. You’ll instantly feel the overall improvement, as your immune system will function better, while also protecting you better from the common cold, for instance.

Since all of these toxins are found in the every daily foods that we eat, it becomes necessary to eat better selected balanced meals. What’s proven to be the most beneficial to fill the gaps is the consumption of essential oils, which are an excellent addition to your daily diet.


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