Know That It’s Your Imperfections Which Makes You Adorable

those who talk too muchWhat most will strive for is to be perfect. They think that perfection, to come across as flawless is the best for them, this to be more liked and accepted by others. But we know that the only things which are perfect are engineered. We humans have flaws.

Then there are some who think that others should like them regardless of their imperfections, overlooking all of their faults. What’s known is that certain traits which are obvious character flaws or personality deficiencies, can actually make one more attractive.

It’s once you blush in embarrassment or fidget when startled, is considered cute. Some find this humiliating, this to the extent of hiding in shame. As unpleasant as it may be for those experiencing it, others may find it adorable.

Being Embarrassed Is Reality
Those who display visible signs of embarrassment, this while recounting some of their most glaring defects, are thought by others to be more trustworthy in nature.

They come across as being more cooperative, genuine, and generous. Others are actually interested in spending more time with them.

So if someone’s embarrassed, shows a lack of social skills or looks uncomfortable, displays that they care, that they value relationships, and are likely to be more reliable and loyal.

Those who are prone to embarrassment are also considered to be better romantic partners, the biggest reason being that they’re more likely to remain faithful.

Over Sharing Information
Revealing too much personal information, talking too much, to the wrong people can prove disastrous. Those who have no social filter can become problematic.

A tendency to over share isn’t always the worst thing however, this especially when it comes to developing or deepening relationships.

Revealing ones information is important to develop intimacy. The keyword being “gradual,” as going from superficial to genuine requires a leap towards unknown territory.

Making one feel vulnerable or uncomfortable may be awkward at the moment it happens, but it can break the ice, which allows for more genuine authentic relationships to develop.

Those who are more transparent are usually accepted by others more often. It also doesn’t matter if the individuals have similar attitudes or not.

This because it’s not possible for anyone to forge immediate and lasting bonds, this with anyone that they’ve just met by sharing intimate information.

Those who show vulnerability however, can develop more opportunities for closer more meaningful connections, this because they’re so open.

Some Like To Gossip
Many despise gossiping, yet research shows otherwise. Although various degrees of it are harmful, some will gossip to protect others from harm, this by warning them.

Sharing information regarding backstabbing friends, unfaithful partners, or tyrant employers may appear like petty gossip, but it can serve an useful purpose.

Not only does it help or benefit potential victims, but the perceived threat of being the target of negative gossip, helps in keeping the exploiters in check.


Sharing socially acceptable gossip communicates that you care about them, which can bring them closer to that person.

Sharing the nasty type of gossip however, can be a dagger in the back and is less likely to last, especially because one is left wondering if they’re the next victim.

What gossiping positively requires is one being able to distinguish good intent from bad, although the “bad” is always more entertaining but usually more destructive.

You’re A Bit Aloof
What everyone wants to see is your vulnerable side, such as you humiliating yourself somehow, which will make you more likeable. It can bring you down to earth, making you appear more human, despite your status.

If you’re someone who has a tendency to be clumsy, spill the occasional drink on yourself, or have ketchup on your lip without you knowing it, then fear not, your human. All you’re doing is endearing yourself to others.

What people enjoy is a comedy of errors, and will like someone more because they’re not perfect, this more than someone who comes across as a know it all, who’s a perfectionist.

What deficiencies does is they tend to humanize people, especially those who appears to be otherwise impenetrable.

So making subtle mistakes every now and then can relax others, making them feel more comfortable, while they’ll acknowledge their own mistakes.

You’re Too Honest
What being too honest can do is get you in trouble more often than not, but what it also means is that others can trust you to be blunt with them, even if the truth you’re telling is painful.

What research shows is that those who expresses their authentic feelings, this rather than just saying what others want to hear, tends to have better more satisfying relationships.

Being bluntly honest regarding how you feel may also mean that you’ll get into more confrontations, than just pretending that everything is fine.

Expressing negative yet truthful emotions isn’t always bad for relationships, and depending on the circumstance, can even make it stronger.

Being honest may not always be appropriate in every situation or with everyone, and knowing where to draw the line becomes critical. Those who are forthright tends to make more friends and romantic partners more often.

The reason being that they don’t allow anyone to get away with their bad behavior, or it could be because when they do compliment someone, that they really mean it.

Expose Your Flaws
So expose all of your flaws, as they may not be as bad as you think they are. What’s known is that we’ll just show our positive sides, this when it comes to those we care about.

Over time, what all of our illusions can become is reality. What’s realized is that liking someone becomes more prescient than overlooking their flaws.

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